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Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are looking forward to spend your day with the nature then the Bodoland has one wildlife sanctuary and two national parks for your visiting purpose. In this post, we’ll be talking about the Chakrashila wildlife sanctuary.

Chakrashila wildlife sanctuary

Chakrashila wildlife sanctuary is famous for the resident population of famous golden langurs. Golden langur is an endangered species and can be found only in the Raimona National Park and Chakrashila wildlife sanctuary. The main attraction of the sanctuary is the golden langur.

Chakrashila is the only wildlife sanctuary of the BTR area. It is spread over Chakrashila hill and is located in the Kokrajhar and Dhubri districts of Assam. The sanctuary covers an area of 45.568 km2.

The sanctuary is dominantly a hilly tract that extends from north to south. There are two famous lakes in either side of the sanctuary – Dheer Lake and Diplai Lake. Dheer lake is popularly known as Dheer beel and Diplai lake as Diplai beel. Theses lakes/beels are bio-diversity hotspots and critical to maintain the ecosystem of the sanctuary


The Chakrishila hill was first declared Reserve Forest in 1966 (via Notification No. FOR/SETT/296/60/440 dated 26th October, 1966) and was upgraded to Sanctuary in 14 July 1994 by the Government of Assam (via Notification No. FRW-6/93/63, dated 14th
July, 1994).

Nature’s Beckon (local group of environment activists) played a crucial role for the region to be recognized as a sanctuary.

Golden Langur

Golden langur scientific name is Trachypithecus geei. Golden langur is found in Assam, especially in the Raimona National Park in Kokrajhar district and Chakrashila Wildlife sanctuary Kokrajhar district and some are shared by Dubri district.

Bodoland Mascot: Since golden langur is mainly found in the Bodoland (BTR), Golden Langur has been made the Official mascot of the Bodoland Territorial Region.


The Chakrasila wildlife sanctuary is spread over the Chakrasila hill. There are two famous lakes on either side of the sanctuary. They are Diplai beel and Dheer Beel. One can reach the sanctuary by road, the distance details are mentioned below:

  1. Distance from Kokrajhar town to Chakrashila wildlife sanctuary = 10 km
  2. Distance from Dhubri town to Chakrashila wildlife sanctuary = 75 km
  3. Distance from Bongagain town to Chakrashila wildlife sanctuary = 50 km
  4. Distance from Rupsi Airport to Chakrashila wildlife sanctuary = 75 to 103 km
  5. Distance from Kokrajhar town to Chakrashila wildlife sanctuary = 234 km

Chakrashila picnic spot

Generally picnic spot are not allowed in the vicinity of the sanctuary. But you can fullfil your desire to enjoy picnic at the Chakrashila picnic spot as there are two famous picnic spot within the sanctuary, and they are

  1. Dheer Beel Picnic Spot
  2. Diplai Beel Picnic Spot

Both the above picnic hotspots are flooded with Picnickers during the month of Nov, Dec, and Jan every year. Here people can be seen enjoying paragliding, elephant riding, boating and riding in Dheer beels besides merry making with different roasted and burnt meats available in the picnic spots.

Best Time to Visit

November to April is the best time to visit the Chakrashila sanctuary. The sanctuary receives most rainfall during July and August.

Where to Stay

There are many hotels in the Kokrajhar town where you can stay and visit the sanctuary during the day time.

Alternately, you can also stay at the Forest rest house at the Choraikhola near Kokrajhar town. For the same, you may contact the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) wildlife division.

Tips: It’s best to carry food and water when visiting the sanctuary as only a few shops or canteen is available in the sanctuary at the entrance.

List of wildlife sanctuary in Assam

The Bodoland Territorial Region has only one wildlife sanctuary and i.e., Chakrashila wildlife sanctuary. In total Assam has 19 wildlife sanctuaries, they are listed below:

  1. Garampani Wildlife Santuary
  2. Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary
  3. Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary
  4. Chakrasila Wildlife Sanctuary
  5. Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuary
  6. Panidehing Wildlife Sanctuary
  7. Hollongapar Wildlife Sanctuary
  8. Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary
  9. Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary
  10. Bherjan – Borajan – Padumoni Wildlife Sanctuary
  11. East K. Anglong Wildlife Sanctuary
  12. Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary
  13. Marat Longri Wildlife Sanctuary
  14. Nambor – Doigrung Wildlife Sanctuary
  15. Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary
  16. Borail Wildlife Sanctuary
  17. Deepar Beel Wildlife Sanctuary
  18. Bordoibam Bilmukh Bird Wildlife Sanctuary (Proposed)
  19. North K. Anglong Wildlife Sanctuary (Proposed)


1. Which is the only Indian state that is home to golden langur?

Assam is the only Indian state that is home to the golden langur.
Golden langur can be found in the Raimona National Park and Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary.

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