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Ranji Trophy 2024 Schedule, Groups, Teams, Fixtures, Points Table Full Details

Ranji Trophy 2024 Schedule: The 89th edition of the Ranji Trophy 2024 schedule has been officially released by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). The cricket Ranji Trophy tournament hosted in India is starting on Friday, 5 January 2024.

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2023-24 Ranji Trophy Points Table | Elite and Plate Division

2Andhra Pradesh7313+0.04126
6Uttar Pradesh7106+0.75214

1Tamil Nadu7412+0.42528
1Madhya Pradesh7403+0.58632
4Jammu and Kashmir7214+0.18918
7Himachal Pradesh7142+0.94112
6Arunachal Pradesh505+0.3000

Updated on 20 Feb (11:19 AM): We’ve updated the Ranji Trophy points table 2024 of the matches played on 16 February.

Elite Division Ranji Trophy 2024 Fixtures

Group Stage

Elite Division Ranji Trophy 2024 Scheduled Fixtures

#Date2024 Ranji Trophy MatchesResult
105-08 JanSaurashtra vs JharkhandMatch drawn
205- 08JanMaharashtra vs ManipurMAH won by an innings and 69 runs
305-08 JanHaryana vs RajasthanMatch drawn
405-08 JanVidarbha vs ServicesVID won by 7 wickets
505-08 JanAndhra vs BengalMatch drawn
605-08 JanBihar vs MumbaiMUM won by an innings and 51 runs
705-08 JanKerala vs Uttar PradeshMatch drawn
805-08 JanChhattisgarh vs AssamCHA won by 10 wickets
905-08 JanKarnataka vs PunjabKAR won by 7 wickets
1005-08 JanChandigarh vs RailwaysCHN trail by 132 runs
1105-08 JanGujarat vs Tamil NaduGCC won by 111 runs
1205-08 JanTripura vs GoaTRI won by 237 runs
1305-08 JanUttarakhand vs Madhya PradeshMatch drawn
1405-08 JanJ&K vs Himachal PradeshMatch drawn
1505-08 JanBaroda vs OdishaBAR won by 147 runs
1605-08 JanDelhi vs PondicherryPUD won by 9 wickets
1712-15 JanSaurashtra vs HaryanaHAR won by 4 wkts
1812-15 JanMaharashtra vs JharkhandMatch drawn
1912-15 JanServices vs RajasthanMatch drawn
2012-15 JanManipur vs VidarbhaVID won by an innings and 90 runs
2112-15 JanUttar Pradesh vs BengalMatch drawn
2212-15 JanMumbai vs AndhraMUM won by 10 wkts
2312-15 JanAssam vs KeralaMatch drawn
2412-15 JanBihar vs ChhattisgarhMatch drawn
2512-15 JanGujarat vs KarnatakaGUJ won by 6 runs
2612-15 JanPunjab vs RailwaysMatch drawn
2712-15 JanTripura vs Tamil NaduMatch drawn
2812-15 JanGoa vs ChandigarhMatch drawn
2912-15 JanMadhya Pradesh vs OdishaMatch drawn
3012-15 JanHimachal Pradesh vs UttarakhandUTT won by 88 runs
3112-15 JanBaroda vs PondicherryBAR won by 98 runs
3212-15 JanJ&K vs DelhiMatch drawn
3319-22 JanVidarbha vs SaurashtraSAU won by 238 runs
3419-22 JanServices vs JharkhandMatch drawn
3519-22 JanRajasthan vs MaharashtraRAJ won by 10 wkts
3619-22 JanManipur vs HaryanaHAR won by an innings and 338 runs
3719-22 JanBengal vs ChhattisgarhMatch drawn
3819-22 JanAssam vs AndhraAP won by 172 runs
3919-22 JanKerala vs MumbaiMUM won by 232 runs
4019-22 JanUttar Pradesh vs BiharMatch drawn
4119-22 JanKarnataka vs GoaMatch drawn
4219-22 JanPunjab vs TripuraMatch drawn
4319-22 JanTamil Nadu vs RailwaysTN won by an innings and 129 runs
4419-22 JanChandigarh vs GujaratMatch drawn
4519-22 JanMadhya Pradesh vs DelhiMP won by 86 runs
4619-22 JanUttarakhand vs PuducherryPUD won by 55 runs
4719-22 JanHimachal Pradesh vs BarodaBAR won by an innings and 18 runs
4819-22 JanOdisha vs J&KJ&K won by 2 wkts
4926-29 JanServices vs SaurashtraMatch drawn
5026-29 JanJharkhand vs VidarbhaVID won by 308 runs
5126-29 JanHaryana vs MaharashtraMatch drawn
5226-29 JanManipur vs RajasthanRAJ won by an innings and 42 runs
5326-29 JanAssam vs BengalBEN won by an innings and 162 runs
5426-29 JanChhattisgarh vs AndhraAndhra won by 126 runs
5526-29 JanMumbai vs Uttar PradeshUP won by 2 wkts
5626-29 JanBihar vs KeralaMatch drawn
5726-29 JanTripura vs KarnatakaKAR won by 29 runs
5826-29 JanGoa vs PunjabPUN won by 6 wkts
5926-29 JanRailways vs GujaratRAI won by 184 runs
6026-29 JanTamil Nadu vs ChandigarhTN won by an innings and 293 runs
6126-29 JanPondicherry vs Madhya PradeshMP won by 319 runs
6226-29 JanDelhi vs UttarakhandDelhi won by 7 runs
6326-29 JanOdisha vs Himachal PradeshOdisha won by 238 runs
6426-29 JanBaroda vs J&KMatch drawn
6502-05 FebMaharashtra vs SaurashtraSAU won by 48 runs
6602-05 FebJharkhand vs ManipurJHA won by an innings and 102 runs
6702-05 FebRajasthan vs VidarbhaMatch drawn
6802-05 FebHaryana vs ServicesSER won by 1 run
6902-05 FebBengal vs MumbaiMUM won by an innings and 4 runs
7002-05 FebBihar vs AndhraAP won by an innings and 157 runs
7102-05 FebChhattisgarh vs KerelaMatch drawn
7202-05 FebUttar Pradesh vs AssamMatch drawn
7302-05 FebRailways vs KarnatakaKAR won by 1 wicket
7402-05 FebChandigarh vs PunjabMatch drawn
7502-05 FebGoa vs Tamil NaduTN won by 7 wickets
7602-05 FebGujarat vs TripuraTRI won by 156 runs
7702-05 FebHimachal Pradesh vs Madhya PradeshMatch drawn
7802-05 FebJ&K vs UttarakhandMatch drawn
7902-05 FebDelhi vs BarodaMatch drawn
8002-05 FebOdisha vs PondicherryMatch drawn
8109-12 FebRajasthan vs SaurashtraSAU won by 218 runs
8209-12 FebJharkhand vs HaryanaHAR won by an innings and 205 runs
8309-12 FebMaharashtra vs VidarbhaVID won by 10 wickets
8409-12 FebManipur vs ServicesSER won by an innings and 196 runs
8509-12 FebKerela vs BengalKER won by 109 runs
8609-12 FebAndhra vs Uttar PradeshMatch drawn
8709-12 FebChhattisgarh vs MumbaiMatch drawn
8809-12 FebAssam vs BiharASM won by 9 wickets
8909-12 FebTamil Nadu vs KarnatakaMatch drawn
9009-12 FebPunjab vs GujaratGT won by 6 wickets (1 ball left)
9109-12 FebRailways vs GoaRAI won by 63 runs
9209-12 FebChandigarh vs TripuraMatch drawn
9309 -12 FebMadhya Pradesh vs BarodaMP won by an innings and 52 runs
9409-12 FebOdisha vs UttarakhandUT won by 162 runs
9509-12 FebHimachal Pradesh vs DelhiDEL won by 76 runs
9609-12 FebPondicherry vs J&KJ&K won by 19 runs
9716-19 FebSaurashtra vs ManipurSAU won by an innings and 243 runs
9816-19 FebJharkhand vs RajasthanJHA won by 89 runs
9916-19 FebServices vs MaharashtraMatch drawn
10016-19 FebVidarbha vs HaryanaVID won by 115 runs
10116-19 FebBengal vs BiharBEN won by an innings and 204 runs
10216-19 FebAndhra vs KeralaMatch drawn
10316-19 FebMumbai vs AssamMUM won by an innings and 80 runs
10416-19 FebUttar Pradesh vs ChhattisgarhMatch drawn
10516-19 FebKarnataka vs ChandigarhMatch drawn
10616-19 FebTamil Nadu vs PunjabTN won by 9 wickets
10716-19 FebTripura vs RailwaysRAI won by 5 wickets
10816-19 FebGoa vs GujaratGUJ won by 7 wickets
10916-19 FebMadhya Pradesh vs J&KMP won by 256 runs
11016-19 FebUttarakhand vs BarodaMatch drawn
11116-19 FebPondicherry vs Himachal PradeshHP won by an innings and 63 runs
11216-19 FebDelhi vs OdishaDEL won by 7 wickets
Note: All the matches are scheduled for 2024, timing 9:30 AM IST.

Ranji Trophy Quarter Final Matches

113QF 123-27 FebVidarbha vs Karnataka
114QF 223-27 FebMumbai vs Baroda
115QF 323-27 FebTamil Nadu vs Saurashtra
116QF 423-27 FebMadhya Pradesh vs Andhra
Note: All the matches are scheduled for 2024, timing 9:30 AM IST.

Ranji Trophy Semi-Final Matches

117SF 102-06 MarWinner Of QF 1 vs Winner Of QF 4
118SF 202-06 MarWinner Of QF 2 vs Winner Of QF 3
Note: All the matches are scheduled for 2024, timing 9:30 AM IST.

2023-24 Ranji Trophy Final Match

11910-14 Mar Winner Of SF 1 vs Winner Of SF 2
Note: All the matches are scheduled for 2024, timing 9:30 AM IST.

Plate Division Ranji Trophy 2024 Fixtures

Plate Division Ranji Trophy 2024 Scheduled Fixtures

105-08 JanNagaland vs HyderabadHYD won by an innings and 194 runs
205-08 JanArunachal Pradesh vs MeghalayaMEG won by an innings and 172 runs
305-08 JanMizoram vs SikkimSIK won by 4 wickets
412-15 JanArunachal Pradesh vs SikkimSIK won by an innings and 288 runs
512-15 JanMeghalaya vs HyderabadHYD won by an innings and 81 runs
612-15 JanMizoram vs NagalandMatch drawn
719-22 JanMeghalaya vs NagalandMEG won by an innings and 128 runs
819-22 JanHyderabad vs SikkimHYD won by an innings and 198 runs
919-22 JanArunachal Pradesh vs MizoramMIZ won by 8 wkts
1026-29 JanSikkim vs NagalandNAG won by 7 wkts
1126-29 JanHyderabad vs Arunachal PradeshHYD won by an innings and 187 runs
1226-29 JanMizoram vs MeghalayaMIZ won by 191 runs
1302-05 FebNagaland vs Arunachal PradeshNAG won by an innings and 38 runs
1402-05 FebHyderabad vs MizoramHYD won by an innings and 73 runs
1502-05 FebSikkim vs MeghalayaMEG won by 6 wickets
1609-12 FebHyderabad vs NagalandHYD won by an innings and 68 runs
1709-12 FebMizoram vs MeghalayaMEG won by 6 wkts
1817-21 FebHyderabad vs MeghalayaHYD won by 5 wickets
Note: All the matches are scheduled for 2024, timing 9:30 AM IST.

Ranji Trophy 2024 Schedule

Ranji Trophy 2024 Schedule: The Ranji Trophy, a premier domestic cricket competition is also known as IDFC First Bank Ranji Trophy because of sponsorship reason. The tournament will kick off on January 5, 2024, and will conclude on March 14, 2024, spanning 70 days.

Ranji Trophy Divisions:

Ranji Trophy 2024 Schedule

The Cricket Ranji Trophy 2024 is divided into two main divisions:

The 89th edition will feature 38 teams from across India, distributed into four Elite Groups of 8 teams each and a Plate Group with 6 teams. The 32 elite teams are grouped into four groups (A,B,C, & D), while the six plate teams form a single group (E).

The last group phase fixtures of elite division are on February 16, 2023, followed by the Plate final the next day.

The Elite team quarter-finals are scheduled for February 23, ahead of the semis on March 2. The winners of the semi-finalists will then compete for the Ranji Trophy championship title on March 14.

In the Ranji Trophy knockout stage, Elite and Plate teams will remain distinct, with no merging, as observed in limited-overs tournaments.

2023-24 Ranji Trophy Matches: The teams within the Elite Group will compete in 7 league-stage matches each, with two teams from each group advances to the Quarterfinals. The Plate Group’s six teams, on the other hand, will compete in five league-stage matches each, and the top four will move on to the semi-finals. Altogether, the Ranji Trophy’s Elite and Plate divisions will feature a total of 137 First-class cricket matches.

Ranji Trophy 2024-25 venue: The Ranji Trophy 2024 knockout venues are yet to be revealed.

Ranji Trophy 2024 Schedule Overview

TournamentRanji Trophy 2024
GroupsEilte Group and Plate Group
CategoryMens Senior
Season89th edition
First Edition1934–35
Start Date5 January 2024
End Date14 March 2024
AdministratorBoard of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)
Cricket formatFirst-class cricket (Test Match)
SponsorIDFC First Bank

2023-24 Ranji Trophy Divisions | Elite and Plate Division

Ranji Trophy Format

What is the format of Elite and Plate Division in Ranji Trophy?

The Elite Division, with 32 teams, is higher up than the Plate Division, which has 6 teams. If a team makes it to the finals in the Plate Division, they move up to the Elite Division for the next round. The teams might go down from Elite to Plate based on how well they perform.

The team that wins the Elite Division is the Ranji Trophy winner for that round. Also, it’s important to note that teams from elite and plate divisions don’t merge together during the knockout stages.

Elite Teams Ranji Trophy 2024

The first tier in the Ranji Trophy is the Elite Division. This division is organized into four groups, each comprising eight teams. Across these groups, teams participate in a total of 10 matches, covering seven league games, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the grand final.

Securing victory in the Elite Division makes a team as the overall Ranji Trophy winner. However, the two teams with the lowest standings from each of the four Elite Divisions face demotion to the Plate Division. For a detailed breakdown, check the lists of teams in their respective groups provided below:

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
1. Saurashtra
2. Jharkhand
3. Maharashtra
4. Rajasthan
5. Vidarbha
6. Haryana
7. Services
8. Manipur
9. Bengal
10. Andhra
11. Mumbai
12. Kerala
13. Chhattisgarh
14. Uttar Pradesh
15. Assam
16. Bihar
17. Karnataka
18. Punjab
19. Railways
20. Tamil Nadu
21. Goa
22. Gujarat
23. Tripura
24. Chandigarh
25. Madhya Pradesh
26. Uttarakhand
27. Himachal Pradesh
28. Baroda
29. Delhi
30. Odisha
31. Pondicherry
32. Jammu and Kashmir

Plate Teams Ranji Trophy 2024

The Plate Division is the second tier of the Ranji Trophy, which consists of a single group with 6 teams. Each team in this division plays 5 league-stage matches, and the top four teams advance to the Semifinals.

The two teams that make it to the finals get promoted to the Elite Division for the next session. Here’s a list of the teams and their groups in the Plate Division:

Group E– Nagaland, Hyderabad, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh.

How teams are grouped in their respective divisions?

Ranji Trophy comprises of 38 teams from 28 different states and 8 union territories of India. The position of the teams vary every year in Elite and Plate Division according to their respective performance. Teams with extraordinary performance get promoted to Elite Division and demoted to Plate Division for poor performances. The teams are being grouped as follows :

Elite Group A: Winners, Quarterfinal loser Rank 4, Elite Rank 9, 16, 17, 24, 25 and Plate Rank 2.

Elite Group B: Runners-up, Quarterfinal loser Rank 3, Elite Rank 10, 15, 18, 23, 26 and Plate Rank 1.

Elite Group C: Semi Final loser Rank 1, Quarterfinal loser Rank 2, Elite Rank 11, 14, 19, 22, 27, 30.

Elite Group D: Semi Final loser Rank 2, Quarterfinal loser Rank 1. Elite Rank 12, 13, 20, 21, 28, 29.

Plate Group: Elite Rank 31, 32. Plate Rank 3, 4, 5, 6.

2024 Ranji Trophy Winner

The Ranji Trophy 2024 Final will be held on March 10 till 14 March 2024.

Ranji Trophy 2023-24 Winner: Saurashtra claimed the Ranji Trophy 2022-23 Champions title by defeating Bengal with 9 wickets.

2023-24 Ranji Trophy Live Broadcast Details

Sports 18 is the official broadcaster, and Jio Cinema is the official digital streaming partner for the Ranji Trophy 2024 Schedule.

Television: Sports 18

Mobile/Tablet/Laptop: JioCinema (android/IOS)

2023-24 Ranji Trophy Tickets

Ranji Trophy Tickets Price: The online platform for booking Ranji Trophy 2024 tickets is yet to be declared.

Ranji Trophy Prize Money

In the Ranji Trophy 2024 domestic season, the winners will be rewarded with Rs 5 crore, and the runners-up will receive Rs. 3 crore.

Ranji Trophy 2024 Important Links

BCCI Official WebsiteClick Here
BCCI Ranji Trophy Official WebsiteClick Here

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1. How many matches in Ranji Trophy?

There are a total of 137 matches in the Ranji Trophy 2024.

2. Which is Ranji Trophy LIVE Streaming Channel?

Sports 18 is the official broadcaster for TV, and Jio Cinema is the official digital partner for streaming the Ranji Trophy 2023-24.

3. Who is Ranji Trophy named after?

The Cricket Championship of India which was founded in 1934 was renamed after Ranjitsinhji in 1935, the first Indian who played international cricket for England from 1896-1902.

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