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Bodoland FC to Play for Victory in Durand Cup 2023

Last updated on August 21st, 2023 at 12:10 pm

Bodoland FC: Bodoland Football Club (FC), the first Indian football club from Bodoland on national stage, competing in Durand Cup 2023. The details of the Bodoland Football Team are shared in this article.

Bodoland FC encountered two losses in a series of three matches during their participation in the Durand Cup. Their inaugural match saw them defeated by Rajasthan United, followed by a loss to Indian Army in their subsequent encounter. However, the team demonstrated resilience and clinched victory in their third match against Odisha FC. Although they did not progress to the quarter finals, the noteworthy aspect lies in Bodoland FC’s inaugural presence in Durand Cup football tournament, reflecting a significant source of pride.

Bodoland FC Score Points in Durand Cup

Bodoland FC310234-13

The match result of Bodoland FC vs Rajasthan United FC on 5 Aug 2023 resulted in Rajasthan United winning the match by 1 goal.

The match result of Bodoland FC vs Indian Army on 17 Aug 2023 resulted in Indian Army winning the match with a 1-2 score.

The match result of Bodoland FC vs Odisha FC on 19 Aug 2023 resulted in Bodoland FC winning the match with a 2-1 score.

Bodoland Football Club | Bodoland FC | History

Bodoland Football Club, established in 2022, is an Indian football club with a noble mission to uplift the declining football state in the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR). It stands as the first-ever club from Bodoland to enter the national stage and is currently gearing up to compete in the prestigious 132nd edition of Durand Cup 2023 as a local team.

Bodoland FC Logo
Bodoland FC Logo

The club achieved official registration with the AIFF in 2022 and claimed victory in the first-ever Inter Sixth Schedule Football League 2022 (ISPL) by defeating LAI Autonomous District Council.

The club is currently sponsored by the Autonomous Administrative Region of the Bodoland Territorial Region Council, which will continue providing financial assistance for the forthcoming Durand Cup.

The primary objective of Bodoland FC is to spark the passion for football among the people of Bodoland and provide a robust platform for talented players to showcase their skills. Through its participation in the renowned Durand Cup 2023, one of India’s oldest and most esteemed football tournaments, Bodoland FC has already etched its name in history. The club’s presence in this distinguished competition not only exposes its players to a wider audience but also firmly places Bodoland on the football map of the nation.

Bodoland FC Formation and Journey

Bodoland Football Club (FC) emerged as a significant entity in the sporting landscape of the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) with its inception in 2022. The club’s establishment resulted from the proactive measures taken by the BTR government, aiming to create a formidable team to compete in the Inter-Sixth Schedule Councils Premier Football League (ISPL) 2022.

Note: Bodoland FC competed in the ISPL 2022 under the name of BTR and emerged as the winner.

Bodoland FC Durand Cup 2023

To ensure that a strong and competitive team was formed, a meticulous selection committee was established. Mr. Hemendraa Nath Brahma, Secretary of the Assam Football Association, was the committee chairman. Dr. Sangrang Brahma served as co-chairman, and CHD of Sports & Youth Welfare of BTC served as secretary of the committee. Six distinguished individuals who contributed their expertise and knowledge were also included on the committee.

Before entering the upcoming Durand Cup 2023, the club participated in the Baji Rout Cup in 2022 and emerged victorious with a 2-0 win against Odisha FC. However, their efforts fell short of securing the championship title as it was claimed by Rajasthan United FC, who emerged as the winners after defeating Churchill Brothers FC.

Bodoland Football Club Durand Cup 2023 Participation

Bodoland FC placed in Group F of Durand Cup 2023 scheduled to be played at SAI Kokrajhar

Bodoland FC is all set to participate in the 132nd edition of the Durand Cup 2023. The regional club Bodoland FC is placed in Group F, alongside Rajasthan United FC, Odisha FC and Indian Army Football Team. The group F matches will exclusively take place at Kokrajhar SAI stadium.

Furthermore, there will be one match each from Group D and Group E, both played at the same venue.

Additionally, the stadium is set to host the first quarter-final match on Thursday, 24th August, at 6 pm.

Fixtures of Bodoland FC Durand Cup 2023

The Bodoland FC Durand Cup 2023 match list includes the following fixtures:

  1. Bodoland FC vs Rajasthan United FC on 5th August, Saturday, at 2:30 pm.
  2. Bodoland FC vs Indian Army FT on 17th August, Thursday, at 6 pm.
  3. Bodoland FC vs Odisha FC on 19th August, Saturday, at 6 pm.

Let’s watch and see if Bodoland Football Club can clinch the Durand Cup 2023 trophy.

Bodoland FC Players List 2023

Durand Cup 2023 Bodoland FC Players List: Bodoland FC player name list for Durand Cup includes 6 players from the previous ISPL, among a total of 27 players, whose names are highlighted in bold.

Didwm Hazowary served as the captain of Bodoland FC throughout their campaign in the Durand Cup. Maneshwar Mushahary, Zacharie Mbenda, and Joe Aiddo significantly contributed to Bodoland FC’s performance by assuming the role of scorers throughout the tournament.

Bodoland FC Squad List

Durand Cup Bodoland FC Players List – Forwards

#PlayerAgePhotoJersey No.
1Arjun Mardi23Arjun Mardi27
2Nicodim Narzary18Nicodim Narzary10
3Joseph Mayowa Olaleye26Joseph Moyowa Olayeye11
4Ningthoujam Binan Singh23Ningthoujam Binan Singh17
5Diner Narjinari22Diner Narjinary19
6Jigyas Deka25Jigyas Deka26
7Musukha Narzary21Musukha Narzary16
8Ghanefo Ansumana Kromah29Ghanefo Ansumana Kromah20
9William Opoku Asiedu26William Opoku Asiedu24

Durand Cup Bodoland FC Players List – Midfielders

#PlayerAgePhotoJersey No
1Thulunga Brahma21Thulunga Brahma99
2Timothi Narzary21Timothi Narzary14
3Ajanta Rabha25Ajanta Rabha23
4Situ Basumatary24Situ Basumatary15
5Cornellius Pudaite29Cornellius Pudaite08
6Joe Aiddo23Joe Aiddo88
7Irakdau Khakhlari26Irakdau Khakhlari25

Durand Cup Bodoland FC Players List – Defenders

#PlayerAgePhotoJersey No.
1Anyichie Echezona Celestine37Anyichie Echezona Celestine05
2Saglwmsar Narzary21Saglwmsar Narzary58
3Didwm Hazowary23Didwm Hazowary04
4Nabin Rabha 26Nabin Rabha06
5Danswrang Basumatary23Danswrang Basumatary03
6Ringkhang Daimary24Ringkhang Daimary35
7Rakesh Pradhan30Rakesh Pradhan02
8Zacharie Mbenda32Zacharie Mbenda12
9Maneshwar Mushahary37Maneshwar Mushahary50

Durand Cup Bodoland FC Players List – Goalkeepers

#PlayerAgePhotoJersey No.
1Khwmdwn Brahma27Khwmdwn Brahma01
2Birkhang Daimary21Birkhang Daimary21
3Dhruva Raj Brahma19Dhruva Raj Brahma31

Bodoland FC Coach

Daimalu Basumatary (LinkedIn)

Coach: Daimalu Basumatary

The club has appointed Daimalu Basumatary as its coach, and he has been with the team since its inception.

Daimalu Basumatary holds an AFC B license and has prior experience working with United Chirang Duar FC, Assam-based team.

Durand Cup 2023 | Kokrajhar

The 132nd edition of the Durand Cup football tournament for 2023 has selected Kokrajhar(City of Peace) as one of its venues.

The tournament, scheduled from 3 August to 3 September, will take place across three venues, including Kolkata, Guwahati and Kokrajhar, as announced by the organizing committee.

  1. Venue 1: Kolkata
    • Kishore Bharati Krirangan
    • Maidan Garden
    • Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan
  2. Venue 2: Guwahati
    • Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium
  3. Venue 3: Kokrajhar

The Durand Cup Match will start in Kokrajhar SAI Stadium from 6 August 2023 onwards.

Participating Teams of Durand Cup 2023

The Durand cup 2023 committee has released the Durand cup 2023 list, and one of the Bodoland football team known as Bodoland FC is also included, which is a proud moment for the entire Bodo community of the BTR.

A total of 24 Teams will participate in the 2023 Durand Cup. The teams are mainly from:

  1. Indian Super League (ISL)
  2. I-League
  3. I-League 2 (Downtown Heroes)
  4. Armed Forces
  5. Local team (Bodoland FC)
  6. International Teams- Bangladesh & Nepal.

Durand Cup 2023 Team List

The image displays the list of the participating teams of the 132nd edition of Durand Cup 2023.

Bodoland FC Friendly Match

Bodoland FC friendly match with Oil India FC

Bodoland FC vs Oil India Limited

Prior to the Durand Cup 2023 tournament, a friendly match was conducted as the first trial at the SAI STC Playground on July 28, 2023.

The match involved Bodoland FC (Yellow Jersey) competing against Oil India Limited FC (Red Jersey).

The match kicked off at 6 pm and concluded with a 1-1 draw.

Bodoland FC Players warming up before the friendly match

Bodoland FC vs NorthEast United FC

Following the draw match with Oil India, Bodoland FC played a friendly match against Northeast United FC at Sarusajai Stadium, Guwahati, on July 31 at 4 pm, in preparation for the upcoming Durand Cup tournament.

Unfortunately, Bodoland FC was defeated 1-0 in the match.

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1. What is the name of the Local Team from Bodoland that is participating in the Durand Cup 2023?

Bodoland Football Club (FC) is the name of the team from Bodoland that is participating in the Durand Cup 2023.

2. Will Bodoland FC participate in Durand Cup 2023?

Yes, Bodoland FC, a local football club from the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) will participate in the 2023 Durand Cup Football Tournament.

3. Any Football Team from Assam Participating in Durand Cup 2023?

Bodoland Football Club or Bodoland FC from BTR, Assam is participating in the Durand Cup 2023.

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