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National Games 2023 West Bengal Medal Tally- Medal Counts, Winners Names- Full Details

National Games 2023 West Bengal Medal Tally: This article will keep provide the athletes winning awards from West Bengal in various sports, arranging the the gold, silver, and bronze medals they earn at the Goa 2023 National Games.

37th National Games 2023 West Bengal Medal Tally

As of now, West Bengal (WB) holds the 8th place in the 2023 National Games medal standings. The event is taking place in Goa from October 25th to November 9th.

National Games 2023 Services medal tally

In the table below- National Games 2023 West Bengal medal tally, you can see the full list of WB athletes medal winners.

West Bengal Medal Counts by Sport


West Bengal Medal Counts by Gender


Medalist from West Bengal

Gold23 Oct 2023GymnasticArtistic- Women’s TeamTBD
Silver26 Oct 2023GymnasticsAcrobatics- Women’s Group1. Anamika Dey
2. Priyanka Debnath
3. Sneha Debnath
Silver25 Oct 2023WeightliftingWomen’s 45 KGChandrika Tarfdar
Silver25 Oct 2023WeightliftingWomen’s 55 KGShrabani Das
Silver26 Oct 2023GymnasticsAcrobatics- Women’s Pair1. Debasmita Sarkar
2. Nisha Sarma
Bronze26 Oct 2023GymnasticsAcrobatics- Men’s GroupTBD
Bronze26 Oct 2023GymnasticsAcrobatics- Mixed Pair1. Sangita Lohar
2. Sudip Das


Where to watch West Bengal Matches of 2023 National Games of India?

You can watch National Games 2023 West Bengal matches on Jiocinema.

Youtube: Goanationalgames

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1. What is West Bengal’s medal count rank in the 3th National Games?

West Bengal is current ranked 8th with 1 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals.

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