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List of Places to Visit in Kokrajhar | Top Tourist Places in Kokrajhar

Last updated on January 13th, 2024 at 11:45 am

Places to Visit in Kokrajhar: Kokrajhar is a beautiful city in the BTR Region of Assam State. It is known for its rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and diverse ethnic communities. Kokrajhar is famous for its Golden Langur which is mainly found in Chakrashilla Wildlife Sanctuary and Raimona National Park of Kokrajhar District and there are many more tourist places in Kokrajhar.

Kokrajhar District has one national park and one wildlife sanctuary under the district. If you are making a plan to visit Kokrajhar city, there are many tourist places in Kokrajhar you should explore.

Picnic season has just arrived, if you want to visit Kokrajhar and enjoy a picnic with your family and friends, you will find a perfect picnic place in Kokrajhar by reading this article. Check picnic spot in kokrajhar district, tourist places near kokrajhar, kokrajhar district picnic spot, best picnic spot in kokrajhar, tourist places near me, tourist places in kokrajhar, best picnic spot near kokrajhar from this article.

List of Places to Visit in Kokrajhar

Kokrajhar Tourist Places: The list of places to visit in Kokrajhar district has been shared below, these are the best places to visit in Kokrajhar district. The top 8 best places to visit in Kokrajhar which are also known as Kokrajhar Picnic Spot have been listed below:

  1. Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary
  2. Saralpara Picnic Spot
  3. Raimona National Park
  4. Mwsha Hokdao Picnic Spot
  5. Gaurang Park
  6. Diplai Beel
  7. Dheer Beel
  8. Yamao Chara Boating Park
  9. Pepsu Picnic Spot
  10. Jumduar Picnic Spot
  11. Chaudhary Ghat
  12. Pagligathwn Picnic Spot
  13. Bhumka Kajubadam Picnic Spot

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Chakrashilla Wildlife Sanctuary

Kokrajhar Tourist Places: Chakrashilla Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best places in the list of Kokrajhar Tourist Places which is located in Kokrajhar District and is known for its rich biodiversity. It is home to several endangered species including golden langur and Bengal Florican. Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary is most famous for the residents of the famous golden langur. Chakrashilla Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over Chakrashilla Hill which covers an area of 45.568 square kilometres.

If you love adventure and want to spend time in beautiful nature then you have to visit the Chakashilla Wildlife Sanctuary once in your lifetime.

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Saralpara Picnic Spot

Kokrajhar picnic spot: If you are looking for a picnic spot near Kokrajhar town, Saralpara Picnic Spot is the best option for you. Saralpara picnic spot is a beautiful place in Kokrajhar district near India Bhutan Border in the state of Assam. Saralpara is a picnic hotspot during the winter and summer seasons. It is a perfect place to enjoy the scenic beauty of waterfalls, rivulets, and mountains. Saralpara Kokrajhar Picnic Spot is the best and the most loved Kokrajhar visiting place in the entire BTR Region.

You can enjoy picnics there with your loved ones.

Raimona National Park

Tourist Places near Kokrajhar: Raimona is a national park located in the Kokrajhar district of the BTR Region of Assam in northeastern India. It is the only national park in Kokrajhar district. It is spread across the Gossaigaon subdivisions of the Kokrajhar district of BTR. It covers an area of about 422 square kilometers. The park is known for its rich biodiversity, scenic landscapes, and unique flora and fauna.

Raimona National Park is part of the larger Manas Biosphere Reserve, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The park is characterized by its diverse ecosystems, including tropical evergreen forests, semi-evergreen forests, and grasslands. It is home to several endangered species such as the Bengal tiger, Indian elephant, clouded leopard, golden langur, and the great hornbill. Visitors to Raimona National Park can enjoy wildlife sightings, birdwatching, nature walks, and trekking.

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Mwsha Hokdao Picnic Spot

Mwsha Hokdao Eco Tourism Picnic Spot is located near Alayaran Anath Ashram under Chkrashila Wildlife Sanctuary in Kokrajhar. The distance between Kokrajhar town to Mwsha Hokdao Picnic Spot is 12 km.

Gaurang Park

Kokrajhar Tourist Places: The Daokhi Brahma Gaurang Park is located at Chandamari in Kokrajhar district. Dawki Brahma Gaurang Park is located in Boro Bhatarmari under the Kokrajhar district. It’s a family park where you can enjoy it no matter the age. See saws, slides, swing sets, and much more for the kids. Scenic views of the nearby Gaurang River. The distance between Kokrajhar Main to Dawki Brahma Gaurang Park is 3 km.

Diplai Beel

Kokrajhar places to visit: Diplai Beel is the first Bird Sanctuary to have varieties of local birds as well as endangered species. It is a large natural wetland covering an area of 4.14 square kilometers. Diplai Beel is situated 22 kilometers away from Kokrajhar town on the southern side the western side of the lake is surrounded by tribal communities and the north-eastern side is surrounded by hills with forest.

Diplai Beel has 3301 bighas of land and in this lake, a lot of various types of fishes are found in Diplai Beel and the lake is covered with water for the whole season.

Ferry Ride at Diplai Beel

Dheer Beel

Picnic Spot near Kokrajhar: Dheer Beel is a beautiful freshwater lake in Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary which falls under the Kokrajhar and Dhubri districts of Assam, India. A huge number visitors enjoy picnics at Dheer Beel Kokrajhar. If you make a plan to visit Kokrajhar then explore the Dheer Beel at least once.

Yamao Chara Boating Park

Places to visit near Kokrajhar: Yamao Chara Boating Park is located in Chandamari near the tea garden of the Kokrajhar district of the BTR Region. A lot of people visit this park and enjoy the beautiful scenic nature. If you like the nature and calmness it is the best place for you to visit in Kokrajhar. In Kokrajhar, this park is well known by all and this park enjoys a high status in the category of parks.

Pepsu Picnic Spot

Kokrajhar Picnic Place: Pepsu Picnic spot is located 55 km away from Kokrajhar town near the Bhutan Border.

Jumduar Picnic Spot

Kokrajhar Places to Visit: Jamduar Picnic Spot is located in the Kokrajhar district of Assam. Jamduar is the tri-junction of Bhutan, Assam, and West Bengal.

Chaudhary Ghat

Picnic Spot in Kokrajhar: Chaudhary Ghat is located under Raimona National Park. During the New Year Season, A huge crowd of picnic lovers is seen at Chaudhary Ghat.

Enjoying Picnic at Chaudhary Ghat

Pagligathwn Picnic Spot

Pagligathwn Picnic Spot is a new picnic spot, located near Chaudhary Ghat in Raimona National Park. The distance between Kokrajhar to Pagligathwn is 59 km, Kochugaon to Pagligathwn is 25 km, and 37 km from Gossaigaon town.

Pagligathwn Picnic Spot

Bhumka Kajubadam Picnic Spot

Bhumka Kajubadam Picnic spot is located 33 km away from Kokrajhar town.

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FAQ about Places to Visit in Kokrajhar

1. What is famous in Kokrajhar?

Golden Langur: Kokrajhar City is famous for the Chakashila Wildlife Sanctuary which is inhabited by the Golden Langurs and Saralpara Picnic Spot.

2. Which is the famous picnic spot in Kokrajhar District?

Saralpara Picnic Spot: Saralpara Picnic Spot is the most famous in Kokrajhar district. People from different places visit the picnic spot during the winter and summer seasons to enjoy the scenic beauty of the waterfalls, rivulets, and mountains of Saralpara.

3. Which National Park is in Kokrajhar District?

Raimona National Park: The Raimona National Park is located in the Gossaigaon subdivisions of the Kokrajhar district of BTR. It covers an area of about 422 square kilometers.

4. Which Wildlife Sanctuary is in Kokrajhar?

Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary: The Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in Kokrajhar District which is famous for Golden Langur.

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