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Assam Gaurav Award 2023 Announced | List of Recipients 2021-23

Assam Gaurav Award 2023: Assam Gaurav is the third-highest civilian Award in Assam. The Govt. of Assam has announced the names of 17 recipients of the third highest civilian award Assam Gaurav Award 2023. If are interested in knowing about the Assam Gaurav Award List, read this article till the end.

Assam Gaurav Award 2023

Assam Civilian Award: The Assam Civilian Award consists of:

  1. Assam Baibhav Award
  2. Assam Saurav Award
  3. Assam Gaurav Award

Among these three awards, The Assam Baibhav is the highest, the Assam Saurav Award is the second-highest and the Assam Gaurav is the third-highest civilian award in Assam state. In this article, we’ll discuss the third-highest civilian award Assam Gaurav Award.

Assam Gaurav Award Benefits

The Assam Gaurav Award carries a financial component of Rs. 3 lakh with a citation or certificate or medal.

Assam Saurav Awardee also gets the following facilities:

  1. Free Medical Treatment in Government hospitals and stay in paying cabins, wherever available.
  2. They will be provided free accommodation in State Government Circuit Houses, Guest Houses, and Assam Bhawans.
  3. They will be regular invitees for all the official functions as distinguished guests.
  4. The Government of Assam will provide up to Rs. 2 lakh for medical expenses towards their treatment of critical diseases.
  5. Over and above the provision for award money and certain facilities to recipients, free travel will also be permitted to awardees in ASTC buses, provided they give 24-hour prior information of the proposed journey.

Assam Gaurav Award 2023 Announced

Assam Gaurav
Assam Gaurav

The CM of Assam Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma has announced the names of a total of 17 awardees of ‘Assam Gaurav’. The names of the Awardees include – Ranjit Gogoi, Parvati Barua, Debojit Changmai, Drono Bhuyan, Neelam Dutta, Anupam Deka, Soumyadeep Dutta, Basanta Chiring Phukan, Manendra Deka, Meenakshi Chetia, Pakhila Lakhtepi, Tenzing Bodosa, Nirmal Dey, Jecin Kumbang Pao, Mary Hassa, Upendra Rabha, Rahul Gupta.

Sl. No.Awardee NameDistAwardField
1Ranjit GogoiCharaideoAssam GauravArt and Culture(Folk & Bihu Dance Exponent)
2Parvati BaruaDhubriAssam GauravEnvironment & Forest (Animal Conservation Activist, Human-Elephant Conflict Expert)
3Debojit ChangmaiSivasagarAssam GauravArt and Culture (Sound Engineer)
4Drono BhuyanDarrangAssam GauravArt and Culture (OjaPali)
5Neelam DuttaBiswanathAssam GauravAgriculture (Organic Farming)
6Anupam DekaDarrangAssam GauravEntrepreneur (Industralist)
7Soumyadeep DuttaDhubriAssam GauravEnvironment & Forest (Wildlife Conservation)
8Basanta Chiring PhukanJorhatAssam GauravAgriculture (Progressive Mushroom Cultivator)
9Manendra DekaBarpetaAssam GauravCraft and Bamboo Artist (Handicraft)
10Meenakshi ChetiaSivasagarAssam GauravASHA Worker (Social Service)
11Pakhila LekhtepiKari AnglongAssam GauravArt and Culture (Karbi Folk Singer)
12Tenzing BodosaUdalguriAssam GauravEnvironment & Forest (Elephant Friendly Tea Estate Establishment)
13Nirmal DeyCacharAssam GauravEntrepreneur (ShitalPati)
14Jecin Kumbang PaoDhemajiAssam GauravHandlooms (Weaving)
15Mary HassaTinsukiaAssam GauravAWC (Social Service)
16Upendra RabhaGoalparaAssam GauravAgriculture (Black Rice Cultivator)
17Rahul GuptaTinsukiaAssam GauravAgriculture (Hydroponic Farming)

Assam Gaurav Award List 2021-23

The number of recipients of the third-highest civilian award Assam Gaurav is increasing. In the year 2021, 13 persons received the Assam Gaurav Award, in 2022 15 persons were awarded Assam Gaurav and now for the year 2023 the names of a total of 17 persons are announced for Assam Gaurav Award 2023. Check the complete list of Assam Gaurav Winners from 2021 to 2023 from the below table:

Awardee NameYear
1. Ranjit Gogoi
2. Parvati Barua
3. Debojit Changmai
4. Drono Bhuyan
5. Neelam Dutta
6. Anupam Deka
7. Soumyadeep Dutta
8. Basanta Chiring Phukan
9. Manendra Deka
10. Meenakshi Chetia
11. Pakhila Lekhtepi
12. Tenzing Bodosa
13. Nirmal Dey
14. Jecin Kumbang Pao
15. Mary Hassa
16. Upendra Rabha
17. Rahul Gupta
1. Dhritimala Deka
2. Debajit Barman
3. Rustom Basumatary
4. Manje La
5. Atul Chandra Baruah
6. Kalyani Rajbonshi
7. Sila Gowala
8. Jogesh Deuri
9. Pankaj Lal Ggoi
10. Sarbeshwar Basumatary
11. Manthang Hmar
12. Dhruba Jyoti Sarma
13. Dayal Goswami
14. Dr. Syed Iftikar Ahmed
15. Binanda Hatibaruah
1. Munindra Nath Ngatey
2. Dr. basanta Hazarika
3. Aash Jyoti Gogoi
4. Manoj Kr. Basumatary
5. Khorsing Terang
6. Boby Hazarika
7. Hemoprabha Chutia
8. Namita Kalita
9. Bornita Momin
10. Dharanidhar Boro
11. Kaushik Baruah
12. Kalpana Boro
13. Dr. Asif Iqbal

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FAQ’s About Assam Gaurav Award 2023

1.  Which is the third highest Civilian Award in Assam?

Assam Gaurav is the third highest Civilian Award in Assam.

2. What is the reward of Assam Gaurav Award?

The Assam Gaurav Award carries a financial component of Rs. 3 lakh with a citation or certificate or medal.

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