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Bodo People Celebrates Bodo Literary Day on 16 Nov 2023

Bodo Literary Day 2023: The 71st Bodo Literature Day | Bodo Thunlai Saan is being observed in different parts of Assam and different parts of the India (by the Bodo people) to mark the foundation day of Bodo Sahitya Sabha on Thursday 16 Nov 2023.

Bodo Literary Day 2023 Celebration

Today Bodo people, organisations, and the BTR government will celebrate the Bodo Literary day/Bodo Literature Day in their respective offices, institutions, and colleges.

The BTR government has also declared local holiday in Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) in respect of the Bodo Thunlai San celebration. Here’s the declared holiday PDF.

About Bodo Literature Day | Bodo Thunlai San

Bodo Literary Day is very important day for the Bodo community as on this day 16 Nov, the Bodo Sahitya Sabha was formed on 16th Nov 1952 at Basugaon, Kokrajhar. Since then the 16th November is being celebrated as the “Bodo Literary Day” every year.

The Boro Sahitya Sabha was founded under the presidency and leadership of Joy Bhadra Hagjer, at Basugaon in Kokrajhar of Assam on 16 November 1952. Since then, Bodo Literature Day, or Bodo Thunlai San (बर’ थुनलाइ सान) has been celebrated on 16 November every year. The Boro Sahitya Sabha was founded for make overall development of the Bodo language, literature, and culture and to keep it free from any political ideology, communal feelings, and religious differences.

Bodo Literature Day History

After independence, a critical mass of Bodo intellectuals realized the need for the preservation of the Bodo language. Many early Bodo authors studied in schools and colleges, where the medium of instruction was either Assamese or Bengali. Bodo intellectuals felt that the Bodo language must be preserved and developed. After realizing that education is the key component to the overall development of the Bodo people and their language, Bodo people raised their demand for the use of the Roman script.

On 16 November 1962, Bodo Sahitya Sabha was formed. Since its inception in 1952, the Boro Sahitya Sabha office bearers have been working for the development of Bodo language and literature. After the prolonged struggle and determination of the Bodo Sahitya Sabha (Bodo Literary Organization), the Bodo language was introduced as a medium of instruction at the primary level in 1963 and then at the secondary level in 1968.

Roman Script Movement

Roman Script Movement was held on 15 March 1974, with a three-day long program on the occasion of the 15th Bodo Sahitya Sabha Annual Conference at Khelmati in Sonitpur District. for demanding the use of the Roman script. At least 16 Bodo people were killed in the Roman Script Movement.

After that, The Bodo language was declared an associate official language in the state of Assam in 1985. It is now being taught as a Modern Indian Language in many institutions including Gauhati University, Dibrugarh University, and Bodoland University. Bodo language was listed under the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution via the 92nd constitutional amendment 2003. There have been lots of achievements but a lot more needs to be done for the development of Bodo literature and every Bodo individual has a great role to play in this. In 2004, Bodo has been recognized as an associated state official language of Assam.

Role of Bodo Sahitya Sabha (BSS)

After its formation, BSS has been working towards the development of the Bodo language and literature, and because of Bodo Sahitya Sabha, the Bodo language was used as a medium of instruction in 1963. Before that, Bodos were forced to use Assamese script so they started a movement for Roman Script. where the 16 Bodos were killed.

In 2003 Bodo language was recognized as one of the 8th Schedule languages in India. It is one of the official languages in both Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) as well as in Assam.

Download Eight Schedule Languages of India PDF

Bodo Literature Day Flag and Symbol

Bodo Sahitya Sabha Logo

The symbol of Bodo Sahitya Sabha is also considered the symbol of Bodo Literature Day. Its symbol and emblem have their meaning and color to signify the respective meaning of the symbol used in the emblem.

BTR Govt Declared 16 November as Local Holiday

The Government of BTR has declared a local Holiday on the special occasion of “16 November” on account of Bodo Literary Day under the four districts of BTR Region.

Bodo Literary Day 2021

On the occasion of Boro Thunlai San the CEM of BTR paid tributes to Martyr Bineswr Brahma and all the other icons of Bodo language & literature.

FAQ’s About Bodo Literature Day

1. Which is the first Bodo Literature Book?

‘Jujaini or’ written by Chittaranjan Muchahary is the first Bodo Literature Book.

3. Why do Bodo people celebrate 16 November?

On 16 November 1962, Bodo Sahitya Sabha was formed, and since then 16 November has been celebrated as Bodo Literary Day.

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