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AHSEC Introduce Bodo Medium Instruction for HS Arts Stream from 2023-24

Bodo as Medium of Instruction for Arts Stream 2023-24: A new historic moment to remember for the Bodo community and all of BTR. The AHSEC officially notified the inclusion of Bodo medium of instruction for the Arts stream for 9 Arts subjects from the academic session 2023-24.

Bodo Medium of Instruction for Arts Stream

The Bodo people have reason to celebrate as the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) has officially notified to introduce BODO as the medium of instruction for Higher Secondary (HS) Arts courses from the academic session 2023-24. The new instruction is in addition to the existing medium of instruction in AHSEC.

This historic decision by the council will allow students to study their higher education in the Bodo language (the mother tongue of the Bodo people), a significant development in preserving and promoting the indigenous Bodo language. Bodo medium students (up to class 10) who wanted to pursue higher secondary in the Arts stream can now study in their mother tongue (Bodo language).

Many students who studied in Bodo medium schools till HSLC find it quite tricky in the Higher Secondary (HS), as the instruction of teaching changes to English, they need help to cope with the new teaching medium.

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List of HS Arts Subjects for Bodo Medium Instruction

The subjects included for the Bodo Medium of instruction are

  1. History
  2. Geography
  3. Education
  4. Logic & Philosophy
  5. Economics
  6. Political Science
  7. Environmental Education
  8. Mathematics
  9. Swadesh Adhyayan

Including these subjects in the Bodo language allows students to study in their mother tongue, fostering a deeper understanding and connection with the curriculum.

Institutions / Colleges Offering Bodo Medium Instruction for HS Arts

The Assam Education Minister Ranoj Pegu stated, “Institutions willing to offer a Bodo medium of instruction to students are required to intimate AHSEC immediately.”

Further, all such institutions are required to submit the list of Post Graduate Teachers (PGT) in the office of the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council, especially mentioning the subject of each Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) by 5 June 2023 without fail, on AHSEC’s mail [email protected]

We’ll soon share the list of colleges or institutions offering HS Arts in the Bodo language.

Gratitude / Thankful

We Bodopedia team, expressed gratitude to Hon’ble CM Dr Himanta Biswa Sharma, Hon’ble Minister of Education, Shri Ranoj Pegu and AHSEC for their sincere attitudes toward the preservation & promotion of the Bodo language.

Must appreciate the Bodo Sahitya Sabha (BSS), All Bodo Student Union (ABSU), BTR government, and all concerned Bodo organizations for their constant pressurizing the Government of Assam for the introduction of Bodo as the medium of instruction for a long and thankful to the stakeholders, writers, professors, teachers for their enormous contribution towards books translation.

AHSEC Bodo Medium Instruction for HS Arts Steam Notification PDF


1. When was Bodo Medium Included in AHSEC HS Arts Stream?

Assam Higher Secondary Education of Council (AHSEC) introduce Bodo medium as instruction of Higher Secondary (HS) Arts Stream from 26 May 2023 onwards. Now students can pursue an HS Arts course in the Bodo language.

2. Can you study Assam HS course in Bodo language?

Yes, you can study an HS Arts course under AHSEC institutions in the Bodo language.

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