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Helpline No. (Landline/WhatsApp) Issued for Rain & Flood Emergencies by BTR Govt for People of BTR Region

Emergencies Helpline Number for BTR People – Rain / Flood Situation: The BTR Government has recently issued a notification regarding an emergency helpline number, aimed at providing support and assistance in response to the incessant rain and flood situation in the region.

Helpline No. for Rain & Flood Emergencies | BTR Area

The four districts of Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) and its neighboring areas in Assam are currently facing heavy rainfall. This inclement weather has not only caused difficulties for the local population, but also poses a risk of extensive flooding. The potential aftermath of such flooding includes severe damage to property and agriculture, infrastructure deterioration, loss of lives and injuries, land erosion, service disruptions, and other related issues.

To address this situation, the BTR Government’s CEM’s Flood Control Room has issued a helpline number through which the citizens can seek assistance from the relevant government authorities.

  1. To prioritize your safety and ensure timely assistance, the BTR Government has established a dedicated helpline number. In case of an emergency or if immediate assistance is required, please contact the Helpline No: 01142213300.
  2. The BTR Government has also set up a WhatsApp helpline to facilitate further communication. You can reach out by sending a message to WhatsApp: 6901900989.

The experts are fully prepared to address your concerns, offer guidance, and coordinate essential relief efforts.

We encourage you to stay updated with local news channels and official announcements for the latest updates and information regarding the rain and flood situation across BTR.

This information was provided today by Pramod Boro, Chief Executive Member (CEM) of Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR).


1. What is the Landline Helpline No. of CEM’s Flood Control Room?

The landline helpline no. of CEM’s Flood Control Room is 01142213300.

2. What is the WhatsApp Helpline No. of CEM’s Flood Control Room?

The WhatsApp helpline no. of CEM’s Flood Control Room is 6901900989.

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