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5th Bodo Film Award 2023: Complete List of Winners

5th Bodo Film Award 2024: The 5th Bodo Film Award 2024 ceremony took place on 25 February 2024 at BGR Auditorium, Dhaligaon of Chirang (Bongaigaon) District. Monalisha Hajoary won the Best Actress trophy, and Om Prakash Kherkatary received the Best Actor award, with ‘Dakha Jwmwi’ and ‘Saikhong’ being the standout films at the Bodo Cine Awards 2023.

BCAA 5th Bodo Film Award 2023

Bodo Film Award Ceremony 2024: The Bodo Film Awards, organized by Bodo Cine Artiste Association (BCAA), is an annual event that recognizes outstanding achievements in the Bodo film industry in BTR, Assam, India. It’s the largest film award ceremony in the Bodo Film Industry.

This year, the Bodoland Territorial Region Government (BTR Government) provided financial support for the Bodoland Film Award 2024.

The ceremony took place on February 25, 2024, at the BGR Auditorium in Dhaligaon, Chirang (Bongaigaon) District. The event featured number of performances by actors, and singers.

What is BCAA?

The Bodo Cine Artiste Association (BCAA) is a major platform to celebrate success in the Bodo Film Industry. This year marks the 5th edition of the event, highlighting the growth of Bodo talent in the regional film industry.

5th Bodo Film Award Winners 2024

The winners were honored with a trophy, prize money, and a certificate. Here is the list of winners:

Sl. No.CategoryWinners
1Best FilmDakha Jwmwi
2Best DirectorJesus Kherkatary
3Best Actor (Male)Om Prakash Kherkatary
4Best Actor (Female)Monalisha Hajoary 
5Best Comedy ActorRubul Boro
6Best Music DirectorSwrangsha Basumatary
7Best Supporting Actor(Female)Leena Basumatary
8Best Short FilmAi Boro Bima
9Best Make-up-ArtistJagad Bodo
10Best singer (female) Gitashree Ramchiary

1. Best Film

Movie: Dakha Jwmwi
Director: Pankaj Lahary

2. Best Director

Name: Jesus Kherkatary
Movie (for): Saikhong

3. Best Actor (Male)

Name: Om Prakash Kherkatary
Movie (for): Saikhong 

4. Best Actor (Female)

Name: Monalisha Hajoary 
Movie (for): Dakha Jwmwi

Monalisha Hajoary 

5. Best Comedy Actor

Name: Rubul Boro
Movie (for): Dakha Jwmwi

Rubul Boro

6. Best Music Director

Name: Swrangsha Basumatary

7. Best Supporting Actor (Female)

Name: Leena Basumatary
Movie (for): Bisombi

8. Best Short Film

Movie: Ai Boro Bima

9. Best Make-up-Artist

Name: Jagad Bodo
Movie: Saikhong

10. Best singer (female) 

Name: Gitashree Ramchiary
Movie (for): Thulunga

Bodo Film Award Prize Money 2024

Bodo Film Award Category: Bodo Cine Artiste Association (BCAA) have spent Rs. 12.5 Lakh (Rs. 12,50,000) in organizing the Film Award 2023. A total of 21 awards was given in various categories including best film, best director, best actor, best actress, best lyricist, and best scripts.

Sl. No.CategoryPrize Money
1Best FilmRs. 1 Lakh
2Best DirectorRs. 1 Lakh
3Best actor (Male)Rs. 1 Lakh
4Best Actor (Female)Rs. 1 Lakh
5Best Comedy ActorRs. 50,000
6Best Villain Actor Rs. 50,000
7Best Music DirectorRs. 50,000
8Best Action DirectorRs. 50,000
9Best Choreographer of songRs. 50,000
10Best Costume DesignerRs. 50,000
11Best Supporting Actor(Male)Rs. 50,000
12Best Supporting Actor(Female)Rs. 50,000
13Best Script WriterRs. 50,000
14Best CinematographyRs. 50,000
15Best Make-up-ArtisteRs. 50,000
16Best EditorRs. 50,000
17Best Singer (Male)Rs. 50,000
18Best Singer (Female)Rs. 50,000
19Best LyricsRs. 50,000
20Best Sound EngineerRs. 50,000
21Best Short FilmRs. 50,000

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FAQ’s About Bodo Film Award 2023

1. How many Categories of Bodo Film Awards are there?

There are 21 categories in Bodo Film Awards.

2. Who won the Best actress award in 5th Bodo Film Award 2024?

Monalisha Hajoary won the best female actor award for “Dakha Jwmwi” during the 5th Bodo Film Awards ceremony 2024 on 25 February 2024 at BGR Auditorium, Dhaligaon, Chirang (Bongaigaon).

3. Who organized the Bodo Film Awards Ceremony 2024?

The Bodo Cine Artiste Association (BCAA) organized the 5th Bodo Film Awards ceremony 2024 .

4. Who won the Best actor award in 5th Bodo Film Award 2024?

Om Prakash Kherkatary won the best male actor award for “Saikhong” during the 5th Bodo Film Awards ceremony 2024 on 25 February 2024 at BGR Auditorium, Dhaligaon, Chirang (Bongaigaon).

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