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Check Who is Who, List of MLAs of BTR, Assam & Their Portfolio

Updated List of MLA in BTR, Assam: The Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) has five districts: Kokrajhar, Chirang, Baksa, Udalguri, and Tamulpur. The BTR is an Offical area designated to the Bodo people by the Government of India (GOI) and the Government of Assam (GOA).

Since the BTR is part of the Assam state, we’ll list out the Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) of these five districts along with their constituencies.

List of MLAs of BTR | BTR MLA List

There are 12 MLAs from the BTR region. Out of them, UPPL has the highest number of MLAs, seconded by the BPF and last by the BJP. 8 of them fall into the Kokrajhar Lok Sabha constituency, and the rest 4 of them are into the Mangaldoi Lok Sabha constituency.

Total MLAs in Bodoland Territorial Region Party Wise:

  1. UPPL = 7
  2. BPF = 3
  3. BJP = 2

Note: Previously, BPF had 4 MLAs in their hold, but during COVID-19, two MLAs (1 UPPL and 1 BPF) of died due to COVID-19. In the by-election, UPPL won both seats.

Below is the updated BTC MLA list 2022:

Sl. No.NamePhotoPolitical PartyConstituencyLA No.DistrictLok Sabha Constituency
1Jiron Basumatarymla jiron basumataryUPPLGossaigaon28KokrajharKokrajhar
2Rabiram Narzarymla rabiram narzaryBPFKokrajhar West29KokrajharKokrajhar
3Lawrence Islarymla lawrence islaryUPPLKokrajhar East30KokrajharKokrajhar
4Joyanta Basumatarymla joyanta basumataryUPPLSidli (ST)31ChirangKokrajhar
5Ajoy Kumar Roymla ajoy kumar royBJPBijni33ChirangKokrajhar
6Jolen Daimarymla ajoy kumar royUPPLTamulpur58TamulpurKokrajhar
7Bhupen Boromla bhupen boroUPPLBarama62BaksaKokrajhar
8Urkhao Gwra Brahmamla urkhao gwra brahmaUPPLChapaguri (ST)63BaksaKokrajhar
9Biswajit Daimarymla biswajit daimaryBJPPanery64UdalguriMangaldoi
10Durga Das Boromla durga das boroBPFKalaigaon65UdalguriMangaldoi
11Gobinda Ch. Basumatarymla gobinda ch. basumataryUPPLUdalguri (ST)69UdalguriMangaldoi
12Charan Boromla charan boroBPFMazbat70UdalguriMangaldoi

Also explore the BTC EM List.

Here are a few Facts about some MLAs from the BTR:

  1. MLA Urkhao Gwra Brahma is the Minister of the Assam govt. He is the Minister of the Handloom & Textlile, Soil Conservation and Welfare of Bodoland since 10 May 2021.
  2.  MLA Biswajit Daimary is the Speaker of the Assam Legislative Assembly.
  3.  MLA Gobinda Ch. Basumatary is also the Deputy CEM of the BTR government.
  4.  MLA Jiron Basumatary became MLA by winning the by-election in 2021 after MLA Majendra Narzary of the BPF party died of COVID-19 in 2021.
  5.  MLA Jolen Daimary became MLA by winning the by-election in 2021 after MLA Leho Ram Boro died of COVID-19 in 2021.


1. How many MLA are there in BTR Assam?

There are 12 MLA in BTR Assam.

2. How many constituencies are there in BTR?

For the BTC election, there are 40 constituencies in BTR.
For the MLA election, there are 12 constituencies in BTR.

3. How many MLA are there from UPPL in BTR?

There are 7 MLAs from UPPL in BTR in the Assam Govt.

4. How many MLA are there from BPF in BTR?

There are 3 MLAs from BPF in BTR in the Assam Govt.

5. How many MLA are there from BJP in BTR?

There are 2 MLAs from BJP in BTR in the Assam Govt.

6. How many MLA are there from Congress in BTR?

There are no MLA from Congress in BTR in the Assam Govt.

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