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Assam Govt Holiday List 2024: The Government of Assam releases the Assam Govt Holiday List every year for the citizens of Assam. For the year 2024, The Assam government has already released the Holiday list 2024 Assam. On these days, all govt institutions including Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Offices under Assam Govt will remain closed. Check the holiday list 2024 Assam, from this article.

Assam Govt Holiday List 2024 Details

Assam Govt Holiday List 2024: A brief details of the State Holiday List 2024 Assam has been mentioned below:

Name of the List Assam Govt. Holiday
Name of issuing AuthorityGeneral Administration Department (GAD), Govt. of Assam
Name of GovernmentGovernment of Assam
Total no of Holidays36 Days

Holiday List 2024 Assam

If you are looking for the answer to this question Is Tomorrow a Holiday? then, you can check the holiday list 2024 Assam government for the whole year from this article.

The date-wise and month-wise holiday list for 2024 in the state of Assam has been listed below. A total of 36 Holidays were declared. Apart from these, the list has two half-holidays and 30 restricted holidays are also released by the Assam Govt. Regarding the restricted holidays, the notification says that each government employee may avail of two of the 30 notified restricted holidays during the year.

We have listed the holidays in the Assam Government Holiday List 2024. The list contains a total of 36 holidays including national and regional holidays. Republic Day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, and Christmas Day are some of the major holidays. In addition, there are many regional holidays such as Magh Bihu, Bohag Bihu, and Durga Puja also observed as Holidays. We hope this information will help you plan your trip in advance accordingly.

Assam Holiday List 2024 January

English CalendarAssamese CalendarDayName of Festival
15 January 202429 Puh 1430MondayMagh Bihu & Tusu Puja
16 January 20241 Magh 1430TuesdayMagh Bihu & Tusu Puja
23 January 20248 Magh 1430TuesdayGwthar Bathou San
Netaji’s Birthday
26 January 202411 Magh 1430FridayRepublic Day
31 January 202416 Magh 1430WednesdayMe-Dam-Me-Phi

Assam Holiday List 2024 February

English CalendarAssamese CalendarDayName of Festival
24 February 202411 Phagun 1430SaturdayBir Chilaray Divas

Assam Holiday List 2024 March

English CalendarAssamese CalendarDayName of Festival
25 March 202411 Chot 1430MondayDol Jatra
29 March 202415 Chot 1430FridayGood Friday

Assam Holiday List 2024 April

English CalendarAssamese CalendarDayName of Festival
11 April 202428 Chot 1430Thursday Id-Ul-Fitr
13 April 202430 Chot 1430SaturdayBohag Bihu
14 April 20241 Bohag 1431SundayBohag Bihu
15 April 20242 Bohag 1431Monday Bohag Bihu
20 April 20247 Bohag 1431SaturdaySati Sadhini Divas

Assam Holiday List 2024 May

English CalendarAssamese CalendarDayName of Festival
1 May 202418 Bohag 1431WednesdayMay Day
8 May 202425 Bohag 1431WednesdayTithi of Damodar Deva
23 May 20249 Jeth 1431ThursdayBuddha Purnima
24 May 202410 Jeth 1431FridayJanmotsav of Sri Sri

Assam Holiday List 2024 June

English CalendarAssamese CalendarDayName of Festival
17 June 20242 AharMondayId-Ul-Zuha

Assam Holiday List 2024 August

English CalendarAssamese CalendarDayName of Festival
15 August 202430 Saon 1431ThursdayIndependence Day
23 August 20246 Bhada 1431Friday Tirubhav Tithi of Sri Sri
26 August 20249 Bhada 1431MondayJanmastomi

Assam Holiday List 2024 September

English CalendarAssamese CalendarDayName of Festival
4 September 202418 Bhada 1431WednesdayTirubhav Tithi of Srimanta
14 September 202428 Bhada 1431SaturdayKaram Puja

Assam Holiday List 2024 October

English CalendarAssamese CalendarDayName of Festival
2 October 202415 Ahin 1431WednesdayGandhi Jayanti
10 October 202423 Ahin 1431ThursdayDurga Puja
11 October 202424 Ahin 1431FridayDurga Puja
12 October 202425 Ahin 1431SaturdayDurga Puja
13 October 202426 Ahin 1431SundayVijaya Dashomi /
Janmotsav of Sri Sri
17 October 202430 Ahin 1431ThursdayKati Bihu
31 October 202414 Kati 1431ThursdayKali Puja/Diwali

Assam Holiday List 2024 November

English CalendarAssamese CalendarDayName of Festival
3 November 202417 Kati 1431Sunday Bhatri Dwitiya
7 November 202421 Kati 1431ThursdayChhat Puja
15 November 202429 Kati 1431FridayGuru Nanak’s Birthday
24 November 20248 Aghun 1431SundayLachit Divas

Assam Holiday List 2024 December

English CalendarAssamese CalendarDayName of Festival
2 December 202416 Aghwn 1431MondayAsom Divas( Su-Ka-Pha
25 December 20249 Puh 1431WednesdayChristmas Day

Assam Half Holidays List 2024

English CalendarAssamese CalendarDayName of Festival
17 July 20241 Saon 1431WednesdayMuharram
16 October 202429 Ahin 1431WednesdayLakshmi Puja

Assam Restricted Holidays List 2024

Assam Government Holiday List 2024: The Assam Government declared 30 restricted holidays. Employees working under the Govt. of Assam can avail of 2 days as Restricted Holidays per their choice from the Assam restricted holidays shared below for the year 2024.

English CalendarDayName of the Festivals
1 Jan 2024SundayNew Year’s Day / Death Anniversary of
Shri Shri Anirudhadeva
14 Jan 2024SaturdayUruka of Magh Bihu
17 Jan 2024TuesdaySilpi Divas
27 Jan 2024FridayBusu Dima Festival
14 Feb 2024TuesdayKarbi-Dehal-Kachir Dom
15 Feb 2024WednesdayAli Aye Ligang
18 Feb 2024SaturdaySivaratri
27 Feb 2024MondayKhring Khring Baithaw Puja
8 March 2024WednesdayShab-E- Barat
4 April 2024TuesdayMahabir Jayanti
8 April 2024SaturdayEaster Saturday
19 April 2024WednesdayDeuri Bihu and Lailatur Qadar
25 April 2024SaturdayTithi of Gopaldeva
19 May 2024FridayTithi of Harideva
28 May 2024SundayBirthday of Sri Sri Krishnaguru
4 June 2024SundayBaikhow Festival
20 June 2024TuesdayDeath Anniversary of Bishnuprasad Rabha
30 June 2024FridayHul Divas
13 July 2024ThursdayBirthday of Nepali Poet Bhanu Bhakta Acharya
13 Aug 2024SundayDeath Anniversary of Bir Tikendrajit
16 Sept 2024SaturdayBirthday of Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra
28 Aug 2024ThursdayFateha-E-Dwaz Daham
1 Nov 2024WednesdayKuki ChavangKut
15 Nov 2024WednesdayAbirbhav Tithi of Sri Bhubaneswar Sadhu Thakur
24 Nov 2024FridayDeath Anniversary of Guru TegBahadurji
5 Dec 2024TuesdaySikpul Ruoi(Harvest festival of Hmar Community)
10 Dec 2024SundayMartyr’s Day
21 Dec 2024ThursdayDeath Anniversary of Shri Shri Anirudhadeva
22 Dec 2024FridayGaan-Ngai
24 Dec 2024SundayChristmas Eve

Holiday List 2024 Assam PDF

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