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BTC EM List 2024 – Check their Departments, Portfolios & Other Details

Last updated on April 17th, 2024 at 03:10 pm

BTC EM List 2024: In this post, we have provided a list of EM of the BTC Assam government along with their portfolios/departments. Whenever there are any changes to the EM of BTR EM list, we will update it.

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Executive Members of BTC | BTC EM List 2024

Assam BTC election 2020 resulted in a new government being formed by the UPPL party in coalition with the BJP and GSP. In this UPPL-led BTC government, the president of UPPL, Pramod Boro, was elected to the position of Chief Executive Member (CEM) and served as the Chief Executive Member (CEM) of the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) on 15 December 2020. Gobinda Basumatary was named Deputy CEM. Afterwards, the rest of the Executive Committee is formed. In a nutshell, these EM may be regarded as the BTR ministers of the BTC government.

List of Executive Members of BTC | BTC EM List

BTC of the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) has 17 Executive members, including the CEM and the Deputy CEM.

  • The United People’s Party Liberal (UPPL) is represented by 9 members of the EM.
  • A total of 7 members of the EM belong to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
  • 1 EM from Gana Suraksha Party (GSP).

Here’s the List of EM of BTR Assam

S.NoNameDesignationPhotoDepartmentsPolitical PartyConstituency
1Pramod BoroCEMPramod Boro BTC CEMPWD, Finance, Education, Renewable Energy and any other Department not allotted to any other EM.UPPLGoibari
2Gobinda Chandra BasumataryDeputy CEMGobinda Chandra Basumatary BTC Deputy CEMP&RD, Soil Conservation, Tribal Research Institute, Relief and Rehabilitation, Excise Deptt.UPPLBhairabkunda
3Ranjit BasumataryEMRanjit Basumatary BTC EMEnvironment, Forest and Climate Change, Land & Revenue, Minority AffairsUPPLChirang Duars
4Ukil MuchaharyEMUkil Muchahary BTC EMWater Resources, Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs, Co-operation, Welfare of SCsUPPLKachugaon
5Dr. Nilut SwargiaryEMDr. Nilut Swargiary BTC EMPHE
Library Services
Information & Public Relations
Indigenous Faith
6Rakesh BrahmaEMFishery, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary, Dairy DevelopmentUPPLMushalpur
7Diganta BaruahEMIrrigation, Museum & Archaeology, AyushBJPMudaibari
8Gautam DasEMSocial Welfare, Mental Health and Happiness, BTCLA Affairs, MSMEBJPMathanguri
9Daobaisa BoroEMSericulture, Sports & Youth Welfare, Cultural Affairs, Promotion of Indigenous SportsUPPLPanery
10Sanjib TantiEMSanjib Tanti BTC EMWelfare of Tea Tribes, Labour & Employment, Economic & Statistics, Science & TechnologyBJPNonwi Serfang
11Dharma Narayan DasEMDharma Narayan Das BTC EMTourism, Social Justice & Empowerment, Border Area DevelopmentBJPNagrijuli
12Ranendra NarzaryEMRanendra Narzary BTC EMTransport, Lotteries, Road Safety, Traditonal Skill DevelopmentBJPSuklai Serfang
13Ghanshyam DasFormer EM (Removed)Ghanshyam Das BTC EMAgriculture & Farmers Wefare, HorticultureGSPDihira
14Reo Reoa NarziharyEMReo Reoa Narzihary BTC EMIndustry, Legal Metrology, Skill Development & EntrepreneurshipBJPJamduar
15Arup Kumar DeyEMArup Kumar Dey BTC EMHealth & Family Welfare, Registration of Birth & Death, Welfare of OBCsBJPFakiragram
16Dhananjay BasumataryEMDhananjay Basumatary BTC EMHandloom & Textiles, Food ProcessingUPPLManas Serfang
17Wilson HasdaEMWilson Hasda BTC EMUrban Development, SEED & ITUPPL

MCLAs are other members of BTC government besides the EM of BTC. BTR has 40 constituencies, and MCLAs and EMs represent their own, except for the 6 MCLAs who get direct entry into the BTC government from Assam.

BTC EM Department List

The BTC EM List article gave us a list of the executive members of the BTC government, so let’s find out which departments belong to which EM of BTC.

Sl. No.Department ListEM
1PWDCEM Pramod Boro
2Finance*CEM Pramod Boro
3EducationCEM Pramod Boro
4Renewal Energy*CEM Pramod Boro
5Panchayat & Rural Development (P&RD)Dy. CEM Gobinda Basumatary
6Soil ConservationDy. CEM Gobinda Basumatary
7Tribal Research Institute*Dy. CEM Gobinda Basumatary
8Relief and Rehabilitation*Dy. CEM Gobinda Basumatary
9Excise DepartmentDy. CEM Gobinda Basumatary
10Environment*EM Ranjit Basumatary
11Forest and Climate ChangeEM Ranjit Basumatary
12Land & RevenueEM Ranjit Basumatary
13Minority Affairs*EM Ranjit Basumatary
14Water ResourcesEM Ukil Muchahary
15Food Civil Supplies & Consumer AffairsEM Ukil Muchahary
16Co-OperationEM Ukil Muchahary
17Welfare of SCs*EM Ukil Muchahary
18Public Health Engineering (PHE)EM Dr. Nilut Swargiary
19Library ServicesEM Dr. Nilut Swargiary
20Information & Public Relations (IPR)EM Dr. Nilut Swargiary
21Indigenous Faith*EM Dr. Nilut Swargiary
22FisheryEM Rakesh Brahma
23Animal Husbandry & VeterinaryEM Rakesh Brahma
24Dairy DevelopmentEM Rakesh Brahma
25IrrigationEM Diganta Baruah
26Museum & ArcheologyEM Diganta Baruah
27Ayush*EM Diganta Baruah
28Social WelfareEM Gautam Das
29Mental Health and Happiness*EM Gautam Das
30BTCLA Affairs*EM Gautam Das
31MSME*EM Gautam Das
32SericultureEM Daobaisa Boro
33Sports & Youth WelfareEM Daobaisa Boro
34Cultural AffairsEM Daobaisa Boro
35Promotion of Indigenous Sports*EM Daobaisa Boro
36Welfare of Tea Tribes*EM Sanjib Tanti
37Labour & EmploymentEM Sanjib Tanti
38Economics & StatisticsEM Sanjib Tanti
39Science & Technology*EM Sanjib Tanti
40TourismEM Dharma Narayan Das
41Social Justice & Empowerment*EM Dharma Narayan Das
42Border Area Development*EM Dharma Narayan Das
43TransportEM Ranendra Narzary
44LotteriesEM Ranendra Narzary
45Road SafetyEM Ranendra Narzary
46Traditional Skill DevelopmentEM Ranendra Narzary

BTC EM Salary | Salary of BTC EM

The salary of the BTC Executive Members details will be updated asap.

Others BTR minister list 2023 Info

Education EM of BTR = Pramod Boro. BTR’s education department is under CEM Pramod Boro. The overall development of BTR’s education is his responsibility.

News Related to BTC EMs

  • The Governor of Assam on 6th April 2024 has decided to drop Ghanashyam Das, and MCLA of Gana Suraksha Party and BTC Executive Member, as an Executive Member of the Council with immediate effect.
GSP leader Ghanashyam Das removed from BTC EM position

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FAQs about BTC EM List 2024

1. Who is the new Chief Executive Member (CEM) of Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC)?

Pramod Boro is the new Chief Executive Member (CEM) of Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) after the BTC election 2020.

2. What is the full form of CEM in BTR?

CEM full form is Chief Executive Member in BTR.

3. Who is the Current Chief of BTR?

Pramod Boro is the current chief of BTR since 2020 BTC election.

Important Full Forms

  1. UPPL full form = United People’s Party Liberal
  2. BTR full form = Bodoland Territorial Region
  3. BTC full name = Bodoland Territorial Council
  4. CEM full form = Chief Executive Member
  5. BJP full form = Bharatiya Janata Party
  6. GSP full form = Gana Suraksha Party
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