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Daragaon Picnic Spot | A Popular Picnic Spot in Baksa, Assam

Daragaon Picnic Spot Baksa: Assam has many picnic spots in various parts of the state which attract visitors in large numbers. In this article, we are going to discuss about Baksa Daragaon Picnic Spot in Assam.

Daragaon Picnic Spot is one of the most famous picnic spots in Dihira of Baksa district of Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR), Assam. Daragaon Picnic Spot is located near the foothills of Bhutan towards the north of the district headquarters Mushalpur.

Daragaon Baksa Picnic Spot is a scenic location for nature lovers and a perfect place for enjoying a picnic party. 15 km away from the district headquarters of Mushalpur, the area of Daragaon Picnic Place is surrounded by lush green hills and a gushing stream. The area falls under the Dihira Reserve forest of Baksa where river Diring is the main attraction of the picnic spot. The nearest railway station to Daragaon Picnic Spot is Tihu.

Daragaon Picnic Spot Overview

Name of the Picnic SpotDaragaon Picnic Spot Baksa
LocationDihira, Baksa
RegionBodoland Territorial Region (BTR)
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About Daragaon Picnic Spot

In Assam, December to February Month is the best time for a picnic. During this time all the picnic spots and Places in Assam witnessed a lot of tourists from the state as well as outside the state. If you are making a plan to have a picnic party in Baksa district, then Daragaon Baksa Picnic Spot must be on your list.

Dara Gaon witnesses huge crowds every year, especially during the New Year season. People from different parts of the state and outside of the Assam state visit Daragaon Picnic Place to have a picnic party. Daragaon Picnic Spot is a naturally peaceful place in the foothills and waterfalls located in the Indo-Bhutan border towards the northwestern part of Assam.

The routes of Daragaon Picnic Spot are easily accessible. You’ll pass through some of the local villages on the way. However, travelers must keep in mind that they leave the place before it’s too dark because the area is often visited by wild elephants at night.

Daragaon Waterfalls

Daragaon Picnic Spot has a small and beautiful waterfall. Many visitors enjoy the Waterfall view at Daragaon Picnic Spot in Assam.

Daragaon Waterfall Baksa

How to Reach Daragaon Picnic Spot?

Daragaon Picnic Spot Distance

You can easily reach Daragaon Picnic Spot Baksa. It is located about 9 km north of Nikashi and around 48 km away from Tamulpur, 50 km away from Nalbar, and 60 km away from Manas National Park.

It takes only 20 minutes from Nikashi to reach Daragaon Picnic Spot.

Things to do in Daragaon Picnic Spot

1. Enjoy a Picnic

You can have a memorable picnic with your near and dear ones at the Daragaon, the Hidden Beauty in the India-Bhutan border in Baksa District. While having a picnic party, you can relish the moment by watching the greenery of this place and the sparkling water.

Best time to Visit Daragaon Picnic Spot

You can visit Daragaon Picnic Spots any time. But during the New Year season, a huge number of tourists go for picnics in Daragaon Picnic Place.

Daragaon Picnic Spot Address

Mushalpur, Baksa (BTR), Assam

Daragaon Picnic Spot Photos

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FAQ’s About Daragaon Picnic Spot, Baksa

1. What is the distance From Mushalpur to Daragaon?

The distance from Mushalpur to Daragaon Picnic Spot via Dandagaon Nikashi Road is 18.5 KM.

2. Daragaon Picnic Spot is located in which district?

Daragaon Picnic Spot is located in the Baksa district of BTR Region, Assam.

3. Which is the most famous Picnic Spot in Baksa District?

The most famous picnic spot in Baksa district is Daragaon Picnic Spot.

4. What is the distance of Daragaon Picnic Spot?

The Daragaon Picnic Spot distance is about 9 km north of Nikashi and around 48 km away from Tamulpur, 50 km away from Nalbar, and 60 km away from Manas National Park.

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