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Watch SAIKHONG Bodo Film 2022 | Starring Omprakash, Helina

SAIKHONG Bodo film 2022: Omprakash and Helina’s ‘Saikhong’, directed by Jesus Kherkatary, got released yesterday.

Bodo Film Industry has a lot of entertainment for us this month as a lot of production houses are releasing their films after a gap of many months/years.

This month, Sept 2022, multiple Bodo film releases happening in an effort to make up for the delay for films that had piled up during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just two days back, RM film productions released the new Bodo feature film Khither. It was inaugurated via the premier show of Khither at Ramfalbil (Serfanguri, Kokrajhar) on 3 Sept 2022. The next day itself, the Saikhong Bodo film too got released. The premier show of the new Bodo film Saikhong was done at Baksa on 4 Sept 2022.

September 2022, we already got two new Bodo movies, few more are also releasing, which we are going to share in the next articles.


Saikhong which means Shadow in English is a New Bodo feature film directed by Jesus Kherkatary and produced by Dirphung Boro under the banner of Jambi Film Production. The leading stars are Omprakash and Helina.

Saikhong Movie Details

  • Cast: Omprakash, Helina, Jesus, Junu, Rubul, Amit
  • Story/Script: Pankaj Lahary
  • Singers: Fungbili, Khonsai, Malen
  • Director: Jesus Kherkatary
  • Producer: Birphung Boro
  • Production: Jambi Film Production

Watch Saikhong – Official Trailer of the film | Omprakash | Helina

Saikhong Bodo Film Release Date

Saikhong film released on 4th Sept 2022. Check out the film release shout out by the leading actress Helina Daimary

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