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Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary Death Anniversary | Anti-Terrorism Day

Last updated on January 18th, 2024 at 11:10 am

Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary Death Anniversary 2023: Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary’s impact as a forward-thinking leader and promoter of peace is reflected in ABSU’s tribute to his legacy. The organization observes events like Anti-Terrorism Day, actively working towards a future free from violence and terrorism.

Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary | A Visionary Leader

Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary, born on March 1, 1960, was a respected leader in the Bodo community in Kokrajhar, Assam, India, known for promoting peace.

As the President of ABSU in 1995-96, he rejected the Bodo Accord and lightened the movement for a separate Bodoland state during the 28th Annual Conference from March 3rd to 5th, 1996, in Langhin Tinali, Karbi Anglong. In his role as ABSU President, he worked tirelessly to promote a democratic and non-violent society in the Bodoland region and beyond.

Unfortunately, he lost his life on July 30, 1996, when unidentified terrorists shot him at his Kokrajhar residence.

Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary Profile

Full Name Jwhwlao Swmbla Baumatary
Born01 March 1960
Died30 July 1996
Cause of DeathAssassinated
Burial PlaceJwhw Swmbla Basumatary Park, Goybari near Basugaon, Chirang District
SpouseBhanumati Basumatary

Anti-Terrorism Day

Observed ByAll Bodo Students Union (ABSU)
VenueAt Jwhw Swmbla Basumatary Park, Goybari near Basugaon, Chirang District.
Date30 July

Observance of Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary Death Anniversary as Anti-Terrorism Day

On July 30, 1997, the first Anti-Terrorism Day was celebrated in memory of Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary, the former president of ABSU. This day was established to honor his life and philosophy and to raise awareness about the impact of terrorism on society.

Despite his untimely loss, Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary’s legacy as a social activist and peace advocate lives on. The ABSU celebrates his contributions each year on July 30 through the observance of Anti-Terrorism Day. This annual event serves as a means to honor and pay tribute to him and his remarkable dedication to the cause of peace.

Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary, also known as ‘Jwhwlao’ or ‘Hero’ by ABSU, was an active student leader and dynamic social activist among the Bodos. He dedicated his life to the upliftment and welfare of the Bodo community, leaving a significant impact on their ideology and philosophy.

Since the tragic death of ABSU president Swmbla Basumatary, the All Bodo Students Union has been diligently organizing the “Anti-Terrorism Day” annually. The day was officially declared as such by his successor, then-president of ABSU, Urkhao Gwra Brahma, and has been significantly observed since 1997.

ABSU remains steadfast in its belief that acts of violence and killing can never be justified in a good society. The organization emphasizes the collective duty of all members of society to actively oppose such violent activities. They undertake diverse initiatives annually, including campaigns against terrorism, intellectual discussions, blood donation drives, and signature campaigns against terrorism, to confront this menace effectively and promote peace in the region.

27th Anti-Terrorism Day Observation

Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary’s Wife Bhanumati Basumatary.

During the solemn observance of the 27th death anniversary of Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary, the former president of All Bodo Students Union (ABSU), the Anti-Terrorism Day took place at Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary Park, Goybari near Basugaon in Chirang district. The event began with the current ABSU president, Dipen Boro, hoisting the ABSU flag, followed by a floral tribute at the tomb, organized by ABSU and initiated by Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary’s spouse, Bhanumati Basumatary.

In remembrance of Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary, who tragically lost his life in 1996 when he was shot dead by unknown miscreants, various activities were conducted, including a signature campaign and a blood donation camp. These events saw active participation from students union activists and citizens.

Later on, an open discussion was held, chaired by Dipen Boro, to commemorate the Anti-Terrorism Day. Prominent personalities like Dr. Surath Narzary, president of Bodo Sahitya Sabha, Pramod Boro, chief executive member of Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR), Rwngwra Narzary, Rajya Sabha MP, Dr. Samudra Gupta Kashyap, state information commissioner, government of Assam, and ABSU adviser Khungkhra Swargiary were present during the discussion.

Quick Facts of Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary 27th Anti-Terrorism Day

  1. Floral Tribute: A floral tribute by Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary’s Wife Bhanumati Basumatary and key leaders.
  2. Signature Campaign: Eminent leaders showed support by signing in favor of the cause.
  3. Blood Campaign: Approximately 200 volunteers of ABSU participated, donating blood to save lives.
  4. Open Discussion: The discussions focused on commemorating Anti-Terrorism Day, promoting public awareness against terrorism, and emphasizing the importance of addressing it for a peaceful society.

Photos of Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary 27th Anti-Terrorism Day

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1. Who was Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary?

Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary was a prominent figure among the Bodo community in Kokrajhar, Assam, India. He served as the President of the All Bodo Students’ Union (ABSU) and was known for his dynamic leadership and efforts for peace in the region. Tragically, he was shot dead at his residence in Kokrajhar in 1996 by unknown terrorists.

2. When does the ABSU celebrate Anti-Terrorism Day in the name of Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary?

The Anti-Terrorism Day is annually observe on 30 July, in memory of Jwhwlao Swmbla Basumatary. It is organized by the ABSU to honor his life and philosophy and to raise awareness about the impact of terrorism on society. The day serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility to actively oppose acts of violence and work towards a violence-free society.

3. Why Swmbla Basumatary is called ‘Jwhwlao’?

Swmbla Basumatary earned the title “Jwhwlao” means Hero, from ABSU for his exceptional work as a dynamic social activist and student leader. He was president of ABSU, dedicated to promoting peace in the region.

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