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Bodoland Paragliding | Paragliding in Kokrajhar Details

Last updated on August 25th, 2023 at 11:45 am

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush adventure sport in Bodoland then Kokrajhar has one waiting for you – Paragliding. If you want to experience the paragliding then welcome to the Bodoland Paragliding.

Paragliding Kokrajhar | Paragliding Bodoland | Paragliding BTR

Yes, Kokrajhar – a city of peace, the Headquarters of the BTC government, and a district of the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) have now added a new adventure sport for the local youths, tourists, and paraglider competitors.

Paragliding in Kokrajhar is one of the adventure tourism in Assam.

Kokrajhar Paragliding History

Many people would still wonder How and when was Paragliding started in Kokrajhar?

The Tourism department of the BTC govt started paragliding adventure sports from 2013 onwards. It was first started as an adventure sports activity at the Baukhungri festival in 2013. People loved it. Since then, the BTC administration has started looking for paragliding places in Bodoland. Finally, they found one near Kokrajhar town.

Please don’t get confused when you hear Kokrajhar paragliding, Bodoland Territorial Region paragliding, or Bodolang paragliding; they are all the same. However, the Bodoland paragliding venue is in the Kokrajhar district since Kokrajhar is part of districts of the BTR region, also known as Bodoland (unofficially).

Kokrajhar Paragliding Location / Address / Map

The Bodoland paragliding is located in Dangdufur hills in the middle of the Chakrashilla Wildlife Sanctuary. Paragliders can enjoy the scenic beauty of the hill and sanctuary.

Exact Address/Location:

Onthai Gufur, Dangdhufur Hill, Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary, Kokrajhar, BTR, Assam.


We’ll update the map of the Kokrajhar paragliding location soon.

Commercial Paragliding in Kokrajhar

Under the sports and recreation, the BTC tourism department has started the paragliding adventure sport. Paragliding in Kokrajhar is open to the public. Anyone interested in Paragliding can visit the paragliding spot and enjoy the same.

Paragliding Fees

The public/visitors need to pay the fee set by the Paragliding office.

Paragliding Age

Since Paragliding is an adventure sport, there should be a minimum and maximum age to participate. Sometimes paragliding gets risky, and gliding at a high altitude won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

Paragliding Height Limit

Updating soon.

Best Time to Visit

There is a day and time for paragliding. The weather needs to support the same. So the best time to visit the Kokrajahr paragliding is from November to February, during the winter.

Booking | Packages | Rate (Fees)

Booking: The booking, you may be able to do at the Location.


  1. Rs 1500 / per person for a paragliding flight.
  2. It also includes a Polaris ATV ride from Pickup point to TakeOff location,
  3. HD video recording by Action Camera for paragliding flight
  4. Flight Duration: 5 – 15 minutes

Note: Weight limits up to 75Kgs, depending on wind conditions.

  1. Rs 500/- per person for Sightseeing to the Top Hill View Point.
  2. It also includes a Polaris ATV ride from Pickup Point to View Point

Note: T&C applicable. All Packages & Rates are subject to change.

Paragliding Course

People who want to paraglide but are not aware of how to paraglide or are afraid of it then don’t worry. Bodoland paragliding offers paragliding courses to interested individuals.

1st Bodoland International Paragliding Accuracy Championship

The Tourism department of the BTC govt organized the 1st Bodoland International Paragliding Accuracy Championship in 2019 to promote the adventure tourism and sporting area in the BTR region.

The championship competition was a four-day paragliding event held at Dangdupur hill in Assam’s Kokrajhar district from 11 Nov 219. Total 11 countries participated in the event, including India. 68 participants from these countries participated and presented their paragliding skills, out of which 46 were Indians, and the rest 22 were foreigners from the below countries:

  1. Indonesia – 6
  2. China – 5
  3. Korea – 5
  4. Nepal – 4
  5. Japan – 1
  6. Taiwan – 1

Out of 22 foreign participants, 18 were males, and 4 were females. Indonesian paragliders in both male and female categories won the competition.

Male Winner List

In the First Bodoland International Paragliding Accuracy Championship 2019, In the male category, the competition winners list is shared below:

  1. Jafro Megawanto of Indonesia bagged the first spot.
  2. China Yong Wu of China bagged the second spot.
  3. Ardiansyah Mega Putra of Indonesia bagged the third spot.
Male Winner List of 1st Bodoland International Paragliding Accuracy Championship 2019 | Image source:

Female Winner List

And in the female category, the competiton winners list is shared below:

  1. Rika Winjanti from Indonesia bagged the first spot.
  2. Gita Ringki Yauniti from Indonesia bagged the second spot.
  3. Jinhee from Korea bagged the third spot.
Female Winner List of 1st Bodoland International Paragliding Accuracy Championship 2019 | Image Source:

Bodoland International Paragliding Accuracy Championship 2022

The 2nd and 3rd Bodolang paragliding competition, supposed to be held in 2020 and 2021, was canceled because of the COVID situation. Now the situation has improved a lot. We are hoping that the upcoming paragliding competition will be happening this year.

How to Reach Bodoland Paragliding?

The nearest airport from Bodoland is Rupsi Airpot in Kokrajhar. Still, limited flights land here, so you will need to opt for the second nearest airport, i.e., Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati.

By Road: From Guwahati, you can go on a long drive to Kokrajhar town. Guwahati to Kokrajhar distance is 225 KM via highway NH 27.

By Train: Many trains run from Guwahati to Kokrajhar town. You can travel in one of them to reach Kokrajhar.

Bodoland Paragliding News

All the latest news relating to the paragliding in Kokrajhar, BTR Assam, will be updated here.

FAQ of Bodoland Paragliding

Any questions regarding the Bodolang Paragliding will be updated here for your reference.

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