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Updated List of Bodoland Guest Houses in India 2023

If you want to stay at the Bodoland guest houses across India, we have a detailed list of Boroland guest houses for your reference. Bodoland govt has provided this very good accommodation facility for the public.

We have 17 guest houses/bhawans in India spread across different cities. Some states have two, and many states still don’t have one. Our government should try to have at least one guest house in every state.

Update: Two new Bodoland guest houses will be built in BTR. The BTR CEM Pramod Boro laid the foundation stone for constructing Bodoland guest houses at Kalaigaon and Mazbat, both in the Udalguri district, on 13 Feb 2023. For more details, check this FB post.

Mazbat Bodoland Guest HouseKalaigaon Bodoland Guest House
New Bodoland Guest House in MazbatNew Bodoland Guest House in Kalaigaon

These two new additions will take the number of Boroland guest houses in Udalguri to four.

The BTC council has guest houses in the BTR area (4 districts), Guwahati, Siliguri, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Delhi. Though these guest houses and meant for natives of Bodoland, note that it’s quite hard for the common people to get a room in these Bodoland guest houses even if they belong to the 4 districts of the BTR. People with political connections/references and officials get easy entry to such guest houses.

For public convenience (especially Bodo tribe), we have detailed the Bodo Land guest house with the address, liaison officer name and number, and caretaker name and number. You can directly visit the guest house or call the LO or the caretaker before visiting to check room availability.

List of Bodoland Guest Houses in India

Sl. No.Bodoland Guest House NameAddressLiaison Officer (LO) Name/Contact No.Care Taker Name/Contact No.
1Bodoland Guest HouseKokrajharSmt Rita Brahma
2Bodoland Guest HouseGuwahatiSri Ramen Basumatary
Sri Ranjit Chakraborty
3Bodoland BhawanSurvey, Beltola GuwahatiSri Deepak Kr. Goyary
4Bodoland HouseKailash Colony, New DelhiSri Niranjan Mashahary
Sri Pran Kr. Narzary
5Bodoland BhawanDwarka, New DelhiSri Uraideo Brahma
Sri Nicolash Mohilary
6Bodoland HouseRajarhat, New Town, KolkataSri Deepak Deb
Molen Narzary
7Bodoland Guest HousePurasawalkam, ChennaiSri Rajib Ramchiary
8Bodoland Guest HouseBengaluruRanjit Brahma
9UNB Memorial Cultural Cetre cum Guest HouseSalugara, SiliguriSmt. Juhi Suba
10Bodoland Guest HouseBennibari, Howly, BaksaSri Deepak Kr. Goyary
11Sub-divisional Bodoland Guest HouseParbatjhoraSri Ferenga Brahma
12Sub-divisional Bodoland Guest HouseGossaigaonSri Danswrang Basumatary
13Sub-divisional Bodoland Guest HouseKajalgaonSri Neoton Basumatary
14Sub-divisional Bodoland Guest HouseMushalpur
15Sub-divisional Bodoland Guest HouseTamulpurSri Pratik Debnath
16Sub-divisional Bodoland Guest HouseUdalguriSri Rindaw Basumatary
17Sub-divisional Bodoland Guest HouseBhergaonSmt. Rani Moni Deka
18Bodoland Guest HouseMazbat (Upcoming guest house)
19Bodoland Guest HouseKaligaon (Upcoming guest house)

How to Book a Room?

Since the Bodoland guest houses are government property, you won’t find them on the online private hotel booking website/app.

To help you book rooms in the Bodoland Bhawan, we have shared the Liaison Officer and Care Taker Numbers of the respective Bhawan in the table above. You can call them and explain your reason for your visit and see if they can give you accommodation.

Common people for leisure visits won’t get the rooms easily; you may better book a private hotel.


These Bodoland bhawans or guest houses are cheaper than the regular paid hotels. The price is different in all the bhawans. But you can get it between Rs. 300-1000 (as per people’s reviews on the Internet.

Note that these guest house rooms and facilities are not luxuriously furnished; however, you get air-conditioned accommodation with a cable TV connection at a nominal price. If you are tight on budget and love staying homely, go for it.

Bodoland Guest House in BTR

The BTC government has guest houses in the district and sub-divisional levels of the BTR area. The Bodoland Territorial Region has 9 guest houses spread across the four districts – Kokrajhar, Chirang, Baksa, and Udalguri. Not including Tamulpur, as the district has been temporarily stopped from existing (for delimitation purposes) from the 1st Jan 2023; otherwise, one guest house was located there, which would now be in Baksa again.

  1. Kokrajhar district has three guest houses.
    • One in the district headquarters, Kokrajhar.
    • The second one is in the sub-division, Gossaigaon.
    • The third one is in the Parbatjhora.
  2. Chirang district has only one guest house.
    • It’s in the district headquarter, Kajalagaon.
  3. Baksa district has three guest houses.
    • One in the district headquarter, Mushalpur.
    • Second one in the Tamulpur.
    • Third one in Bennibari, Howly.
  4. Udalrui district has two guest houses.
    • One in the district headquarter, Udalguri.
    • Second one in the Bhergaon.

Why is Bodoland Guest House Needed?

Why do some people prefer Bodo land guest houses instead of hotels?

  1. Silent and homely, you’ll love the home-like stay if you are far away from your home.
  2.  It will be helpful to the Bodos and non-boros during visiting in a difficult situation with no safe space to live for students and patients for treatment.
  3.  Government meetings are often organized.
  4.  Tourist attractions as tourists and other official visitors can have accommodation for a night stay.
  5.  Used as an emporium and cultural exchange center for the benefit of the people of Bodoland and Assam.

1. Bodoland Guest House Kokrajhar

Bodoland Guest House Kokrajhar
Boroland Guest House in Kokrajhar Image (between this is the old pic), the renovation has been done. New looks will be updated soon.

Some Details:

  • Address: Jwhwlao Dwimalu Road, Kokrajhar, BTAD, 783370
  • Liaison Officer (LO): Smt Rita Brahma – 9954127366

Bodoland Guest House Kajalgaon

Bodoland Guest House Kajalgaon Chirang
The building image will be updated soon.

The Boroland guest house at Kajalgaon in Chirang district was inaugurated in 2019 (probably on 8 March) by the Hagrama-led BTC government.

As per the available info on the net, the guest house at Kajalgaon is a duplex house (G+1 = Ground + First floor). It has six rooms, including two VIP suits for the BTC chief and Deputy chief, one conference hall and a dining room.

Bodoland Guest House Guwahati

In Guwahati, there are two Bodoland guest houses, namely:

  1. Bodoland Guest House in Khanapara, Guwahati.
    • Address: National Highway 37, Resham Nagar, Khanapara, Guwahati, Assam – 781022.
  2. Bodoland Bhawan in Survey, Guwahati.

Bodoland Guest House Delhi

In Delhi, there are two Bodoland guest houses, namely:

  1. Bodoland Guest House in Kailash Colony, Delhi.
  2. Bodoland Guest House in Dwarka, Delhi

Bodoland Guest House Kolkata

In West Bengal, there are two Bodoland guest houses, one in Kolkata and another one in Siliguri.

Bodoland Guest House Kolkata is Located in New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata. It’s 12 KM from the Airport, 12 KM from Sealdah Railway Station and 20 KM from Howrah Railway Station.

It’s to be noted that Bodoland Guest House Kolkata in the biggest among all the Bodoland Guest Houses. It consists of total 11 floors,

Kolkata Bodoland Guest House Photos

Bodoland Guest House Kolkata Room Rent Price

Bodoland Guest House Kolkata Room Rent Price

Apart from the above mentioned rent, there is a special rent system for students where they will be charged only Rs. 100 per day if they opt for the dormitory room. Dormitory room is basically a room which they will share with other students.

Explore Bodoland Guest House Kolkata via Boroni Alfred Video

Bodoland Guest House Siliguri

Apart from Kolkata, there is a Bodoland Guest house in Siliguri in West Bengal state.

Name & Address:

Bodoland Guest House Siliguri AddressUpendra Nath Brahma Memorial Cultural Centre cum Guest House
Eastern By-pass, Siliguri, W/No. 42, Salugara-734008, West Bengal

Bodofa Statue on Bodoland Guest House Siliguri

Bodofa Statue Unveiled at Bodoland Guest House Siliguri by CEM Pramod Boro on 9 Feb 2021.

Bodoland Guest House Bennibari Howly Baksa

The Boroland guest house at Howly in Barpeta district was inaugurated by the ex-BTC chief Hagrama in 2018 (probably on 13 Dec 2018).

The guest house in bennibari howly is a three-storey house.

Some important info:

  1. Address:
  2. Care Taker Name: Sri Deepak Kr. Goyary
  3. Care Take Number: 97078339040
Bodofa Upendra Nath Brahma Statue was unveiled at Bodoland Guest House Bennibari, Howly
Bodofa Upendra Nath Brahma Statue was unveiled at Bodoland Guest House Bennibari, Howly in 12 Jan 2022 by the BTC chief Pramod Boro.

Other Facts

  1. Every Bodoland Guest House has a room dedicated for the CEM, Dy. CEM, CEO (Principal Secretary) and EMs of the BTR government.


1. Where can I get the contact number of Bodoland Guest House?

It is the common question people are looking at on the Internet. Luckily, we have solved that issue for you. We have updated the contact numbers of all the Baroland guest houses available across India. You can contact the caretaker number to see if the room is available and can book one for you; otherwise, you can take help from the Liaison number shared above.

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