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Places to Visit in Udalguri 2023

Places to Visit in Udalguri 2023: Udalguri is a district of the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) of Assam. Udalguri district has several tourist places. If you are making plans to visit Udalguri Tourist Places in 2023, check out the list of best places to visit in Udalguri 2023.

List Of Places to Visit in Udalguri 2023

Udalguri Tourist Places: The list of places to visit in Udalguri district has been shared below, these are the best places to visit in Udalguri district. The top 3 best places to visit in Udalguri have been listed below:

  1. Bhairabkunda Picnic Spot
  2. Gethsemane Man-Made Forest
  3. Daojeng Picnic Spot
  4. Barnadi Wildlife Sanctuary

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1. Bhairabkunda Picnic Spot

Places to Visit Near Udalguri: Bhairabkunda Picnic Spot is a beautiful place located in Udalguri District. Bhairabkunda Picnic Spot is a popular picnic spot and owing to its calmness and serenity, the place is visited by couples and families alike. Bhairabkunda is located in Udalguri district in Assam. Bhairabkunda is a great place to visit and for a picnic trip.

Bhairabkhunda Picnic Spot

Udalguri Place to Visit: This place is situated in bordering areas of Assam – Arunachal Pradesh and Bhutan and is a picnic spot for any people. If you want to enter the bordering areas of Bhutan you can visit this place in day time with the proper documents. Anyone can visit Bhairabkunda Picnic Spot with their friends and families and enjoy the natural beauty of the Picnic Spot.

It is on the border of Arunachal Pradesh and Bhutan and is a must-visit for all. The Bhairabi River and the Jampani River, which originate in Bhutan merge here to form River Dhanshiri and from a lovely view to behold. This is one of the most important tributaries of River Brahmaputra and also has a dam. It is in the shape of a kunda, which means worshipping place of Shiva and that is where the name Bhairabkunda came from.

Bhairabkhunda Picnic Spot is the best picnic spot in Udalguri district. Thousands of people visit Bhairabkhunda Picnic Spot during the winter season or the new year season. You must visit Bhairabkhunda Picnic Spot once in your lifetime.

2. Gethsemane Man-Made Forest

Tourist Place in Udalguri: Gethsemane is the first ‘Man-Made Forest’ in the history of Udalguri District. Many years ago Gethsemane was a barren land, filled up with stones. There was no expectation to plant and make the place green again. But the members of the Gethsemane had started planting trees over 1.4 million samplings in over past 15 years.

Gethsemane Man-Made Forest

The forest is growing as an eco-tourism destination in the Udalguri District. Thus helping local communities in the process. It has many trekking trails as well as cycling trips for adventure sports enthusiasts.

3. Daojeng Picnic Spot

Udalguri Picnic Spot: Daojeng Picnic Spot is a beautiful place in Assam’s Udalguri District of the BTR Region. The scenic beauty of Daojeng will melt your heart. It is just around 120 kilometers from Guwahati city, 30 kilometers from Udalguri, and 20 Km from Harisinga town. Daojeng is full of scenic beauty with the high Mountains of the Indo-Bhutan border, Rivers, Streams, Grasslands, Green agricultural fields, and Tea gardens.

Daojeng Picnic Spot

4. Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist Places in Udalguri: Bornadi Picnic Spot is situated on the foothills of the Himalayas bordering Bhutan in the north and is situated in the Baksa & Udalguri district of the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR). Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary is named after the Bornadi River.

Bonadi Picnic Spot
Photo Credit: Paritosh Nath

Tourist Places Near Udalguri: Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its natural beauty, and its inhabitants. There are mammals such as the pygmy hog, golden langur, clouded leopard, hoolock gibbon, and white-winged wood duck, and some migratory and local birds like peafowl, hornbill, swamp partridge, Bengal florican, kingfisher,  woodpecker, Great Cormorant, Little Cormorant, Little Green Heron, Night Heron are seen in Barnadi Wildlife Sanctuary. If you are a nature enthusiast then explore Bornadi Wild Life Sanctuary at least once.

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FAQs About Udalguri Visiting Places

1. Which are the most popular tourist places in Udalguri district?

The most popular tourist places in Udalguri District are Bhairabkunda Picnic Spot, Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary, and Gethsemane Man-Made Forest.

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