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List of Bodo Film Directors 2023 | Check the Names and Films

Last updated on November 17th, 2023 at 03:25 pm

List of Bodo Directors 2023: The most famous Bodo Film Directors have been listed in this article. If you are interested in knowing the list of the most famous Bodo Film directors then, check this article till the end.

List of Bodo Film Directors 2023

Bodo Directors List 2023: The Bodo Film Industry is growing day by day. The Bodo film industry has many talented directors who make many hit films. Bodo Directors like Raja Narzary, Swapan Kr. Brahma, Pankaj Lahary, Guru Pabitra, and Jesus Kherkatary have captivated those hearts with their charming personalities. These Bodo Directors have won thousands of hearts by making outstanding Bodo Films.

Check out the list of the most famous and talented Bodo Directors:

1. Raja Narzary

Raja Narzary

Full Name: Raja Narzary
Debut Film: Maoria (2013)

2. Swapan Kr Brahma

Swapan Kr Brahma

Full Name: Swapan Kr Brahma
Debut Film: Delhi to Bodoland (2010)

3. Pankaj Lahary

Pankaj Lahary

Full Name: Pankaj Lahary
Debut Film: Jinir (2015)

4. Guru Pabitra

Guru Pabitra

Full Name: Guru Pabitra
Debut Film: Bathul Raja (2015)

5. Prabin Boro

Prabin Boro

Full Name: Prabin Boro
Debut Film: Dasw Bujibai (2011)

6. Jesus Kherkatary

Jesus Kherkatary

Full Name: Jesus Kherkatary
Debut Film: Annai Gwywi Anthai Bikha (2015)

7. Ganesh Boro

Full Name: Ganesh Boro
Debut Film: Nijwn (2014)

8. Birphung Mohilary

Birphung Mohilary

Full Name: Birphung Mohilary
Debut Film: Twiblabw Jena (2022)

9. Rajni Basumatary

Rajni Basumatary

Full Name: Rajni Basumatary
Debut Film: Jwlwi: The Seed (2019)

10. Dhan Brahma

Dhan Brahma

Full Name: Dhan Brahma
Debut Film: Rebgon (2018)

11. Rabi Narzary

Rabi Narzary

Full Name: Rabi Narzary
Debut Film: Wanted (2008)

12. Siboraj Narzary

Siboraj Narzary

Full Name: Siboraj Narzary
Debut Film: Bodnam (2016)

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