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Saralpara Picnic Spot in Kokrajhar | A Popular Indo Bhutan Picnic Spot of Assam

Saralpara Picnic Spot Kokrajhar: As soon as December month arrives, the picnic season begins in Assam. If you also want to have a picnic party with your family and close friends in Kokrajhar district and enjoy the New Year, you can go to the Saralpara picnic spot in Kokrajhar district.

Are you looking for a picnic spot near Kokrajhar town? If yes, Saralpara Kokrajhar must be on your list. Saralpara Picnic Spot is a beautiful place to spend the day and enjoy a picnic with family, friends, and loved ones. It is surrounded by splendid mountain chains and a brook that runs through the valley.

Saralpara picnic spot

Saralpara Picnic Spot Overview

Saralpara Kokrajhar Picnic Spot: If you are looking for picnic places near Kokrajhar, then Saralpara Picnic Spot is one of the best options for you to enjoy a picnic party in the New Year Season. Check brief details of Saralpara Picnic Spot Saralpara F.V. Assam from the below:

Name of the Picnic SpotSaralpara Picnic Spot Kokrajhar
LocationSaralpara, Kokrajhar
Total Area2.76 km2
StateAssam (India)
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About Saralpara Picnic Spot

Where is Saralpara Assam located?

Saralpara Kokrajhar, a popular picnic spot of Assam is located under the Kokrajhar district of the BTR Region of Assam. It is the most popular picnic spot in BTR Region.

The Saralpara picnic spot in Assam is a one-day Picnic spot near Kokrajhar, a perfect hotspot for spending a day amidst tall mountains and a rivulet running through the valley. It is located 65 km away from Kokrajhar town in Saralpara. It is more accessible from Kokrajhar and Bongaigaon town.

Saralpara is one of the Best Picnic Spot in Assam Kokrajhar as well and is situated near the Indo-Bhutan border, Saralpara in Kokrajhar district is quite near the headquarters of Sarpang Dzonkhag (DC) in Bhutan.

How to Reach Saralpara Picnic Spot?

Saralpara Picnic Spot Distance

You can easily reach Saralpara from Kokrajhar and Bongaigaon town. It is located 65 kilometers away from the Kokrajhar town and around 67 kilometers away from Bongaigaon. Kokrajhar Saralpara Distance from Guwahati is 252.2 km.

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Kokrajhar town to Saralpara Picnic Spot: To visit Saralpara Picnic Spot from Kokrajhar town having your vehicle is highly recommended as the place is in a far-off land and cut off from outside communication. You need to travel around 65 km from Kokrajhar town via Bishmuri Saralpara Sarbhong road.

Bongaigaon town to Saralpara Picnic Spot: If you have started your journey from Bongaigaon town then you need to drive straight on the main National Highway 27. You need to travel around 67 kilometers from Bongaigaon to reach Saralpara Kokrajhar.

Guwahati to Saralpara Distance: If you want to go to Saralpara for a picnic from Guwahati, the journey will take roughly 6-7 hours. Saralpara picnic spot distance from Guwahati is 252.2 km via National Highway 17.

Things to do in Saralpara Picnic Spot

1. Enjoy Picnic

Saralpara Picnic Spot Assam: Kokrajhar Saralpara Picnic Spot in Assam is one of the most famous picnic spots in Kokrajhar Bodoland, located in Kokrajhar district. The picnic season is almost here and in case you are making plans for picnics with your family and friends, do visit the Saralpara picnic spot in Assam this new year. Saralpara is one of the most beautiful places in Kokrajhar, you can spend quality time with your family, friends, and loved ones.

But you need to keep in mind that if you are making plans to return from the picnic spot you must try to depart from the picnic spot before sunset, as there might not be any network on the roads and it’s not safe on the roads after dark, otherwise, you can stay overnight at the picnic spots as there camping is available for overnight.

2. Enjoy the enjoy the Serenity of Nature

You can enjoy the misty valleys, the gurgling sound of streams, and chirping birds to heal your soul.

2. Click Some Nature Photography

If you love doing photography of nature, Saralpara Assam will be one of your dream locations. The beautiful panoramic views of Saralpara will provide you with mind-blowing frame ideas for landscape photography. The sunrise and sunset make the sky look more splendorous. You can also click wonderful pictures against the backdrop of blue ribbons of the mountain.

2. Shopping in Indo-Bhutan Market

The Bhutia markets are very popular for selling warm clothes in Indo-Bhutan Market near Saralpara. Apart from enjoying the scenic beauty of Saralpara, you can also buy many local products from the Indo-Bhutan friendship market in Saralpara. This market is visited by many tourists especially to buy woven Bhutanese shawls that are very warm and cozy.

Best time to Visit Saralpara Kokrajhar

Best Time to Visit Saralpara Picnic Spot: The best time to visit Saralpara Picnic Spot is both the Summer and Winter Season. But in Monsoon Season the river banks get more damp and slippery so, you need to avoid making plans to go for a picnic in Monsoon Season at Saralpara Picnic Place.

Saralpara Picnic Place: If you love nature and wish to go picnic near mountains and rivulet, Kokrajhar Saralpara Picnic Spot, is the best place for you to go for picnics.

Other Attraction near Kokrajhar Saralpara

Other Attraction near Saralpara Picnic Place Kokrajhar has been shared below:

  1. Shiknajhar Saralbhanga Picnic Spot.
  2. Diplai Beel Picnic Spot in Kokrajhar
  3. Gaurang Picnic Spot in Kokrajhar

Saralpara Picnic Spot Address

Saralpara, Kokrajhar, Assam Pin- 783370

Saralpara Picnic Spot Photos

Few of the images of Saralpara Indo Bhutan Picnic Spot are shared below:

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FAQ’s About Saralpara Assam

1. Saralpara in which district?

Saralpara Picnic Place is situated in the Kokrajhar district of the BTR Region of Assam.

2. Why is Saralpara Famous?

Saralpara is famous for its scenic beauty, which is a perfect spot for enjoying picnics. The rivulet running through the valley is the most beautiful scenery at Saralpara Assam.

3. What is the distance from Saralpara to Kokrajhar town?

Saralpara Distance from Kokrajhar town is around 65 km.

4. What is the distance from Saralpara to Bongaigaon town?

Saralpara Distance from Bongaigaon town is around 67 km.

5. Which is the best place in Kokrajhar for Picnic?

Saralpara Assam is the best picnic spot in Kokrajhar to enjoy a picnic party during the new year season.

6. Which river is in the picnic spot in Saralpara?

Sarbhang Khola Chhu river runs through the Saralpara picnic spot Kokrajhar.

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