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ABSU President List 2023: Full List of ABSU President and General Secretary

ABSU President List 2023: This article presents a comprehensive list of executive members of ABSU, which encompasses the president and general secretaries. It offers a detailed overview of their respective portfolios and the responsibilities they undertake within the organization.

About ABSU | All Bodo Students’ Union

The All Bodo Students’ Union (ABSU) was established on February 15, 1967, in the Bodoland region of Assam, India, as a non-political student organization. Initially associated with the Bodo Sahitya Sabha (Bodo Literary Society), ABSU’s formation was inspired by the idea of an all India level students’ union after the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s statement about recognizing Assam based on a federal structure.

In 1986, when Upendra Nath Brahma became president, ABSU became actively involved in a political movement, demanding a separate state called Bodoland for tribal communities residing on the North Bank of River Brahmaputra in Assam, citing years of exploitation by ruling Assamese communities in the post-colonial era.

ABSU Overview

Organization All Bodo Students’ Union
Formation 15 February 1967
TypeStudent Organization
Bodoदुलाराय बर’ फरायसा आफाद (Dularai Boro Poraisa Afad)

ABSU President List 2023

The article includes the names of ABSU Executive Members List from 1967 to 2023, with responsibilities assigned according to their competence and skills. You can find the complete list of members, along with the ABSU President and General Secretary for 2023 here:

ABSU President List 1967-2023

Sl. NoPhotoNameLocationPortfolioPeriod
1Baneswar BasumataryBaneswar BasumataryBaksaPresident 1967-72
2Damrudhar BrahmaDamrudhar BrahmaKokrajharPresident1972-74
3Abhiram BoroAbhiram Boro BaksaPresident 1974-76
4Gobinda BasumataryGobinda Basumatary Chirang1. General Secretary
2. President
1. 1974-76
2. 1976-79
5Santola BasumatarySantola Basumatary Chirang President 1979-81
6Dipak Kr. BasumataryDipak Kr. Basumatary BaksaPresident1981-83
7Karendra BasumataryKarendra BasumataryUdalguriPresident1983-86
8Sansuma Khungur BwisumuthiarySansuma Khungur Bwiswmuthiary
Chirang1. General Secretary
2. President
1. 1983-86
2. 1990-1193
9Upendranath BrahmaUpendra Nath BrahmaKokrajharPresident1986-1990
10Garla Bata BasumataryGarla Bata Basumatary KokrajharPresident1993-1995
11Jwhwlao-Swmbla-Basumatary-Death-Swmbla BasumataryChirangPresident1995-96
12Urkhao Gwra BrahmaKokrajharPresident1996-2001
13Rabiram NarzaryRabiram NarzaryKokrajharPresident2001-2005
14MP Rwngwra Rajya Sabha from AssamRwngwra NarzaryChirang1. General Secretary
2. President
1. 2003-2005
2. 2005-2009
15BTC Chief Pramod BoroPramod Boro (BTR CEM at present)BaksaPresident2009-2020
16Dipen BoroDipen Boro UdalguriPresident2020-present

ABSU General Secretary List

Sl. NoPhotoNameLocationPortfolioPeriod
1Kankeswar NarzaryKankeswar Narzary KokrajharGeneral Secretary 1967-72
2Rajendranath BrahmaRajendra Nath BrahmaKokrajharGeneral Secretary1972-74
3Gobinda BasumataryGobinda BasumataryChirang1. General Secretary
2. President
1. 1974-76
2. 1976-79
4Premsing BrahmaPremsing BrahmaChirangGeneral Secretary1976-79
5Parmeswar BrahmaParmeswar BrahmaKokrajharGeneral Secretary1979-81
6Rajen KakhlaryRajen KhakhlaryBaksaGeneral Secretary1981-1983
7Sansuma Khungur BwisumuthiarySansuma Khungur Bwiswmuthiary Chirang1. General Secretary
2. President
1. 1983-1986
2. 1990-1193
8Rabiram BrahmaRabiram BrahmaUdalguriGeneral Secretary1993-1995
9Moheswar BasumataryMoheswar BasumataryUdalguriGeneral Secretary1993-1995
10Imanual MwshaharyImanual Mwchahary BaksaGeneral Secretary1995-1996
11Nathuram BoroNaturam BoroUdalguriGeneral Secretary1997-2001
12Lwmsrao DaimaryLwmsrao DaimaryUdalguriGeneral Secretary2001-2003
13MP Rwngwra Rajya Sabha from AssamRwngwra NarzaryChirang1. General Secretary
2. President
1. 2003-2005
2. 2005-2009
14Gautham MushaharyGautom MushaharyKokrajharGeneral Secretary2005-2009
15Jiron BasumataryJiron Basumatary KokrajharGeneral Secretary2009-2013
16Romio NarzaryRomio NarzaryGolaghatGeneral Secretary2013-2015
17Lawrence IslaryLawrence IslaryKokrajharGeneral Secretary2015-2020
18Khanindra BasumataryKhanindra Basumatary ChirangGeneral Secretary2020-Present

List of M.L.A.s and M.P.s elected in the 1991 General Election, supported by ABSU-BPAC

Sl. NoPhotoName
1Karen BasumataryKaren Basumatary
2Jeu Ram BoroJeu Ram Boro
3Parameswar BrahmaParameswar Brahma
4Pramila Rani BrahmaPramila Rani Brahma
5Milon BoroMilon Boro
6Derhagra MushaharyDerhagra Mushahary
7Tojen NarzaryTojen Narzary
8Kamal BrahmaKamal Brahma
9Kiren BorgoyaryKiren Brahma
10Satyendra Nath Brahma ChoudhurySatyendra Nath Brahma Choudhury

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1. Who was the founder of ABSU?

Baneswar Basumatary was the founder and first president of the ABSU from 1967 to 1972. He established the organization on 15th February 1967.

2. Who was the first General Secretary of ABSU?

Kanakeswar Narzary was the founder General Secretary of All Bodo Students’ Union.

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