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List of Bodo Actress with Names and Photos

Bodo Actress with Names and Photos: We’ve listed top 20 the most beautiful and famous Bodo Actresses in this article, if you are interested in knowing the names of Bodo Film Actresses check the list shared below.

List of Bodo Actresses with Names and Photos

The Bodo film industry has many talented and gorgeous Actresses. They won the hearts of thousands of fans across the BTR Region. Bodo Actresses like Helina Daimary, Sangina Brahma, and Fuji Basumatary are the most famous and intelligent actresses. They won thousands of hearts with their charming personalities and acting skills. These Bodo actresses are known for their exceptional acting skills, outstanding performances, and versatility.

Check the List of Bodo Female Actors as shared below:

1. Helina Daimary

Helina Daimary

Full Name: Helina Daimary
Debut Film: Hainamuli 6 (2016)
Last Film: Gorai Pakhri (2023)

2. Sangina Brahma

Sangina Brahma

Full Name: Sangina Brahma
Debut Film: Simangna Mwkthang
Last Film: Gorai Pakhri (2023)

3. Fuji Basumatary

Fuji Basumatary

Full Name: Fuji Basumatary
Debut Film: Onnai (2018)
Last Film: Mwsa (2023)

4. Pansy Brahma

Pansy Brahma

Full Name: Pansy Brahma
Debut Film: Jwlwi – The Seed (2019)
Last Film: Jwlwi – The Seed (2019)

5. Gemsri Daimary

Gemsri Daimary

Full Name: Gemsri Daimary
Debut Film: Udangshree (2018)
Last Film: Songsarni Or (2021)

6. Pooja Mushashary

Pooja Mushahary

Full Name: Pooja Mushahary
Debut Film: Gwja Sindoorni Ali (2014)
Last Film: Jangkrithaini Twisam (2023)

7. Riya Brahma

Riya Brahma

Full Name: Riya Brahma
Debut Film: Hatorki Pagla (2016)
Last Film: Rwda (2023)

8. Lipika Brahma

Lipika Brahma

Full Name: Lipika Brahma
Debut Film: Mwdwini Bana (2014)
Last Film: I Love You (2018)

9. Sudem Sona Ramchiary

Sudem Sona Ramchiary

Full Name: Sudem Sona Ramchiary
Debut Film: Mwsa (2023)
Last Film:

10. Monalisha Hazoary

Monalisha Hazoary

Full Name: Monalisha Hazoary
Debut Film: Dakha Jwmwi (2023)
Last Film: Mwina (2023)

11. Masoom Brahma

Masoom Brahma

Full Name: Masoom Brahma
Debut Film: Gwjwn Songsar Nagirnanwi (2006)
Last Film: Firainai (2015)

12. Jennifer Daimary

Jennifer Daimary

Full Name: Jennifer Daimary
Debut Film: Alai Arw Aron (2017)
Last Film: Gwdan Radai (2022)

13. Ringku Moni Narzary

Ringku Moni Narzary

Full Name: Ringkumoni Narzary
Debut Film: Songali (2002)
Last Film:

14. Jumu Rani Brahma

Jumu Rani Brahma

Full Name: Jumu Rani Brahma
Debut Film: Thwinai Badi Jiu (2013)
Last Film: Kwipwd (2019)

15. Leena Basumatary

Leena Basumatary

Full Name: Leena Basumatary
Debut Film: Haba Baoswmnai (2016)
Last Film: Khamglinai Gwswni Mwdwi (2021)

16. Pampuli Goyary

Pampuli Goyary

Full Name: Pampuli Goyary
Debut Film: Gwswao Khamkhangw (2008)
Last Film: Randini Mwdwi (2019)

17. Juhi Narzary

Juhi Narzary

Full Name: Juhi Narzary
Debut Film: Angni Bikha (2014)
Last Film: Fwrman (2019)

18. Rinki Brahma

Ringki Brahma

Full Name: Rinki Brahma
Debut Film: Mwdwi (2016)
Last Film: Jwng Boro (2023)

19. Mithi Narzary

Mithi Rani Narzary

Full Name: Mithi Narzary
Debut Film: Half Brain (2018)
Last Film: Gorai Pakhri (2023)

20. Ansumwi Boro

Ansumwi Boro

Full Name: Ansumwi Boro
Debut Film: Bathou Thandwi ( 2016)
Last Film: Jowmwn (2022)

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List of Bodo Actors with Names and Photos

Note: All the above images of Bodo actresses are taken from the Internet, if any one of the photos belongs to you then contact us with the details, and we’ll remove the photo.

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