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List of Bodo Actors with Names & Photos

Last updated on December 9th, 2023 at 01:31 pm

Bodo Actors with Names & Photos: We’ve listed the most famous Bodo Actors in this article, if you are interested in knowing the names of Bodo Film Actors check the list shared below.

List of Bodo Actors with Names & Photos

Bodo Actors

The Bodo film industry has many talented and charismatic actors. They won the hearts of thousands of fans across the BTR Region. Bodo Actors like Lingshar Basumatary, Sukhbir Karzee, Rajib Brahma, Omprakash Kherkatary, and Simang Chainary have captivated those hearts with their charming personalities. These Bodo actors are known for their exceptional acting skills, outstanding performances, and versatility

Check the List of Bodo Male Actors as shared below:

1. Lingshar Basumatary

Lingshar Basumatary

Full Name: Lingshar Basumatary
Debut Movie: Jwhwlao (2014)
Last Movie: Jangkritaini Twisam (2023)


1. Mwsa Bodo Film (2023)
2. Khither Bodo Film (2022)

2. Rajib Brahma

Rajib Brahma

Full Name: Rajib Brahma
Debut Movie: Simangna Mwktang (2005)
Last Movie: Jwnwm Jwnwm (2022)

3. Omprakash Kherkatary

Omprakash Kherkatary

Full Name: Omprakash Kherkatary
Debut Movie: Hangma Hangsa (2007)
Last Movie: Bwswn (2023)

4. Swapan Kr Brahma

Swapan Kr Brahma

Full Name: Swapan Kumar Brahma
Debut Movie: Delhi to Bodoland
Last Movie: Ang Boro (2017)

5. Sukhbir Karzee

Sukhbir Karzee

Full Name: Sukhbir Karzee
Debut Movie: Gwswao Khamkhangw (2008)
Last Movie: Jangkritaini Twisam (2023)

6. Simang Chainary

Shimang Chainary

Full Name: Simang Chainary
Debut Movie: Roje Nwng (2015)
Last Movie: Jiuao Hangna (2022)

7. Swrang Narzary

Swrang Narzary

Full Name: Swrang Narzary
Debut Movie: Bibaan (2015)
Last Movie: Rwda (2023)

8. Alongbar Goyary

Alongbar Goyary

Full Name: Alongbar Goyary
Debut Movie: Angni Bikha (2014)
Last Movie: Dwhou (2023)

9. Nerswn Basumatary

Nerswn Basumatary

Full Name: Nerswn Basumatary
Debut Movie: Bidai (2018)
Last Movie: Twiso Tangso (2022)

10. Uttam Basumatary

Uttam Basumatary

Full Name: Uttam Basumatary
Debut Movie: Burkai Haya (2016)
Last Movie: Jaolia (2022)

11. Prabin Boro

Prabin Boro

Full Name: Prabin Boro
Debut Movie: Dasw Bujibay (2011)
Last Movie: Agor Gwiywi Aronai (2022)

12. Jesus Kherkatary

Jesus Kherkatary

Full Name: Jesus Kherkatary
Debut Movie: Khitter (2014)
Last Movie: Saikhong (2022)

13. Rajarshi Basumatary

Rajarshi Basumatary

Full Name: Rajarshi Basumatary
Debut Movie: Gwthar (2019)
Last Movie: Dakha Jwmwi (2023)

14. M Okhrang Boro

M Okhrang Boro

Full Name: M Okhrang Boro
Debut Movie: Bekar Romeo (2020)
Last Movie: Bekar Romeo (2020)

15. Gani Vai Kachary

Gani Vai Kachary

Full Name: Gani Vai Kachary
Debut Movie: Sanso Haywi (2018)
Last Movie: Sanso Haywi (2018)

16. Mwkhtang Narzary

Mwkhtang Narzary

Full Name: Mwkhtang Narzary
Debut Movie: Abir 2 (2018)
Last Movie: Aronai (2022)

17. Mrigoraj Brahma

Mrigoraj Brahma

Full Name: Mrigoraj Brahma
Debut Movie: Somni Fakhonao Thwini Bana (2017)
Last Movie: Swlw – The Real Game (2019)

18. Rongjalu


Full Name: Rongjalu
Debut Movie: Sinaithi (2019)
Last Movie: Sinaithi (2019)

19. Mosko


Full Name: Mosko Brahma
Debut Movie: Barse Bibar (2005)
Last Movie: Lwkhisara Jaoyaisw (2019)

20. Biju Basumatary

Biju Basumatary

Full Name: Biju Basumatary
Debut Movie: Bithwn (2018)
Last Movie: Orkhi (2019)

21. Geolang Brahma

Geolang Brahma

Full Name: Geolang Brahma
Debut Movie: Gaba Swlayw (2012)
Last Movie: Gwswa Maniya (2017)

22. James Mushahary

James Mushahary

Full Name: James Mushahary
Debut Movie: Jwkhwm (2014)
Last Movie: Udangsree (2018)

23. Sidharth Boro

Sidharth Boro

Full Name: Sidharth Boro
Debut Movie: Paglee (2018)
Last Movie: Paglee (2018)

24. Siboraj Narzary

Siboraj Narzary

Full Name: Siboraj Narzary
Debut Movie: Aijwni ma Dai (2018)
Last Movie: Mwsa (2023)

25. Hirok Rabha

Hirok Rabha

Full Name: Hirok Rabha
Debut Movie: Ganja Fagla (2019)
Last Movie: Ganja Fagla (2019)

26. Birphung Mohilary

Birphung Mohilary

Full Name: Birphung Mohilary
Debut Movie: Mr. Dugga Boro (2017)
Last Movie: Mr. Graduate (Upcoming Film)

27. Thaklai


Full Name: Thaklai Narzary
Debut Movie: Thaklai (2011)
Last Movie: Maojini Adob 2 (2018)

28. Rabi Narzary

Rabi Narzary

Full Name: Rabi Narzary
Debut Movie: Wanted (2008)
Last Movie: Sonani Nokhor (2018)

29. Birsing Narzary

Birsing Narzary

Full Name: Birsing Narzary
Debut Movie: Sirinai Bibarni Mwdwmnai (2017)
Last Movie: Sirinai Bibarni Mwdwmnai (2017)

30. Wingckel Brahma

Wingckel Brahma

Full Name: Wingckel Brahma
Debut Movie: Fwrmaiso Haywi Gwsw (2017)
Last Movie: Fwrmaiso Haywi Gwsw (2017)

Note: All the above images of Bodo actors and actresses are taken from the Internet, if any one of the photos belongs to you then contact us with the details, and we’ll remove the photo.

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