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List of Sports Player from Bodoland- Football, Boxing, and more

Last updated on February 21st, 2024 at 11:10 am

List of Sports Player from Bodoland: In this article, we will create a list of male and female sports players hailing from the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR). Check the List of athletes from Bodoland Territorial Region.

List of Sports Player from Bodoland, BTR

Here we will provide you the list of athletes from the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) in Assam. These individuals not only represent their home state but also proudly represents our nation in various sporting tournaments and competitions.

Note: We’ve taken all these pictures from the Internet. If you think one of them is yours, please reach out to us with the details, and we’ll quickly remove it for you.

List of Bodo Athletes

Halicharan NarzaryManFootball
Akash Swargiary Akash SwargiaryMan Football
Gwgwmsar GoyaryGwgwmsar GoyaryManFootball
Manabir BasumataryManabir BasumataryManFootball
Dhrubajyoti BoroDhrubajyoti BoroManFootball
Rajib BoroRajib BoroManFootball
Durga BoroDurga BoroManFootball
Milan BasumataryMilan BasumataryManFootball
Didwm HazowaryManFootball
Situ BasumataryManFootball
Jwngbla BrahmaManFootball
Denish BodoManFootball
Akrang NarzaryManFootball
Late Binod BrahmaManFootball
Birkhang DaimaryManFootball
Danswrang BasumataryManFootball
Tupu BrahmaManFootball
Sudem WaryManFootball
Urjay BrahmaManFootball
Apurna NarzaryApurna Narzary Kerala BlastersWomanFootball
Thunlai Narzarytunlai narzaryWomanShot Put
Sanma BrahmaSanma BrahmaManWushu
Jwngsar BasumataryJwngsar BasumataryManTriple Jump
Pwilao BasumataryPwilao BasumataryWomanBoxing
Jamuna BoroBoxer Jamuna BoroWomanBoxing
Ankushita BoroAnkushita BoroWomanBoxing
Rongila DaimaryRongila DaimaryWomanWushu
Ananda Kumar NarzaryAnanda Kumar NarzaryManLawn Bowls And Para Lawn Bowls
Kampi BoroWomenBoxing
Jewti BoroWomenPencak Silat
Tutumoni BoroWomenArchery
Rangila DaimaryWomenWushu
Padmini NarzaryWomenWushu
Arun BoroManArchery
Ritumoni SwargiaryManArchery
Manoranjan BoroManArchery
Rajesh NarzaryManArchery
Pallavi BoroWomenArchery
Debika BoroWomenPencak Silat
Himani BoroWomenArchery
Mukesh BoroManArchery

Please note that the current list remains incomplete, and we are committed to daily updates, including the names of athletes and their relevant details.

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1. Where is Bodoland?

Bodoland, often referred to as the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR), is located in the northeastern part of India, primarily within the state of Assam. Its main town is Kokrajhar, and this region is predominantly inhabited by the Bodo ethnic group. The region is known for its rich cultural and ethnic diversity.

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