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2023-24 I-League 3 Schedule, Result, Fixtures, Team, Group- Full Details

Last updated on February 9th, 2024 at 06:58 pm

2023-24 I-League 3 Schedule and Result: India’s new fourth-tier football league 2023-24 ILeague-3 playoffs are scheduled to start from December 22. Check out the 2024-25 I-League 3 schedule.

2023-24 I-League 3 Play-Offs Fixtures

Following are the 5 teams which have advanced for the play offs

  1. Group A- Sporting Clube de Goa
  2. Group B- Keinou Library & Sports Association (KLASA)
  3. Group C- Dempo Sports Club
  4. Group D- Sporting Club Bengaluru
  5. Group E- Kerala United FC

Play-Offs Fixtures:

5122 Dec09:00 AMSporting Clube de Goa vs Sporting Club Bengaluru1-0
5222 Dec03:00 PMKerala United FC vs KLASA2-1
5324 Dec09:00 AMDempo Sports Club vs Kerala United FC1-0
5424 Dec03:00 PMKLASA vs Sporting Club Bengaluru2-3
5526 Dec03:00 PMDempo Sports Club vs Sporting Club Bengaluru1-1
5626 Dec09:00 AMKLASA vs Sporting Clube de Goa1-1
5728 Dec09:00 AMSporting Club Bengaluru vs Kerala United FC2-1
5828 Dec03:30 PMSporting Clube de Goa vs Dempo Sports Club1-0
5930 Dec03:30 PMKerala United FC vs Sporting Clube de Goa 2-1
6030 Dec03:30 PMDempo Sports Club vs KLASA4-0

2023 I League 3 Play-Offs Points Table

1Sporting Clube de Goa421143+17
2Dempo Sports Club421162+47
3Sporting Club Bengaluru421165+17
4Kerala United FC42025506
5Keinou Library & Sports Association4013410-61
Note 1: Points table updated matches played till 30 December 2023 (4 PM).
Note 2: Win- 3 points, Draw- 1 points and lost- 0 points

2023-24 I-League 3 Schedule Overview

EventI-League 2023-24
Organized ByAll India Football Federation (AIFF)
Dates9 November – December 2023
Number of teams25
Promotion toI-League 2
AIFF I-League 3 WebsiteClick Here
I-League FacebookClick Here

2023-24 I-League 3 Schedule

2023-24 I-League 3 Schedule

The 2023–24 I-League 3 kicked off its first-ever season in Indian football. Established in 2023, this league is officially recognized as the national fourth-tier competition.

The league started on November 9, 2023, and will continue until December 2023. Teams will compete for spots in the 2023–24 I-League 2, with 25 nominated teams arranged into 5 groups of 5.

I-League 3 Format

Group Stage Format

A total of 25 teams have been divided into five groups of five teams each. Each team will play in single-legged fixtures, resulting a total of 4 matches in the 2023 I League 3.

The top performers of each group will earn a place in the play-off stage of I League 3, resulting in a total of five teams.

Play-offs Format

In the playoffs, these five teams will go head-to-head in a single-round showdown to decide the final three earning promotion to I-League 2 in the 2023-24 season.

2023-24 I-League 3 Teams

Table below displays the 25 teams of 2023-24 I-League 3:

1.RKM Football AcademyNarayanpur, Chhattisgarh
2.New Friends ClubBade Bacheli, Chhattisgarh
3.VatikaNew Delhi
4.GarhwalNew Delhi
5.DempoPanaji, Goa
6.Sporting GoaPanaji, Goa
7.BarodaVadodara, Gujarat
8.ARAAhemedabad, Gujarat
9.Sporting BengaluruBengaluru, Karnataka
10.KickstartBengaluru, Karnataka
11.Lake CityMadhya Pradesh, Bhopal
12.InternationalPhagwara, Punjab
13.Doaba UnitedJalandhar, Punjab
14.Jaipur EliteJaipur, Rajasthan
15.MillatMumbai, Maharashtra
16.BhawaniporeKolkata, West Bengal
17.Diamond HarbourDiamond Harbour, West Bengal
18.Kerala UnitedMalappuram, Kerala
19.Rangdajied UnitedShillong, Meghalaya
20.Keinou Library & Sports Association (KLASA)Bishnupur, Manipur
21.KIYCImphal, Manipur
22.United Chirang DuarChirang, Assam
23.Sports OdishaCuttack, Odisha
24.Abbas UnionHyderabad, Telengana
25.Jeppiaar Institute of Technology (JIT)Pondicherry

2023-24 I-League 3 Draw

There are a total of 25 teams organized into 5 groups, each consisting of 5 teams. The competition involves single-legged fixtures between teams within the same group.

2023-24 I-League 3 Groups

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup E
Sporting GoaKLASARangdajiedAbbas UnionBhawanipore
Lake CityBarodaDempDiamond HarbourGarhwal
ARAUnited Chirang Duar FCKickstartDoaba UnitedKerala United
International FCJaipur EliteJIT FCSporting BengaluruKIYC
New FriendsSports OdishaMillatVatikaRKM

2023-24 I-League 3 Venues

  1. Group A Venue
    • Jagran Lake city University, Bhopal
    • Capacity:1,800
  2. Group B Venue
    • VMC Sports Complex, Vadodara
    • Capacity: 3,500
  3. Group C Venue
    • Dempo Academy Ground, Panjim
    • Capacity: 500
  4. Group D Venue
    • Bangalore Football Stadium, Bengaluru
    • Capacity: 8,400
  5. Group E Venue
    • Ramakrishna Mission Sports Complex, Narainpur
    • Capacity: 1000
  6. I-League 3 Final Round Venue
    • Tilak Maidan, Vasco
    • Capacity: 5000

2023-24 I-League 3 Fixtures | Group Stage

2023-24 I-League 3 Schedule Fixtures

109 Nov09:00 AMLake City vs Sporting Clube de GoaA0-0
209 Nov03:00 PMARA FC vs International FCA0-1
311 Nov09:00 AMNew Friends Club vs ARA FCA0-6
411 Nov09:00 AMBaroda Football Academy vs KLASAB0-1
511 Nov03:00 PMInternational FC vs Sporting Clube de GoaA0-1
611 Nov03:30 PMUnited Chirand Duar FC vs Jaipur Elite Football ClubB1-1
713 Nov09:00 AMInternational FC vs Lake City FCA1-2
813 Nov09:00 AMSports Odisha vs United Chirang Duar FCB1-1
913 Nov09:00 AMDempo Sports Club vs JIT FCC2-0
1013 Nov03:30 PMNew Friends Club vs Sporting Clube de GoaA0-10
1113 Nov03:30 PMJaipur Elite FC vs KLASAB0-0
1213 Nov04:00 PMRangdajied United FC vs MUM – Millat FC C5-0
1315 Nov09:00 AMSporting Clube de Goa vs ARA FCA2-0
1415 Nov09:00 AMJaipur Elite FC vs Baroda Football AcademyB0-2
1515 Nov09:00 AMKickstart FC vs Rangdajied United FCC2-2
1615 Nov03:00 PMLake city FC vs New Friends ClubA7-2
1715 Nov03:30 PMSports Odisha vs KLASAB0-1
1815 Nov03:30 PMMUM – Millat FC vs JIT FCC1-2
1917 Nov09:00 AMNew Friends Club vs International FCA0-3
2017 Nov09:00 AMKLASA vs United Chirang Duar FCB2-1
2117 Nov09:00 AMMUM – Millat FC vs Dempo Sports ClubC0-1
2217 Nov03:00 PMARA FC vs Lake city FCA1-1
2317 Nov03:30 PMBaroda Football Academy vs Sports OdishaB0-2
2417 Nov03:30 PMKickstart FC vs JIT FCC7-0
2519 Nov09:00 AMSports Odisha vs Jaipur Elite FCB3-1
2619 Nov09:00 AMJIT FC vs Rangdajied United FCC0-1
2719 Nov03:30 PMUnited Chirang Duar FC vs Baroda Football AcademyB2-1
2819 Nov03:30 PMDempo Sports Club vs Kickstart FC C2-0
2921 Nov09:00 AMKickstart FC vs MUM – Millat FCC6-0
3021 Nov03:30 PMRangdajied United FC vs Dempo Sports ClubC0-0
3101 Dec09:00 AMRKM Football Academy vs Garhwal Football ClubE1-3
3201 Dec02:30 PMKshetri Iril Mapal Youth Club vs Kerala United FCE2-2
3303 Dec09:00 AMDiamond Harbour FC vs Vatika FCD3-0
3403 Dec09:00 AMGarhwal Football Club vs Kshetri Iril Mapal Youth ClubE1-4
3503 Dec02:30 PMRKM Football Academy vs Bhawanipore FCE1-3
3603 Dec03:00 PMSporting Club Bengaluru vs Abbas Union Football ClubD3-1
3705 Dec09:00 AMDoaba United FC vs Diamond Harbour Football ClubD3-1
3805 Dec09:00 AMKerala United FC vs RKM Football AcademyE2-1
3905 Dec02:30 PMBhawanipore FC vs Garhwal Football ClubE0-1
4005 Dec03:00 PMVatika Football club vs Abbas Union Football ClubD3-2
4107 Dec09:00 AMBhawanipore FC vs Kshetri Iril Mapal Youth ClubE2-1
4207 Dec04:00 PMDoaba United FC vs Abbas Union Football ClubD3-1
4307 Dec08:00 PMVatika Football club vs Sporting Club BengaluruD0-2
4407 Dec02:30 PMKerala United FC vs Garhwal Football ClubE3-0
4509 Dec09:00 AMAbbas Union Football Club vs Diamond Harbour Football ClubD0-1
4609 Dec09:00 AMBhawanipore FC vs Kerala United FCE3-3
4709 Dec02:30 PMKshetri Iril Mapal Youth Club vs RKM Football AcademyE0-2
4809 Dec03:00 PMSporting Club Bengaluru vs Doaba United FCD0-2
4911 Dec09:00 AMDoaba United FC vs Vatika Football clubD0-2
5011 Dec03:00 PMDiamond Harbour Football Club vs Sporting Club BengaluruD2-2

2023-24 I-League 3 Points Table | Group Stage

1Sporting Goa4310130+1310
2Lake City4220104+68
3International FC420253+26
3ARA FC411274+34
5New Friends4004226-240
Note: Win- 3 points, Draw- 1 points and lost- 0 points
2Sports Odisha421163+37
3United Chirang Duar FC412135-15
4Baroda Football Academy410335-23
5Jaipur Elite FC402226-42
Note: Win- 3 points, Draw- 1 points and lost- 0 points
1Dempo SC431050+510
2Rangdajied United FC422082+68
2Kickstart FC4211154+117
4JIT FC4103211-93
5MUM – Millat FC4004114-130
Note: Win- 3 points, Draw- 1 points and lost- 0 points
1Sporting Club Bengaluru4310133+1010
2Diamond Harbour FC431082+610
3Vatika FC420257+26
4Doaba United FC4103311+83
5Abbas Union FC4003410-50
Note: Win- 3 points, Draw- 1 points and lost- 0 points
1Kerala United FC4220106+48
2Bhawanipore FC421186+27
3Garhwal FC420259-46
4Kshetri Iril Mapal Youth Club411287+14
5RKM Football Academy410359-40
Note: Win- 3 points, Draw- 1 points and lost- 0 points

I-League 3 Live Streaming Details

Where to watch 2023-24 I-League 3?

The 2023-24 I-League 3rd division will be telecast live on Eurosport TV channel in India and Live streaming will be available on Indian Football’s YouTube channel.

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1. Which team from Assam is participating in 2023-24 I-League 3?

United Chirang Duar FC from Chirang, BTR, Assam is competing in 2023-24 I-League 3.

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