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List of Two Wildlife Sanctuaries in Bodoland (BTR)

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Bodoland 2023: There is a lot to explore in Bodoland, especially the wildlife tourist destination. For an adventurous experience in Bodoland, it is a must to visit a wildlife sanctuary. This protected natural area in the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) is home to many animals, including golden langurs, one-horn rhinoceros, etc.

What is a Wildlife Sanctuary?

The purpose of a wildlife sanctuary is to protect and preserve animals and birds in their natural habitats. Wild life sanctuary strictly prohibits the capturing, killing, and poaching of wild animals. A Wildlife Protection Act was passed in 1972 that created Wildlife Sanctuaries. Protecting endangered species and animals is the goal of creating a Wildlife Sanctuary.

Wildlife Sanctuary of Bodoland

Bodoland’s wildlife sanctuaries will give you an adrenaline rush and a memorable vacation.

  1. Bornadi wildlife sanctuary
  2. Chakrashila wildlife sanctuary

Bodoland has many wildlife tourism attractions, including two wildlife sanctuaries (mentioned above) and two national parks, making it an ideal tourist destination. Tourism related to wildlife is growing in popularity in Bodoland.

Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary

The Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1980 to protect and preserve endangered animals – Hispid Hares and Pigmy Hogs.

A wild life sanctuary covering a total area of 26.22 square kilometers bordering Bhutan. It is located in the Himalayan foothills in the Udalguri and Baksa districts north of Udalguri. Located on the banks of the Bornadi River, this sanctuary bears its name. To the west and east of the Sanctuary, there are rivers called Barnadi and Nalapara.

Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a variety of mammals and birds. Elephants, Gaurs, Tigers, Leopards, and Jungle Cats, among others, can be seen in Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary alongside the Hispid Hare and Pygmy Hog. It is also home to birds like the Peafowl, Hornbill, Swamp partridge, Bengal florican, etc.

November to April are the best months to visit Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary.

Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary

The Assam Government upgraded the Chakrashilla Hill to a Wildlife Sanctuary on 14 July 1994. It is the second-highest protected habitat for golden langurs in India.

Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in Kokrajhar and Dhubri districts. The sanctuary covers 45.568 km2.

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Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary

Bornadi vs Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuaries

The two wildlife sanctuaries in Bodoland differ as follows.

Bornadi Wildlife SanctuaryChakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary
Established in198014 July 1994
Area26.22 sq. km.45.568 sq. km.
LocationUdalguri & Baksa DistrictKokrajhar & Dhubri District
Famous ForHispid Hare
Pygmy Hog
Golden Langur


1. How many wildlife sanctuaries are there in Bodoland (BTR)?

At present, there are two wildlife Sanctuaries in BTR.
1. Bornadi wildlife sanctuary
2. Chakrashila wildlife sanctuary

2. Why Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary is famous?

Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for endangered animals – Hispid Hare and Pygmy Hog.

3. Why Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary is famous?

Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its golden langur.

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