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I-League 2023-24 Schedule- Teams, Fixtures, Points Table, Venue, Results Details

Last updated on April 9th, 2024 at 12:04 pm

I-League 2023-24 Schedule: The I-League football league kicked off on October 28, 2023, featuring 13 Teams. The tournament will conclude on 13 April 2024. In this article, we will provide the details on I-League 2023-24 fixtures, match date, time, venue, Broadcasting Channel and more.

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I-League 2023-24 Schedule Overview

EventHero I-League 2023-24
League2nd Tire Football
Edition17th season
Start Date28 October 2023
End Date13 April 2024
Organizing BodyAll India Football Federation
Total Matches158
WinnerMohammedan SC (Promoted to ISL)
Relegated TeamsNEROCA; and TRAU
Top Goal ScorerAlex Sanchez from Gokulam Kerala (18 goals)
I-League Official WebsiteClick Here

I-League 2023-24 Schedule

I-League 2023-24 Schedule

The 2023-24 I League Football season is the 17th edition of this competition, which is the second tier of the Indian Football League System.

The men’s I-League teams, currently involves 13 clubs competing, with the winners gaining promotion to the Indian Super League.

The group stage matches for 17th edition of I-League kicked off on October 28th. The tournament will conclude on 13 April 2024.

League Details:

  • I-League 2023-24 schedule: 28 October 2023-13 April 2024
  • I-League 2023-24 Team: 13

I-League 2023-24 Points Tables

2023-24 I-League Points Table

1Mohammedan SC2315714319+2452
2Sreenidi Deccan2313645124+2745
3Inter Kashi2411854741+641
4Real Kashmir2311753515+2040
5Gokulam Kerala2311664933+1639
7Shillong Lajong238783434031
8Churchill Brothers238693331+230
10Rajasthan United2367104056−1625

2023-24 Indian I League Fixtures

I-League 2023-24 Schedule Fixtures

128-Oct-23Real Kashmir FC vs Rajasthan United FC2-0
228-Oct-23Gokulam Kerala FC vs Inter Kashi2-2
329-Oct-23Sreenidi Deccan FC vs NEROCA FC4-0
429-Oct-23Mohammedan SC vs Aizawl FC2-1
530-Oct-23Delhi FC vs TRAU FC1-1
631-Oct-23Namdhari SA vs Churchill Brothers0-0
702-Nov-23Delhi FC vs Rajasthan United FC4-3
803-Nov-23Sreenidi Deccan FC vs Inter Kashi4-1
903-Nov-23Mohammedan SC vs Shillong Lajong FC1-1
1004-Nov-23Real Kashmir FC vs TRAU FC1-0
1104-Nov-23Aizawl FC vs Churchill BrothersTBD
1205-Nov-23Gokulam Kerala FC vs NEROCA FC4-1
1306-Nov-23Namdhari SA vs Inter Kashi2-4
1407-Nov-23Sreenidi Deccan FC vs Aizawl FC1-2
1507-Nov-23Mohammedan SC vs TRAU FC6-0
1608-Nov-23Real Kashmir FC vs Churchill Brothers 1-3
1709-Nov-23Shillong Lajong FC vs NEROCA FC1-1
1809-Nov-23Gokulam Kerala FC vs Rajasthan United FC5-0
1910-Nov-23Delhi FC vs Mohammedan SC1-2
2011-Nov-23Namdhari SA vs Real Kashmir FC1-0
2113-Nov-23TRAU FC vs Gokulam Kerala FC0-2
2213-Nov-23Rajasthan United FC vs Churchill Brothers 2-0
2314-Nov-23Shillong Lajong FC vs Sreenidi Deccan FC2-2
2414-Nov-23NEROCA FC vs Aizawl FC1-3
2517-Nov-23Aizawl FC vs Delhi FC1-5
2617-Nov-23Churchill Brothers vs Inter Kashi1-2
2718-Nov-23NEROCA FC vs Namdhari SA2-1
2818-Nov-23Rajasthan United FC vs Mohammedan SC1-2
2919-Nov-23TRAU FC vs Sreenidi Deccan FC0-5
3019-Nov-23Shillong Lajong FC vs Gokulam Kerala FC3-1
3121-Nov-23Inter Kashi vs Mohammedan SC0-2
3221-Nov-23Aizawl FC vs Namdhari SA3-0
3322-Nov-23Shillong Lajong FC vs Delhi FC2-1
3422-Nov-23Churchill Brothers vs TRAU FC4-0
3523-Nov-23NEROCA FC vs Real Kashmir FC0-4
3623-Nov-23Rajasthan United FC vs Sreenidi Deccan FC1-2
3725-Nov-23Shillong Lajong FC vs TRAU FC2-1
3826-Nov-23Namdhari SA vs Sreenidi Deccan FC2-0
3926-Nov-23Gokulam Kerala FC vs Churchill Brothers1-1
4027-Nov-23Delhi FC vs NEROCA FC3-4
4128-Nov-23Real Kashmir FC vs Inter Kashi4-0
4228-Nov-23Rajasthan United FC vs Aizawl FC2-2
4301-Dec-23Delhi FC vs Churchill Brothers FC Goa2-1
4401-Dec-23NEROCA FC vs Inter Kashi1-3
4502-Dec-23Real Kashmir FC vs Aizawl FC0-0
4602-Dec-23Gokulam Kerala FC vs Namdhari SA2-2
4703-Dec-23Rajasthan United FC vs Shillong Lajong FC1-1
4803-Dec-23Mohammedan SC vs Sreenidi Deccan FC2-1
4905-Dec-23Namdhari SA vs Delhi FC1-2
5006-Dec-23Rajasthan United FC vs Inter Kashi2-2
5106-Dec-23Shillong Lajong FC vs Churchill Brothers2-0
5207-Dec-23Real Kashmir FC vs Sreenidi Deccan FC0-0
5307-Dec-23TRAU FC vs Aizawl FC`1-5
5408-Dec-23Mohammedan SC vs Gokulam Kerala FC1-1
5509-Dec-23Churchill Brothers vs NEROCA FC4-1
5610-Dec-23TRAU FC vs Inter Kashi3-0
5710-Dec-23Shillong Lajong FC vs Aizawl FC0-3
5811-Dec-23Real Kashmir FC vs Gokulam Kerala FC3-0
5911-Dec-23Sreenidi Deccan FC vs Delhi FC1-0
6013-Dec-23Namdhari SA vs Mohammedan SC0-1
6115-Dec-23Inter Kashi vs Delhi FC2-0
6215-Dec-23NEROCA FC vs Rajasthan United FC3-4
6316-Dec-23Real Kashmir FC vs Shillong Lajong FC3-1
6416-Dec-23Aizawl FC vs Gokulam Kerala FC1-1
6517-Dec-23TRAU FC vs Namdhari SA1-2
6617-Dec-23Churchill Brothers vs Mohammedan SC0-0
6719-Dec-23Sreenidi Deccan FC vs Gokulam Kerala FC1-4
6821-Dec-23Aizawl FC vs Inter Kashi1-1
6922-Dec-23Rajasthan United FC vs TRAU FC5-4
7023-Dec-23Shillong Lajong FC vs Namdhari SA3-0
7224-Dec-23Delhi FC vs Real Kashmir FC1-0
7324-Dec-23Mohammedan SC vs NEROCA FC2-1

I-League 2023-24 Schedule Fixtures

103 Feb 2024Shillong Lajong vs Inter Kashi0-1
204 Feb 2024Churchill Brothers vs Sreenidi Deccan1-2
304 Feb 2024Mohammedan SC vs Real Kashmir0-3
409 Feb 2024Rajasthan FC vs Real Kashmir1-0
509 Feb 2024Inter Kashi vs Gokulam Kerala2-4
610 Feb 2024Churchill Brothers vs Namdhari1-1
710 Feb 2024Aizawl FC vs Mohammedan SC0-0
811 Feb 2024TRAU vs Delhi5-3
912 Feb 2024Gokulam Kerala vs Shillong Lajong2-0
1013 Feb 2024Mohammedan SC vs Rajasthan FC5-1
1114 Feb 2024Namdhari vs NEROCA3-2
1214 Feb 2024Sreenidi Deccan vs TRAU3-0
1314 Feb 2024Inter Kashi vs Churchill Brothers 1-1
1415 Feb 2024Delhi vs Aizawl FC1-0
1516 Feb 2024Rajasthan FC vs Gokulam Kerala1-4
1617 Feb 2024TRAU vs Mohammedan SC0-2
1718 Feb 2024NEROCA vs Shillong Lajong0-2
1818 Feb 2024Inter Kashi vs Namdhari4-1
1918 Feb 2024Churchill Brothers vs Real Kashmir0-2
2019 Feb 2024Delhi vs Gokulam Kerala1-2
2119 Feb 2024Aizawl FC vs Sreenidi Deccan 1-5
2223 Feb 2024NEROCA vs Delhi1-2
2323 Feb 2024Aizawl FC vs Rajasthan FC0-0
2424 Feb 2024Inter Kashi vs Real Kashmir1-1
2524 Feb 2024Churchill Brothers vs Gokulam Kerala1-2
2625 Feb 2024Sreenidi Deccan vs Namdhari2-0
2725 Feb 2024TRAU vs Shillong Lajong1-2
2827 Feb 2024Inter Kashi vs NEROCA3-1
2927 Feb 2024Churchill Brothers vs Delhi2-0
3028 Feb 2024Aizawl FC vs Real Kashmir0-1
3128 Feb 2024Shillong Lajong vs Rajasthan FC4-4
3229 Feb 2024Namdhari vs Gokulam Kerala2-1
3329 Feb 2024Sreenidi Deccan vs Mohammedan SC1-1
3402 Mar 2024Inter Kashi vs Rajasthan FC1-1
3503 Mar 2024Delhi vs Namdhari2-3
3603 Mar 2024Gokulam Kerala vs Mohammedan SC2-3
3704 Mar 2024Sreenidi Deccan vs Real Kashmir2-3
3804 Mar 2024Churchill Brothers vs Shillong Lajong2-1
3906 Mar 2024Rajasthan FC vs Namdhari0-0
4008 Mar 2024NEROCA vs Churchill Brothers2-3
4108 Mar 2024Inter Kashi vs TRAU6-3
4209 Mar 2024Aizawl FC vs Shillong Lajong1-2
4309 Mar 2024Mohammedan SC vs Namdhari3-1
4410 Mar 2024Delhi vs Sreenidi Deccan0-1
4510 Mar 2024Gokulam Kerala vs Real Kashmir1-1
4611 Mar 2024Rajasthan FC vs NEROCA5-1
4712 Mar 2024Namdhari vs TRAU1-2
4812 Mar 2024Mohammedan SC vs Churchill Brothers3-2
4913 Mar 2024Delhi vs Inter Kashi0-2
5013 Mar 2024Shillong Lajong vs Real Kashmir1-1
5114 Mar 2024Gokulam Kera;a vs Aizawl FC4-3
5215 Mar 2024TRAU vs Rajasthan FC0-2
5316 Mar 2024Namdhari Shillong Lajong1-1
5417 Mar 2024Real Kashmir vs Delhi1-1
5517 Mar 2024NEROCA vs Mohammedan SC0-2
5617 Mar 2024Gokulam Kerala vs Sreenidi Deccan1-2
5718 Mar 2024Inter Kashi vs Aizawl FC5-4
5821 Mar 2024NEROCA vs TRAU1-0
5922 Mar 2024Namdhari vs Rajasthan FC 2-0
6022 Mar 2024Inter Kashi vs Shillong Lajong2-1
6123 Mar 2024Real Kashmir vs Mohammedan SC0-0
6223 Mar 2024Gokulam Kerala vs Delhi0-2
6324 Mar 2024Sreenidi Deccan vs Churchill Brothers2-2
6424 Mar 2024TRAU vs NEROCA 1-2
6528 Mar 2024Aizawl FC vs Churchill Brothers4-0
6628 Mar 2024Delhi vs Shillong Lajong3-1
6728 Mar 2024Real Kashmir vs NEROCA 3-0
6830 Mar 2024Mohammedan SC vs Inter Kashi1-1
6931 Mar 2024Sreenidi Deccan vs Rajasthan FC6-1
7001 Apr 2024Namdhari vs Aizawl FC1-1
7101 Apr 2024TRAU vs Churchill Brothers0-2
7205 Apr 2024Rajasthan FC vs Delhi3-6
7305 Apr 2024Churchill Brothers vs Aizawl FC2-0
7406 Apr 2024TRAU vs Real Kashmir2-1
7506 Apr 2024Shillong Lajong vs Mohammedan SC1-2
7607 Apr 2024NEROCA vs Gokulam Kerala0-3
7708 Apr 2024Inter Kashi vs Sreenidi Deccan1-1
7809 Apr 2024NEROCA vs Sreenidi Deccan1-1 (Live)
79PostponedAizawl FC vs TRAUTBD
8010 Apr 2024Churchill Brothers vs Rajasthan FC7pm
8112 Apr 2024Gokulam Kerala vs TRAU4:30pm
82PostponedAizawl FC vs NEROCATBD
8313 Apr 2024Real Kashmir vs Namdhari2:30pm
8413 Apr 2024Sreenidi Deccan Shillong Lajong6pm
8513 Apr 2024Mohammedan SC vs Delhi6pm

2023-24 I-League Points Table

1Mohammedan Sporting Club11830217+1427
2Sreenidi Deccan FC116232312+1120
3Real Kashmir FC11623186+1220
4Aizawl FC115422214+819
Shillong Lajong FC115421814419
5Gokulam Kerala FC114522315+817
Delhi FC115152018216
7Inter Kashi 114341722-515
9Churchill Brothers103341411+312
10Rajasthan United FC113352127-612
11Namdhari FC11227920-118
12Neroca FC112181533-187
13Tiddim Road Athletic Union (TRAU)111191133-224
Note: Points Table updated matches played till 26 December 2023 (02:46 PM).
Note 2: I-League Points rule: (Win Points-3; Draw Points-1; Loss Points-0)

2023-24 I-League Teams

This edition of the ILeague 2023-24 Schedule features a list of 13 participating teams. Nine of them have continued from the previous season, two have secured promotion from the 2022–23 I-League 2 (Delhi FC and Shillong Lajong FC), and two have entered directly (Inter Kashi and Namdhari FC).

I-League 2023-24 Schedule: The following table provides a list of the I-League clubs 2023-24 and their respective home venues.

2023-24 I-League Standings

Aizawl FCRajiv Gandhi Stadium, Aizawl 20,000
Churchill BrothersTilak Maidan, Goa 5,000
Delhi FCNamdhari Stadium 1,000
Gokulam KeralaEMS Stadium, Kerala 50,000
Mohammedan SCNaihati Stadium, West Bengal 20,000
NEROCA FCKalyani Stadium, West Bengal 20,000
Rajasthan United FCDeccan Arena 1,500
TRAU FCKalyani Stadium, West Bengal20,000
Shillong Lajong FCSSA Stadium 5,000
Inter KashiEkana Football Stadium 2,000
Namdhari FCNamdhari Stadium1,000
Real KashmirTRC Turf Ground, J & K 11,000
Sreenidi Deccan FCDeccan Arena1,500

2023-24 I-League Results

2024 I-League’s schedule: Stay tune to our website for the season 2023-24 I-League Match Results.

Note: Check the top most ILeague table for the scores.

2023-24 I-League Live Telecast

I-League 2023-24 Schedule Broadcasting Partner: The 2023-24 I League live bradcasting is on Eurosport TV channel and live streaming on Fancode.

2023-24 I-League Annual Awards

We’ll complete this section of the article once the tournament concludes because the award winners are determined only after the tournament has ended.

  • Hero of the League
  • Golden Boot
  • Golden Glove

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FAQs on I-League 2023-24 Schedule

1. When is 2023-24 I League Start date?

The group stage of the 17th edition of ILeague 2023-24 is starting from 28 October and will run till 24 December, 2023. There are a total of 13 teams in I League.

2. What is the format of I League?

In I League first division, the 13 clubs will play home and away match format, making it a total of 156 matches.

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