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Upcoming UN Brahma Sports Complex To Transform Bodoland into Sports Hub

UN Brahma Sports Complex: The BTR Government is set to build the UN Brahma Sports Complex, propelling the city into a sports hub. Get ready for an extraordinary sporting experience in this vibrant destination.

Bodoland’s Transformation | UN Brahma Sports Complex to be Set Up

Kokrajhar, a City of Peace in the scenic Northeast region of India, is about to undergo a big transformation. In a bid to promote sports and foster growth in the area, the BTR Government is going to build a new sports complex called the UN Brahma Sports Complex. This ambitious initiative aims to elevate Kokrajhar into a vibrant sports hub, strengthening its reputation as a destination for athletes, enthusiasts, and sporting events.

The construction of the UN Brahma Sport Complex serves as a distinguished and enduring homage to Bodofa Upendra Nath Brahma, widely regarded as the father of the Bodo people.

Please stay tuned for more information on the updates regarding the location of the UN Brahma Sports Complex.

UN Brahma Sports Complex | Kokrajhar | BTR

The UN Brahma Sports Complex is not just another sporting facility, it embodies a vision for progress and excellence in sports. The meticulous design and strategic planning of the complex reflect a deep understanding of sports concepts, guaranteeing an exceptional experience for both athletes and spectators. The visionary architects and sports experts have carefully developed the infrastructure, considering the requirements and aspirations of the sporting community.

The entire project, developed as an architectural thesis, draws inspiration from significant Bodo cultural elements such as Aronai, Dokhona, Jwmgra, and Gamesha. These elements have been thoughtfully incorporated into the building’s facade and roofing, creating a visually stunning representation of the Bodo heritage.

Dokhona: The traditional attire for Bodo women, representing the pride and identity of the Bodo community with its vibrant and colorful appearance and exquisite designs. It adds a touch of beauty to the complex, symbolizing the pride and identity of the Bodo community.

Aronai: Used to honor and felicitate esteemed guests, serving as a gesture of respect and hospitality. Its incorporation into the architectural design of the complex pays homage to Bodo culture and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Jwmgra: A scarf worn by Bodo women to cover the upper portion of their body, further contributes to the overall cultural narrative of the complex.

The Upendra Nath Brahma Sports Complex seamlessly combines modern architecture with traditional Bodo elements, providing an immersive experience for visitors to appreciate and embrace the richness of Bodo culture.

Images Of UN Brahma Sports Complex Design

Let’s take a closer look at the design of the UN Brahma Sports Complex.

Please click to enlarge the image.

Bodoland Sports Status Soars with UN Brahma Complex

The SAI STC stadium in Kokrajhar, BTR, currently has a seating capacity of 10,000. In acknowledgment of the region’s increasing status as a sports destination in BTR, the government is prioritizing the improvement of sports infrastructure through the construction of the UN Brahma Sports Complex.

This upgrade aims to draw a broader range of spectators seating capacity, sporting events, tournaments, and championships to the region.

Inauguration Ceremony

Once the inauguration ceremony takes place, we will provide you with an update.

Kokrajhar Stadiums | SAI & KDSA Stadium

Kokrajhar presently boasts two stadiums:

  • The SAI (Sports Authority of India) Complex, which is located in Kathalguri No. 1, Titaguri, Kokrajhar, Assam.
  • The KDSA Stadium (Kokrajhar District Sports Association) situated within the city of Kokrajhar.

These two stadiums played a pivotal role in the sporting landscape of Kokrajhar last year. They had the honor of hosting two prestigious tournaments: the ISPL 2022 and the Santosh Trophy 2022-23.

The Sai Stadium in Kokrajhar is all set to host the Durand Cup 2023 in August 2023.

Recently, the Bodoland region took pride in hosting the 4th Asian Kho-Kho Championship in March at the playground of Tamulpur Higher Secondary School in Tamulpur, Assam.


1. What is the name of the upcoming sports complex in Kokrajhar, BTR?

The name of the upcoming sports complex in Kokrajhar, BTR is UN Brahma Sports Complex.

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