I-League 2023-24 Schedule- Teams, Fixtures, Points Table, Venue, Results Details

I-League 2023-24 Schedule: The ILeague 2023-24 will kick off on October 28, 2023, featuring 13 Teams. In this article, we will provide the details on I-League 2023-24 fixtures, match date, time, venue, Broadcasting Channel and more.

I-League 2023-24 Schedule

I-League 2023-24 Schedule

The 2023-24 I League Football season is the 17th edition of this competition, which occupies the second tier of the Indian Football League System.

The men’s I-League teams, currently involves 13 clubs competing, with the winners gaining promotion to the Indian Super League.

The group stage matches for this 17th edition are scheduled to begin on October 28th and will run until December 24th, featuring a total of 72 group matches. The tournament is expected to conclude around April 2024.

League Details:

  • I-League 2023-24 schedule: 28 October 2023
  • I-League 2023-24 Team: 13

2023-24 Indian I League Fixtures | I-League Points Table

I-League 2023-24 Schedule Fixtures

28-Oct-2302:00 PMReal Kashmir FC vs Rajasthan United FCTRC Football Turf2-0
28-Oct-2307:00 PM Gokulam Kerala FC vs Inter KashiEMS Corporation Stadium 2-2
29-Oct-2304:30 PMSreenidi Deccan FC vs NEROCA FCDeccan Arena4-0
29-Oct-2307:00 PM Mohammedan SC vs Aizawl FCNaihati Bankimanjali Stadium2-1
30-Oct-2302:00 PMDelhi FC vs TRAU FCNamdhari Stadium1-1
31-Oct-2302:00 PMNamdhari SA vs Churchill BrothersNamdhari Stadium0-0
02-Nov-2302:00 PMDelhi FC vs Rajasthan United FCNamdhari Stadium4-3
03-Nov-2304:30 PMSreenidi Deccan FC vs Inter KashiDeccan Arena4-1
03-Nov-2307:00 PM Mohammedan SC vs Shillong Lajong FCNaihati Bankimanjali Stadium1-1
04-Nov-2302:00 PMReal Kashmir FC vs TRAU FCTRC Football Turf1-0
04-Nov-2307:00 PM Aizawl FC vs Churchill BrothersRG StadiumTBD
05-Nov-2307:00 PM Gokulam Kerala FC vs NEROCA FCEMS Corporation Stadium4-1
06-Nov-2302:00 PMNamdhari SA vs Inter KashiNamdhari Stadium2-4
07-Nov-2304:30 PMSreenidi Deccan FC vs Aizawl FCDeccan Arena1-2
07-Nov-2307:00 PM Mohammedan SC vs TRAU FCNaihati Bankimanjali Stadium6-0
08-Nov-2302:00 PMReal Kashmir FC vs Churchill Brothers TRC Football Turf1-3
09-Nov-2304:30 PMShillong Lajong FC vs NEROCA FCSSA Stadium1-1
09-Nov-2307:00 PM Gokulam Kerala FC vs Rajasthan United FCEMS Corporation Stadium5-0
10-Nov-2302:00 PMDelhi FC vs Mohammedan SCNamdhari Stadium1-2
11-Nov-2302:00 PMNamdhari SA vs Real Kashmir FCNamdhari Stadium1-0
13-Nov-2304:30 PMTRAU FC vs Gokulam Kerala FCKalyani Municipal Stadium0-2
13-Nov-2307:00 PM Rajasthan United FC vs Churchill Brothers Deccan Arena2-0
14-Nov-2302:00 PMShillong Lajong FC vs Sreenidi Deccan FCSSA Stadium2-2
14-Nov-2307:00 PM NEROCA FC vs Aizawl FCKalyani Municipal Stadium1-3
17-Nov-2304:30 PMAizawl FC vs Delhi FCRG Stadium1-5
17-Nov-2307:00 PM Churchill Brothers vs Inter KashiTilak Maidan1-2
18-Nov-2304:30 PMNEROCA FC vs Namdhari SAKalyani Municipal Stadium2-1
18-Nov-2307:00 PM Rajasthan United FC vs Mohammedan SCDeccan Arena1-2
19-Nov-2304:30 PMTRAU FC vs Sreenidi Deccan FCKalyani Municipal Stadium0-5
19-Nov-2307:00 PM Shillong Lajong FC vs Gokulam Kerala FCSSA Stadium3-1
21-Nov-2302:00 PMInter Kashi vs Mohammedan SCEkana Arena0-2
21-Nov-2307:00 PM Aizawl FC vs Namdhari SARG Stadium3-0
22-Nov-2304:30 PMShillong Lajong FC vs Delhi FCSSA Stadium2-1
22-Nov-2307:00 PM Churchill Brothers vs TRAU FCTilak Maidan4-0
23-Nov-2304:30 PMNEROCA FC vs Real Kashmir FCKalyani Municipal Stadium0-4
23-Nov-2307:00 PM Rajasthan United FC vs Sreenidi Deccan FCDeccan Arena1-2
25-Nov-2307:00 PM Shillong Lajong FC vs TRAU FCSSA Stadium2-1
26-Nov-2302:00 PMNamdhari SA vs Sreenidi Deccan FCNamdhari Stadium2-0
26-Nov-2307:00 PM Gokulam Kerala FC vs Churchill BrothersEMS Corporation Stadium1-1
27-Nov-2302:00 PMDelhi FC vs NEROCA FCNamdhari Stadium3-4
28-Nov-2302:00 PMReal Kashmir FC vs Inter KashiTRC Football Turf4-0
28-Nov-2307:00 PM Rajasthan United FC vs Aizawl FCDeccan Arena2-2
01-Dec-2302:00 PMDelhi FC vs Churchill Brothers FC GoaNamdhari Stadium2-1
01-Dec-2307:00 PM NEROCA FC vs Inter KashiKalyani Municipal Stadium1-3
02-Dec-2302:00 PMReal Kashmir FC vs Aizawl FCTRC Football Turf0-0
02-Dec-2307:00 PM Gokulam Kerala FC vs Namdhari SAEMS Corporation Stadium2-2
03-Dec-2304:30 PMRajasthan United FC vs Shillong Lajong FCDeccan Arena1-1
03-Dec-2307:00 PM Mohammedan SC vs Sreenidi Deccan FCNaihati Bankimanjali Stadium2-1
05-Dec-2302:00 PMNamdhari SA vs Delhi FCNamdhari Stadium1-2
06-Dec-2304:30 PMRajasthan United FC vs Inter KashiDeccan Arena
06-Dec-2307:00 PM Shillong Lajong FC vs Churchill BrothersSSA Stadium
07-Dec-2302:00 PMReal Kashmir FC vs Sreenidi Deccan FCTRC Football Turf
07-Dec-2307:00 PM TRAU FC vs Aizawl FCKalyani Municipal Stadium
08-Dec-2307:00 PM Mohammedan SC vs Gokulam Kerala FCNaihati Bankimanjali Stadium
09-Dec-2307:00 PM Churchill Brothers vs NEROCA FCTilak Maidan
10-Dec-2304:30 PMTRAU FC vs Inter KashiKalyani Municipal Stadium
10-Dec-2307:00 PM Shillong Lajong FC vs Aizawl FCSSA Stadium
11-Dec-2302:00 PMReal Kashmir FC vs Gokulam Kerala FCTRC Football Turf
11-Dec-2307:00 PM Sreenidi Deccan FC vs Delhi FCDeccan Arena
13-Dec-2302:00 PMNamdhari SA vs Mohammedan SCNamdhari Stadium
15-Dec-2302:00 PMInter Kashi vs Delhi FCEkana Arena
15-Dec-2307:00 PM NEROCA FC vs Rajasthan United FCKalyani Municipal Stadium
16-Dec-2302:00 PMReal Kashmir FC vs Shillong Lajong FCTRC Football Turf
16-Dec-2307:00 PM Aizawl FC vs Gokulam Kerala FCRG Stadium
17-Dec-2304:30 PMTRAU FC vs Namdhari SAKalyani Municipal Stadium
17-Dec-2307:00 PM Churchill Brothers vs Mohammedan SCTilak Maidan
19-Dec-2307:00 PM Sreenidi Deccan FC vs Gokulam Kerala FCDeccan Arena
21-Dec-2307:00 PM Aizawl FC vs Inter KashiRG Stadium
22-Dec-2307:00 PM Rajasthan United FC vs TRAU FCDeccan Arena
23-Dec-2307:00 PM Shillong Lajong FC vs Namdhari SASSA Stadium
24-Dec-2302:00 PMDelhi FC vs Real Kashmir FCNamdhari Stadium
24-Dec-2307:00 PMMohammedan SC vs NEROCA FCNaihati Bankimanjali Stadium

2023-24 I-League Points Table

1Mohammedan Sporting Club7610175+1219
2Sreenidi Deccan FC8512218+1316
3Real Kashmir FC7412124+813
4Delhi FC84131915413
5Shillong Lajong FC7340128+413
6Gokulam Kerala FC7331179+812
7Aizawl FC 73221211+111
8Inter Kashi 73131216-410
9Churchill Brothers7223108+28
10Neroca FC82151023-137
11Rajasthan United FC81251018-85
12Namdhari FC8125715-85
13Tiddim Road Athletic Union (TRAU)7016221-191

I-League 2023-24 Schedule Overview

EventHero I-League 2023-24
League2nd Tire Football
Edition17th season
Start Date28 October 2023
End DateApril 2024
Organizing BodyAll India Football Federation
I-League Official WebsiteClick Here

2023-24 I-League Teams

This edition of the ILeague 2023-24 Schedule features a list of 13 participating teams. Nine of them have continued from the previous season, two have secured promotion from the 2022–23 I-League 2 (Delhi FC and Shillong Lajong FC), and two have entered directly (Inter Kashi and Namdhari FC).

I-League 2023-24 Schedule: The following table provides a list of the I-League clubs 2023-24 and their respective home venues.

2023-24 I-League Standings

Aizawl FCRajiv Gandhi Stadium, Aizawl 20,000
Churchill BrothersTilak Maidan, Goa 5,000
Delhi FCNamdhari Stadium 1,000
Gokulam KeralaEMS Stadium, Kerala 50,000
Mohammedan SCNaihati Stadium, West Bengal 20,000
NEROCA FCKalyani Stadium, West Bengal 20,000
Rajasthan United FCDeccan Arena 1,500
TRAU FCKalyani Stadium, West Bengal20,000
Shillong Lajong FCSSA Stadium 5,000
Inter KashiEkana Football Stadium 2,000
Namdhari FCNamdhari Stadium1,000
Real KashmirTRC Turf Ground, J & K 11,000
Sreenidi Deccan FCDeccan Arena1,500

2023-24 I-League Results

2024 I-League’s schedule: Stay tune to our website for the season 2023-24 I-League Match Results.

Note: Check the top most ILeague table for the scores.

2023-24 I-League Live Telecast

I-League 2023-24 Schedule Broadcasting Partner: DD Sport

2023-24 I-League Annual Awards

We’ll complete this section of the article once the tournament concludes because the award winners are determined only after the tournament has ended.

  • Hero of the League
  • Golden Boot
  • Golden Glove

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FAQs on I-League 2023-24 Schedule

1. When is 2023-24 I League Start date?

The group stage of the 17th edition of ILeague 2023-24 is starting from 28 October and will run till 24 December, 2023. There are a total of 13 teams in I League.

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