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Bodofa Super 50 – 16 Students Passed the APSC Mains 2023 | Now 2767 Candidates Fight Against 913 Posts

Bodofa Super 50 APSC Mains 2023 Result: Bodofa Super 50 Civil Services (UPSC) 1st batch 16 students out of 27, cleared the APSC Mains Result 2023 which was declared on 2 Nov 2023. This is indeed a great news, the number of students clearing the APSC mains from BTR region has increased a lot, all thanks to the Bodofa Super 50 Mission.

Bodofa Super 50 APSC Mains 2023 Results

The current 16 students who cleared the APSC Mains 2023 were actually the students of the 1st batch of the Bodofa Super 50 Mission – Civil Services (UPSC) 2022. In 2023, the BTR government made some changes to the format, they name the scheme after the Bodofa Upendra Nath Brahma, and added APSC coaching along with the existing UPSC coaching.

  1. Bodofa Super 50 UPSC
  2. Bodofa Super 50 APSC

So generally students who opt for the UPSC coaching too appear for the Assam PSC exams. With this the number of students clearing the APSC prelims and mains have increased a lot, especially from the Bodoland region.

Candidates of the Bodofa Super 50 Mission have cleared the APSC Mains Result 2023

Bodofa Super 50 Students Name Who Cleared APSC Mains 2023

Out of 27 who appeared, 16 brilliant candidates, from the 1st Batch of BTR Government’s flagship “Bodofa UN Brahma Super 50 Mission (Civil Services)” have cleared the UPSC Mains 2023.

Here’s the list of 16 selected candidates of APSC Mains from Bodofa Super 50 mission shared by the BTR govt.

  1. Liza Sarmah
  2. Shyam Basumatary
  3. Mukul Basumatary
  4. Pingku Brahma
  5. Musukha Brahma
  6. Bitupan Swargiary
  7. Kashyap Rabha
  8. Guneshwar Boro
  9. Fwilao Basumatary
  10. Willborn Basumatary
  11. Ganesh Ch Baro
  12. Hirak Barman
  13. Cinaisar Basumatary
  14. Anupam Das
  15. Jagrat Brahma
  16. Prasenjit Muchahary

APSC Mains Result 2023

APSC Mains Exam 2023 was conducted on 8, 9, and 10 July 2023. The most awaited APSC Mains Result 2023 has been released on 2 November 2023. This year, a total of 2,767 candidates have passed the APSC CCE Mains Exam 2023.

Among the total qualified candidates, 1,782 are male and the rest 985 candidates are female. These include 723 candidates in the OBC/MOBC category, 174 in SC, 298 in STP, 126 in STH, 51 in ex-servicemen, and 90 candidates in PwBD Category.

As per the news aired on the social media, 133 Bodo students who cleared the 2023 APSC mains exam. This is really a great achievement for the Bodo students and the Bodo community. Indeed a great number of passing students after many years. Out of 133 Bodo students, 11 are from the Bodofa Super 50 Mission.

names of 133 bodo students who cleared APSC mains 2023 result

APSC CCE Interview 2023-24

The shortlisted candidates who have passed the APSC Mains Exam 2023, need to appear in Viva Voce, which is going to be conducted from 16 November 2023 to 2 January 2024.

APSC CCE Exam 2023

This time, around 75,000 candidates had applied to appear in the preliminary examination. The examination is being held against 913 posts. For the first time, the main examination was held with no optional paper. At the same time, in both preliminary and main examinations, there was no direct question and every question was an analytical one.


1. How many candidates have cleared the APSC Mains Result 2023 from Bodofa Super 50 Mission?

A total of 16 candidates out of 27 candidates from the 1st batch of the BTR govt “Bodofa UN Brahma Super 50 Mission (Civil Services)” have cleared the APSC Mains Result 2023.

2. How many Bodo students have cleared APSC Mains 2023 Result?

A total of 133 Bodo students cleared the ASPC mains 2023.

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