Santosh Trophy 2023-24 Schedule, Venue, Fixtures, Time, Team- Full Details

Santosh Trophy 2023-24 Schedule: In this article, we will offer you real-time updates on 2023-24 Hero Senior NFC Santosh Trophy match scores, match results, fixtures, and the current season standings and tables.

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2023-24 Santosh Trophy Fixtures

Below table will provide the Santosh Trophy 2023-24 Schedule Fixtures of all team.

Santosh Trophy 2023-24 Schedule Fixtures

108 OctTamil Nadu vs ManipurC08:00 AMSVSPS, Noida0-1
208 OctNagaland vs Madhya PradeshC08:00 AMBUG, Noida3-0
308 OctJharkhand vs Uttar PradeshC03:30 PMSVSPS, Noida1-2
408 OctChandigarh vs RailwaysD09:00 AMSAI STC, Kokrajhar0-2
508 OctRajasthan vs Himachal PradeshD02:30 PMKDSA, Kokrajhar 3-3
608 OctBihar vs AssamD05:30 PMSAI STC, Kokrajhar0-5
709 OctJammu & Kashmir vs GujaratA09:00 AMSAGBFG, Goa1-2
809 OctChhattisgarh vs GoaA04:00 PMSAGBFG, Goa0-1
909 OctOdisha vs West BengalB09:00 AMPTMSS, Banga0-2
1009 OctPunjab vs LadakhB03:30 PMPTMSS, Banga4-0
1109 OctHaryana vs DelhiB03:30 PMSHS, Phagwara 0-1
1210 OctManipur vs Uttar PradeshC08:00 AMSVSPS, Noida6-2
1310 OctJharkhand vs NagalandC08:00 AMBUG, Noida0-6
1410 OctTamil Nadu vs Madhya PradeshC03:30 PMSVSPS, Noida4-0
1510 OctChandigarh vs Himachal PradeshD09:00 AMSAI STC, Kokrajhar2-1
1610 OctBihar vs RajasthanD02:30 PMKDSA, Kokrajhar1-3
1710 OctRailways vs AssamD02:30 PMSAI STC, Kokrajhar0-1
1811 OctGujarat vs Kerala A09:00 AMSAGBFG, Goa0-3
1911 OctJammu & Kashmir vs ChhattisgarhA04:00 PMSAGBFG, Goa1-0
2011 OctDelhi vs West BengalB09:00 AMPTMSS, Banga0-0
2111 OctHaryana vs LadakhB03:30 PMSHS, Phagwara 0-1
2211 OctOdisha vs PunjabB03:30 PMPTMSS, Banga1-0
2312 OctUttar Pradesh vs Tamil NaduC08:00 AMSVSPS, Noida2-0
2412 OctMadhya Pradesh vs JharkhandC08:00 AMBUG, Noida0-0
2512 OctManipur vs NagalandC03:30 PMSVSPS, Noida6-2
2612 OctRailways vs Rajasthan D09:00 AMSAI STC, Kokrajhar6-0
2712 OctHimachal Pradesh vs BiharD02:30 PMKDSA, Kokrajhar 1-0
2812 OctAssam vs ChandigarhD02:30 PMSAI STC, Kokrajhar2-0
2913 OctKerala vs Jammu & KashmirA09:00 AMSAGBFG, Goa6-1
3013 OctGoa vs GujaratA04:00 PMSAGBFG, Goa1-1
3113 OctLadakh vs Odisha B09:00 AMPTMSS, Banga0-5
3213 OctWest Bengal vs Haryana B03:30 PMSHS, Phagwara0-0
3313 OctPunjab vs Delhi B03:30 PMPTMSS, Banga0-1
3413 OctAndaman & Nicobar vs Maharashtra F08:30 AMCSFS, Kolhapur0-8
3513 OctAndhra Pradesh vs Tripura F11:30 AMCSFS, Kolhapur0-1
3613 OctTelangana vs LakshadweepF03:30 PMCSFS, Kolhapur0-0
3715 OctChhattisgarh vs KeralaA09:00 AMSAGBFG, Goa0-3
3815 OctGoa vs Jammu & KashmirA04:00 PMSAGBFG, Goa2-1
3915 OctNagaland vs Uttar PradeshC08:00 AMSVSPS, Noida1-2
4015 OctMadhya Pradesh vs ManipurC08:00 AMBUG, Noida0-5
4115 OctJharkhand vs Tamil NaduC03:30 PMSVSPS, Noida1-8
4215 OctBihar vs ChandigarhD09:00 AMSAI STC, Kokrajhar0-2
4315 OctHimachal Pradesh vs Railways D02:30 PMKDSA, Kokrajhar 1-4
4415 OctRajasthan vs AssamD02:30 PMSAI STC, Kokrajhar0-5
4515 OctMizoram vs ServicesE08:30 AMGNDUSC, Amritsar1-2
4615 OctPondicherry vs DNH & DDE11:30 AMGNDUSC, Amritsar 1-1
4715 OctUttarakhand vs Sikkim E03:30 PMGNDUSC, Amritsar 1-0
4815 OctMaharashtra vs LakshadweepF08:30 AMCSFS, Kolhapur4-0
4915 OctTelangana vs Andhra PradeshF11:30 PMCSFS, Kolhapur0-0
5015 OctAndaman & Nicobar vs TripuraF03:30 PMCSFS, Kolhapur0-0
5116 OctDelhi vs LadakhB09:00 AMPTMSS, Banga3-1
5216 OctWest Bengal vs PunjabB03:30 PMPTMSS, Banga0-3
5316 OctHaryana vs OdishaB03:30 PMSHS, Phagwara 0-2
5417 OctGujarat vs ChhattisgarhA09:00 AMSAGBFG, Goa4-0
5517 OctKerala vs GoaA04:00 PMSAGBFG, Goa0-1
5617 OctUttar Pradesh vs Madhya PradeshC03:30 PMSVSPS, Noida4-1
5717 OctTamil Nadu vs Nagaland C08:00 AMBUG, Noida1-1
5817 OctManipur vs Jharkhand C08:00 AMSVSPS, Noida3-0
5917 OctRailways vs Bihar D02:30 PMKDSA, Kokrajhar 1-0
6017 OctChandigarh vs RajasthanD09:00 AMSAI STC, Kokrajhar2-0
6117 OctAssam vs Himachal Pradesh D02:30 PMSAI STC, Kokrajhar7-0
6217 OctServices vs Sikkim E08:30 AMGNDUSC, Amritsar 3-0
6317 OctUttarakhand vs Pondicherry E11:30 AMGNDUSC, Amritsar7-1
6417 OctMizoram vs DNH & DDE03:30 PMGNDUSC, Amritsar5-0
6517 OctLakshadweep vs Andaman & Nicobar F08:30 AMCSFS, Kolhapur1-0
6617 OctTripura vs Telangana F11:30 AMCSFS, Kolhapur0-1
6717 OctMaharashtra vs Andhra PradeshF03:30 PMCSFS, Kolhapur6-0
6818 OctOdisha vs Delhi B09:00 AMPTMSS, Banga0-1
6918 OctLadakh vs West BengalB03:30 PMSHS, Phagwara0-5
7018 OctPunjab vs HaryanaB03:30 PMPTMSS, Banga2-0
7119 OctSikkim vs MizoramE08:30 AMGNDUSC, Amritsar0-1
7219 OctDNH & DD vs UttarakhandE11:30 AMGNDUSC, Amritsar0-2
7319 OctServices vs Pondicherry E03:30 PMGNDUSC, Amritsar6-0
7420 OctAndhra Pradesh vs LakshadweepF08:30 AMCSFS, Kolhapur0-4
7520 OctTripura vs MaharashtraF11:30 AMCSFS, Kolhapur1-3
7620 OctTelangana vs Andaman & NicobarF03:30 PMCSFS, Kolhapur7-0
7722 OctPondicherry vs Sikkim E08:30 AMGNDUSC, Amritsar2-1
7822 OctDNH & DD vs Services E11:30 AMGNS, Amritsar1-6
7922 OctUttarakhand vs Mizoram E03:30 PMGNDUSC, Amritsar0-1
8022 OctLakshadweep vs Tripura F08:30 AMCSFS, Kolhapur2-2
8122 OctAndaman & Nicobar vs Andhra Pradesh F11:30 AMCSFS, Kolhapur3-0
8222 OctMaharashtra vs Telangana F03:30 PMCSFS, Kolhapur3-0
8324 OctSikkim vs DNH & DD E08:30 AMGNDUSC, Amritsar2-1
8424 OctMizoram vs Pondicherry E11:30 AMGNDUSC, Amritsar6-0
8524 OctServices vs Uttarakhand E03:30 PMGNDUSC, Amritsar4-1

Santosh Trophy 2023-24 Schedule Overview

EventHero Senior NFC Santosh Trophy 2023-24
Organizing BodyAll India Football Federation (AIFF)
Region India
Dates1. Group Stage – 8 Oct – 24 Oct
Group Stages Venue1. Group A- Fatorda, Goa
2. Group B- Banga & Phagwara, Punjab
3. Group C- Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
4. Group D- Kokrajhar, Assam
5. Group E- Amritsar, Punjab
6. Group F- Kolhapur, Maharashtra
Final Round VenueArunachal Pradesh
Total Group Stages Matches85

Santosh Trophy 2023-24 Schedule

The 2023-24 Santosh Trophy, which marks the 77th national men’s football championship in India, is on the horizon. The group stage matches are slated to take place from October 8 to 24, 2023, and they will be hosted by each of the six member associations.

The Santosh Trophy 2023-24 Schedule tournament will feature the participation of 38 teams. The initial phase involves 35 teams competing in the 85 matches group stages, where they are divided into six groups, each consisting of six teams. The top performers from these groups, along with the three best-performing second-placed teams will join the winners and runners-up from the previous edition in the Santosh Trophy Final Round.

Santosh Trophy 2022

Karnataka and Meghalaya Direct Entry to 2023-24 Santosh Trophy Final

Notably, Karnataka and Meghalaya, the finalists in the previous edition of the Santosh Trophy 2022-23, where the knockout rounds marked the tournament’s first-ever occurrence held outside India, have earned direct entry into the finals for this year. Karnataka clinched the championship with a thrilling 3-2 victory over Meghalaya in Saudi Arabia.

Santosh Trophy Final To Be Held in Arunachal Pradesh

The All India Football Federation (AIFF) has officially revealed that the final stages of the 77th National Football Championships (NFC) for the Santosh Trophy 2024 will be held in Arunachal Pradesh.

However, precise dates for Santosh Trophy 2023-24 Schedule finals have not been confirmed as of now.

As a result, the teams selected (Arunachal Pradesh) to host these final rounds will not be required to take part any of the group stage matches of Santosh Trophy 2023-24.

77th Santosh Trophy 2023-24 Teams

Six Members Associations (MAs) of Santosh Trophy 2023-24 Schedule:

  • Group A Host: Goa Football Association
  • Group B Host: Punjab Football Association
  • Group C Host: Uttar Pradesh Football Sangh
  • Group D Host: Assam Football Association
  • Group E Host: Services Sports Control Board
  • Group F Host: Western India Football Association (Maharashtra)
Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup EGroup F
KeralaPunjabManipur RailwaysUttarakandMaharashtra
GoaHaryana Jharkhand Bihar MizoramTelangana
ChhattisgarhOdishaTamil Nadu ChandigarhPondicherryAndaman & Nicobar
GujaratDelhiNagaland RajasthanSikkimAndhra Pradesh
Arunachal PradeshLadakhUttar PradeshAssamServicesLakshadweep
Jammu and KashmirWest BengalMadya PradeshHimachal Pradesh Dadra Nagar Haveli & Daman and Diu Tripura

Note: Arunachal Pradesh in Group A, chosen to host the final rounds are not required to take part in the group stage matches.

2023-24 Santosh Trophy Venues

Following list is the groups of the Santosh Trophy 2023-24 Schedule along with their designated venues.

  1. Group A- Fatorda, Goa
    • Venue: JLN Stadium (JLNS), Fatorda
    • Venue: SAG Benaulim Football Ground (SAGBFG), Goa
  2. Group B- Banga & Phagwara, Punjab
    • Venue: PT Mehnga Singh Stadium (PTMSS), Banga
    • Venue: Sri Hargobind Stadium (SHS), Phagwara
  3. Group C- Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
    • Venue: Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Stadium (SVSPS), Noida
    • Venue: Gaur City Stadium (GCS), Noida
    • Venue: Bennett University Ground (BUG), Greater Noida
  4. Group D- Kokrajhar, Assam
    • Venue: SAI STC, Kokrajhar
    • Venue: KDSA Ground, Kokrajhar
  5. Group E- Amritsar, Punjab
    • Venue: GNDU Sports Complex (GNDUSC), Amritsar
    • Venue: Guru Nanak Stadium (GNS), Amritsar
  6. Group F- Kolhapur, Maharashtra
    • Venue: Chhatrapati Shahu Football Stadium (CSFS), Kolhapur

Santosh Trophy in Kokrajhar

Kokrajhar, Assam, has been officially selected by the All India Football Federation as the host for Group D matches in the upcoming 77th Hero Senior Men’s National Football Championship for the Santosh Trophy 2023-24 scheduled from October 8 to October 17, 2023.

The match venues in Kokrajhar for the Santosh Trophy group stage are- SAI STC and KDSA Ground. Among these group matches, 8 are scheduled to be held at SAI STC, 4 at KDSA Ground, and the locations for 3 matches have yet to be disclosed.

Santosh Trophy Live Streaming Channels

Where to Watch Santosh Trophy Live in India?

Santosh Trophy 2023-24 Broadcasting partner is SportsKPI.

Santosh Trophy Live Telecast 2023:

Youtube: All Santosh Trophy tournament 2023 matches, including the 2024 Santosh Trophy final, can be watched live on G Sports Live.

App/Website: The 2024 Santosh Trophy Live Streaming will be available on the FanCode app and website in India.

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1. What is the Santosh Trophy?

The Santosh Trophy is a prestigious football tournament in India, contested between various state and union territory teams. It has a rich history and is considered one of the top domestic football competitions in India.

2. Are national team players allowed to participate in the Santosh Trophy?

No, after Sunil Chhetri’s injury in the 2009 Santosh Trophy, national team players were initially not permitted to take part in the tournament. However, this decision was eventually reversed.

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