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Tutumoni Boro Biography- Individual Gold Medalist in Archery at the National Games 2023

Tutumoni Boro Biography: Tutumoni Boro is a Bodo Female Archer from Udalguri, Tutumani who won a gold medal at National Games 2023 held in Goa. Lets check about Tutumoni Boro Biography, archery journey and achievements in this article.

About Archery Player Tutumoni Boro Biography

Archer-Tutumoni Boro Biography
Tutumani Boro

Tutumani Boro is a Bodo female archer from Udalguri, Kokrajhar, Assam, has an impressive career in archery representing Assam and Border Security Force (BSF).

She has consistently excelled in archery, earning numerous medals and honors in the following events:

  • 37th National Games Goa
  • WPFG 2023
  • 29th NTPC National Archery Championship

Her achievements have not only recognized her personal talent but also brought pride to the Boro community in Assam.

Tutumoni Boro Quick Info

Full NameTutumoni Boro
AddressUdalguri, Assam
Birth DateNot Known
FamilyNot Known

Tutumani Boro’s Archery Journey

Lets check Tutumoni’s archery journey and her achievements in this article.

National Games Goa 2023

Tutumoni Boro won individual gold and silver in women’s team in the Archery at 37th National Games 2023. Following is the medals Tutumoni won at the National Games:

  1. Tutumani Boro – Gold medal in Individual Olympic round (Indian Round).
  2. Tutumani Boro & Pallavi Boro – Won Silver medal in Team event (Indian Round 50 Mtr).
  3. Tutumani Boro – Silver medal in Mix team event (Indian Round 50 Mtr).

World Police and Fire Games (WPFG) 2023

During the WPFG 2023 in Montreal, Canada, on July 30, 2023, Tutumoni representing Border Security Force (BSF) secured a silver medal.

A total of 138 players from 18 Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) and State police formed 8 teams participated in WPFG 2023 to represent India, with the captains of the archery and boxing teams hailing from the BSF.

Tutumani Boro Archer_from_Udalguri

29th NTPC National Archery Championship

Prior to her success at the World Police and Fire Games, Tutumani displayed exceptional talent at the 29th NTPC National Archery Championship held in Ektanagar, Gujarat from March 9 to 18, 2023. Tutumani’s exemplary performance in the events earned her 2 Gold and 1 Silver Medal, bringing great honor to the force. She secured the gold medal in IRW 30 Mtrs Distance and 50 Mtrs Mixed Doubles, and a silver medal in the 50 Mtrs Team event.

Photos of Archer Tutumani Boro

Here are some glimpses of Archery player Tutumani’s victorious moments as she claims her well-deserved medals.

Tutumoni Boro WPFG 2023 Participation

World Police and Fire Games (WPFG) 2023

The World Police and Fire Games took place in Manitoba, South Central Canada, starting from July 28 and concluding on August 6, 2023. The event witnessed more than 10,000 athletes from over 70 countries participating in 60+ sports.

The grand opening ceremony took place on July 28 at the Canada Life Centre, and the closing ceremonies are scheduled for August 6th at the Forks, the host site for the Athletes Village, both held in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

To be eligible for this competition, athletes must serve as Law Enforcement Officers, Peace Officers, Firefighters, Customs, or Correctional Officers in good standing.

Tutumani Boro NTPC National Archery Championship 2023 Participation

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1. Who is Tutumoni Boro?

Tutumoni Boro is a skilled female archer from Udalguri, Kokrajhar, Assam, who represents the Border Security Force (BSF) and Assam state at the National and the International Archery competitions.

1. Why is Tutumoni Boro famous?

Tutumoni Boro, known for her archery skills, has gained fame while representing Border Security Force (BSF) and the state of Assam. As a female Bodo archer, she has achieved remarkable success, with numerous medals to her name, including a recent individual gold at the 37th National Games Goa 2023.

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