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List of IITians from Bodofa Super 50 Engineering Scheme | Admission to IITs

Number of IITians from Bodofa Super 50 Engineering 2023: In the previous article, we mentioned that 12 students of the 1st batch of the Bodofa Super 50 Engineering coaching scheme cleared the JEE Advanced 2023. In this article, we’ll share the details of the admission of these students into various Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

1st Batch Result 2023

List of IITians from Bodofa Super 50 Engineering

Admission of Bodofa Super 50 Students into IITs: As per the result of the 1st round of counseling, five students from the 1st Batch (2022) Bodofa Super 50 got admitted to IIT.

Latest Number of IITians from Bodofa Super 50 Engineering 2023

Sl. No.Student NamePhotoIIT NameAdmission Year
1Danswrang NarzaryDanswrang Narzary - IIT MadrasIIT Madras2023
2Jwngsar BaroJwngsar Baro - IIT BombayIIT Bombay2023
3Nanita BasumataryNanita Basumatary - IIT DelhiIIT Delhi2023
4Glory NarzariGlory Narzari - IIT KharagpurIIT Kharagpur2023
5Mrithunjoy BasumataryMrithunjoy Basumatary - IIT KharagpurIIT Kharagpur2023

These students will now be IITians from now onwards. Thanks to the Bodofa Super 50 Mission (Engineering).

The details of the other seven students’ admission into IITs will be updated soon.

BTR Govt Notifies Students Admission to IITs

5 students of Bodofa Super 50 Engineering Now IITians - Admission into IIT colleges

How Many Super 50 Students are in IIT?

Well, the Bodoland Super 50 for Engineering was initiated last year in 2022. In the 1st Batch, 32 students enrolled their names, they all cleared the JEE Mains 2023, and 12 managed to crack the JEE Advanced 2023.

Now these 12 students are sure to get admission into various IITs nationwide. So far, we have updated the details of the five students with their IIT college names.

Bodofa Super 50 Program Fuels IIT Dreams in BTR

The Bodofa Super 50 program is a flagship project of the Govt of BTC, free residential coaching for the IIT-JEE Main & Advanced Examination. The selected 50 students will get 11 months of JEE Mains & Advanced Coaching at District Library Kokrajhar, Dimalgaon, Kokrajhar 783370.

2nd Batch 2023: In the Second Batch (2023), 175 students appeared in Bodofa Super 50 Mission (Engineering) selection test. As per the result, 50 students have been selected.

For more details, explore Bodofa Super 50 Engineering Coaching Scheme.


1. Did all Bodofa Super 50 Engineering get into IIT?

No, Among the 32 students of the 2022 1st Batch of Super 50, only 12 cleared the JEE Advanced 2023, and these 12 students will get admission into IITs.

To date, on 1 July 2023, 5 students have got admission to IIT. The details have been updated in the above article.

2. How many Super 50 Students are there in IIT?

Twelve students from the 1st Batch (2022) are in the IIT. They are right now in the process of admission. The details of the five students are already shared above in the article.

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