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Bodofa Super 50 Result – 7 Students Cleared APSC CCE 2022

Bodofa Super 50 Result: The APSC CCE 2022 Result was announced on 17 January 2024. A total of 39 Bodo Candidates have cleared APSC CCE 2024 all over the state. Among the 39 students, 07 students are from Bodofa Super 50.

Bodofa Super 50 Result

Bodoland Super 50 Results: The Bodofa Super 50 Mission is a government-sponsored program that offers a free residential coaching facility for talented candidates. The BTR government has launched a free coaching scheme for the people of the BTR region in 2022 for civil service exams (APSC/UPSC), Engineering, and Medical. The four schemes under the Bodoland Super 50 Mission, as mentioned below:

  1. Bodofa Super 50 APSC
  2. Bodofa Super 50 UPSC
  3. Bodofa Super 50 Engineering
  4. Bodofa Super 50 Medical

Bodofa Super Mission 50 Result – APSC CCE 2022

Bodofa Super 50 Result APSC CCE 2024: The BTR Govt. initiated this FREE coaching of the Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) Combined Competitive Exam (CCE) for the underprivileged students of the BTR. Fifty deserving students are selected through the Common Admission Test (CAT) and sent to the APSC coaching center in Guwahati for 11 months of BTR-sponsored residential coaching. 

Bodofa Super 50 Result: In the APSC CCE 2022 Examination Out of 27 appeared 16 aspirants successfully cleared APSC Mains from the first batch of Bodofa UN Brahma Super 50 (Civil Services) and among the 16 aspirants a total of 07 aspirants have cleared the APSC CCE Final Exam 2022.

7 Students Cleared APSC CCE 2022

Bodoland Super 50 Results: Check out the names of 7 students who have cleared the APSC Result 2024 from the below table:

Sl. No.NameDistrictServiceRank
1Anupam DasUdalguriAssam Civil Service (ACS) 4th
2Ganesh Chandra BaroUdalguriAssam Civil Service (ACS)18th
3Hirak BarmanBaksaAssistant Account Officer46th
4Mukul BasumataryTamulpurBlock Development Officer43rd
5Shyam BasumataryUdalguriAssistant Account Officer341st
6Bitupan SwargiaryUdalguriAssam Urban Administrative Service92nd
7Banaraj SinghaTamulpurAssistant Account Officer187th
7 Students Cleared APSC CCE 2022

Download Bodofa Super 50 APSC CCE Result 2024 PDF

Bodofa Super 50 Result – UPSC CSE 2023

Bodofa Super 50 UPSC CSE 2023 Result: The result of Bodofa Super 50 UPSC CSE will be updated here.

Bodofa Super 50 Result – Engineering(IIT JEE)

Bodofa Super 50 Engineering 2023 Result: The result of Bodofa Super 50 Engineering IIT-JEE will be updated here.

Bodofa Super 50 Result – Medical (NEET)

Bodofa Super 50 Medical 2023 Result: The result of Bodofa Super 50 Medical NEET will be updated here.

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FAQ’s About Bodofa Super 50 Result 2024

1. How many students Passed the APSC CCE 2022 Result from Bodofa Super 50?

A total of 07 students have successfully passed the APSC Final Exam 2022 from Bodoland Super 50 Mission.

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