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Guwahati City FC Wins Inaugural Assam Futsal Championship 2023-24

Assam Futsal Championship 2023-24 Schedule: AFA organized the first Assam State Futsal Championship 2023-24 where Guwahati City FC emerged victorious defeating Rihan FC 4-3. Find the related details about the tournament, including date, venue, participating teams, groups, results, winner and more in this post.

2023-24 Assam Futsal Championship Overview

EventAssam Futsal Championship 2023-24
OrganizerAssam Football Association (AFA)
Start Date20 January 2024
End Date25 January 2024
VenueArizona Sports Arena, Borbari, Guwahati
WinnerGuwahati City FC
Prize Award16,000
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Assam Futsal Championship 2023-24 Schedule

Assam Futsal Championship 2023-24

The Assam Football Association hosted the 1st Assam State Futsal Championship 2023-24 at Arizona Sports Arena in Borbari, Guwahati, from January 20th to January 25th, 2024.

A total of eight teams participated in the event, divided into two groups, each comprising four teams.

Assam Futsal Championship 2023-24 Venue: Arizona Sports Arena in Borbari, Guwahati

Assam Futsal Championship 2023-24 Teams

Assam State Futsal Championship Teams: Check out the the list of teams participating in the Assam State Futsal Championship, categorized into two groups:

Group AGroup B
1. Guwahati City FC5. Akash FC
2. Rihan FC6. Tribal Sports FC
3. Harvest FC7. Royal Brothers
4. Newell FCC8. Assam Rhino

2023-24 Assam State Futsal Championship Fixtures

Assam Futsal Championship 2023-24 Schedule Fixtures: All the Assam State Futsal Championship 2023-24 matches will be taking place in Arizona Sports Arena in Borbari, Guwahati.

ASFC Match Day 1 Fixtures and Results

Match Date: 20 January

1Rihan FC vs Guwahati City FC6-0
2Newell FCC vs Harvest NFC0-10
3Akash FC vs Royal Brothers FC3-1
4Assam Rhino FC vs Tribal Sports FC, Kokrajhar3-3
5Newell FCC vs Guwahati City FC1-15
6Rihan FC vs Harvest FC3-0

ASFC Match Day 2 Fixtures and Results

Match Date: 23 January 2024

1Akash Royal FC vs Tribal Sports FC3-3
2Royal Brothers vs Assam Rhino4-1
3Harvest FC vs GCFC1-4
4Newell FCC vs Rihan FC3-0
5Akash FC vs Assam Rhino2-6
6Tribal Sports FC vs Royal Brothers4-1

Assam Futsal Championship Semi-Final 2024

124 JanRihan FC vs Tribal FC7-4
224 JanAssam Rhino FC vs Guwahati City FC 2-7

Assam Futsal Championship Final 2024

125 JanGuwahati City FC vs Rihan FC4-3

Assam Futsal Championship Winner 2024

Guwahati City FC emerged victorious in the first Assam State Futsal Championship, securing a spot in the upcoming AIFF Futsal Club Championship.

They clinched the title by defeating Rihan FC 4-3 in the final held on January 25 at Arizona Sports Arena, Borbari, earning a prize of Rs 16,000.

Results Source: Assam Football Association

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1. Where is Assam Futsal Championship 2024 venue?

Assam Futsal Championship 2024 venue is Arizona Sports Arena, Guwahati.

2. When is the final date of Assam State Futsal Championship 2024?

The final date for Assam State Futsal Championship 2024 is on January 25, 2024.

3. Who won Assam Futsal Championship 2024?

Guwahati City FC won Assam Futsal Championship 204 defeating Rihan FC 4-3.

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